Wizard101 Best Level 130 Storm Gear


Last updated 9/20/2019 (Added Sinbad Hoard Pack Wand and updated critical sample build)


What’s the best gear for a max level Storm Wizard (currently level 130)?  We’ve seen this question many times, so we’ve provided our recommendations below, in a format to help you compare options.

We’ll take a moment to review our criteria first, since the “best” gear depends on your role and objectives.

  1. Our Criteria
  2. Recommendations by Gear Type
    1. Hats
    2. Robes
    3. Boots
    4. Wands
    5. Athames
    6. Amulets
    7. Rings
    8. Decks
    9. Mounts
  3. Sample Builds

Looking for the best gear for other schools?  Check out our guides for the best max gear for Balance, Death, Fire, Ice, Life, and Myth.

Our Criteria

We consider the gear listed below the best for a max level Storm Wizard if you are:

  • Questing by yourself (solo)
  • Questing in a group & playing the role of a hitter, or
  • Playing PvP in an offensive or traditional role

If you are questing in a group and playing a support role (i.e., buffing the wizard that is going to hit and/or healing) or if you are playing a very defensive PvP strategy, we assume you are more interested in global resist and outgoing healing.  We suggest that you check out Cody’s guide on gear with the best outgoing healing, as it includes several high-resist gear options as well.

There are three types of recommendations, depending on your focus:

1. Damage Focus

Typically used against opponents with high block, such as bosses.

  • Primary objective is to maximize damage
  • Secondary objectives are power pips, accuracy and pierce

2. Critical Focus

Typically used against opponents with low block, such as mobs.  Some PvP builds focus on high critical as well.

  • Primary objective is critical
  • Secondary objectives are damage, power pips and accuracy

3. Balanced

Typically used in PvP or against bosses that hit hard (e.g., Storm Titan anyone?):

  • Primary objective is to provide decent damage and several helpful stats, including universal resist, power pips, accuracy, pierce and important jewel sockets
  • Many balanced items contain some critical, although it’s typically not a “critical” objective (pun intended)


Best Storm Hats

For balanced hats, we prioritize universal resist.

Recommended Storm Hats

Reminder: Other Storm hats of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage & Critical

Stormy Paradox Conical

Drop from Astral Forest and Storm Titan Chest

Recommended Damage & Critical

Alphoi Charger Helm

Crafted: Recipe from Romar in Nimbus Citadel

Recommended Balanced & Pierce

Malistaire’s Cowl of Flux

Drop from Darkmoor Graveyard

Alternative Balanced

Krokopatra Maelstrom Fez

Drop from Krokopatra Exalted Duel

Highest Critical

Hood of Desert Rains

Crafted: Recipe from Kazidan the KeenEye in Sardonyx

Other Storm Hats of Interest


Prior Recommendation (for comparison)

Cabalist Chaotic Hood

Drop from Secret Tunnel and other bosses in Empyrea

High Critical

Hades’ Blackrain Helm

Drop from Hades the Unseen

Highest Pierce

Thunderous Karanahn Veil (Level 100+)

Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced Pierce

Valiant Jouster’s Helm (Level 120+)

Grand Tourney Gauntlet

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Best Storm Robes

For balanced robes, we prioritize universal resist.

Recommended Storm Robes

Reminder: Other Storm robes of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage, Critical & Balanced

Malistaire’s Cloak of Flux

Drop from Darkmoor Graveyard

Alternative Damage, Critical & Balanced

Charged Light Brigade Armor

Drop from Corporal Tenni’syn

Alternative Damage, Critical & Balanced

Bonesmasher Robe of Sparks

Drop from Rattlebones Exalted Duel

Highest Damage

Lower Zigazag Vestment

Drop from Ammit the Devourer

Highest Critical

Dragontooth Armor (Level 120+)

Nightmare Pack

Other Storm Robes of Interest


Alternative Damage & Balanced

Darkwraith’s Shroud of Penance (Level 120+)

Nightmare Pack

High Critical

Charred Nirini Robe (Level 100)

Pharaoh’s Hoard Pack

Highest Pierce

Nightfall Torment Guise (Level 120+)

Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Alternative Damage & Pierce

Royal Fusilier’s Dress Coat (Level 130+)

Yuletide Pack

Alternative Damage, Critical & Pierce

Glorious Avenger’s Armor (Level 100)

Phoenix Hoard Pack

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Best Storm Boots

For balanced boots, we prioritize universal resist.

Recommended Storm Boots

Reminder: Other Storm boots of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage & Critical

Stormy Paradox Boots

Drop from Astral Forest and Storm Titan Chest

Recommended Damage & Critical

Alpholi Charger Boots

Crafted: Recipe from Romar in Nimbus Citadel

Recommended Balanced (no power pip)

Silent Knight’s Snowboots (Level 130+)

Winter Wonder Pack

Alternative Balanced (less health)

Ancient Purrzian Givehs (Level 120+)

Ghulture’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced (no accuracy or power pip)

Nimbari Justicar Greaves (Level 130+)

Nimbari Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced (with pierce)

Malistaire’s Boots of Flux

Drop from Darkmoor Graveyard

Alternative Balanced (less damage)

Halston’s Stormy Slippers (Level 130+)

Professor’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced (no accuracy)

Monarch’s Footwear (Level 130+)

Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

Alternative Balanced (more resist)

Abyssal Warrior’s Boots (Level 130+)

Fantastic Voyage Bundle

Alternative Balanced (no accuracy or power pip)

Dwarven Boots

Crown Shop

Other Storm Boots of Interest


Alternative Damage & Critical

Crackling Zanadu Boots

Drop from Bosses in Empyrea

Alternative Damage & Critical

Cabalist Chaotic Stompers

Drop from Secret Tunnel and other bosses in Empyrea

Alternative Balanced

Comfort Zone Stompers (Level 130+)

Drop from Corporal Tenni’syn

Highest Pierce

Hades’ Brimstone Boots

Drop from Hades the Unseen

Balanced Pierce

Marvelous Avenging Boots (Level 100+)

Phoenix Hoard Pack

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Best Storm Wands

For balanced wands, we prioritize pierce and critical.

Recommended Storm Wands

Reminder: Other Storm wands of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage

Sky Captain’s Boarding Hook

Sinbad Hoard Pack

Alternative Damage (with Critical)

Nimbari Justicar Scimitar

Nimbari Hoard Pack

Alternative Damage (with Pierce)

Ione’s Focused Sword

Crafted: Recipe from Ignus Ferric

Alternative Damage (with Critical)

Stormy Paradox Defenders

Drops from Storm Titan

Recommended Critical

Jack Hallow’s Wailer (Level 120+)

Harrowing Nightmare Pack

Recommended Balanced Offense

Witch Hunter’s Arbalest (Level 120+)

Witch Hunter’s Bundle

Recommended Balanced with Block

Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze (Level 120+)

Terror’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced with Block

Rapturerider’s Skull (Level 120)

Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Balanced with Block

Aquilan Velite Lance (Level 110+)

Immortal’s Lore Pack

Highest Pierce

Staff of the Dragon’s Maw

Drop from Darkmoor Graveyard

Other Storm Wands of Interest


Alternative Damage (with Critical)

All Souls Cranium Wand (Level 120+)

Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack

Alternative Damage (with Critical)

Wysteria Warrior’s Longsword (Level 130+)

Wysteria Lore Pack

Alternative Critical (with Accuracy)

Polarian Explorer’s Pickaxe (Level 120+)

Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

Alternative Critical (with Pierce)

Shard Warrior’s Hammer (Level 120+)

Jewel Crafter’s Bundle

Alternative Pierce

Sherlock’s Eyeglass (Level 130+)

Great Detective Bundle

Highest Block

Teeth of the Lords of Night (Level 100+)

Shaman’s Lore Pack

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Best Storm Athames

For balanced athames, we prioritize power pips and two circle slots (typically for pierce or critical jewels).

Recommended Storm Athames

Reminder: Other Storm athames of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage and Balanced

Dragon’s Talon of Tumult

Drop from Yevgeny Nightcreeper

Recommended Damage and Balanced

Blade of the Shadow Palace

Drop from Morganthe

Recommended Balanced (with Pierce)

Hopper Blade of Sandstorms

Crafted: Recipe from Wozina the EdgeCutter

Recommended Critical (PvP Only)

Duelist’s Fatal Razor (Level 100)

Sold by Brandon Mistborn

Highest Damage

Aphrodite’s Storm of Thorns

Drop from Aphrodite II

Other Storm Athames of Interest


Alternative Balanced (with one less Circle Jewel slot)

Blade of the Felled Titan

Drop from Cronus

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Best Storm Amulets

For balanced amulets, we prioritize pierce, universal resist, critical and helpful item cards.

Recommended Storm Amulets

Reminder: Other Storm amulets of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Balanced

Lady of Spiders’ Lure

Drop from Morganthe

Recommended Critical and Pierce

Flygob’s Medallion

Drop from Shane von Shane in Upper Halls

Recommended Resist

Chillvenom’s Maelstrom Charm

Drop by Rasputin

Recommended Damage

Condemned Soldier’s Charm

Drop from Chest behind Skeleton Key Door in Lower Zigazag

Recommended Damage

Memento of Ammit’s Revolt

Drop from Moh’Lharz

Other Storm Amulets of Interest


Alternative Balanced

Amulet of Divine Influence

Drop by Hades the Unseen

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Best Storm Rings

For balanced rings, we prioritize power pips and a ciricle jewel slot (typically for pierce or critical jewels).

Recommended Storm Rings

Reminder: Other Storm rings of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage and Balanced

Ring of the Chaotic Heart

Drop from Aphrodite II

Recommended Critical

Stormy Paradox Ring

Drop in Spiritual Forest

Alternative Critical

Hagakure’s Monsoon Ring

Drop by Verboten Mimic

Highest Damage (non-PvP)

Nightorb’s Ring of Havoc

Drop by Sun Darkling

Recommended Pierce (PvP only)

Duelist Daredevil Ring (Level 100)

Sold by Brandon Mistborn

Highest Damage and Critical (PvP only)

Duelist Daredevil Ring (Level 130)

Sold by Brandon Mistborn

Other Storm Rings of Interest


Alternative Balanced

Alpha and Omega Ring

Drop by Gladiator Dimachaerus

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Best Storm Decks

For balanced decks, we prioritize a triangle socket, critical, and max copies.

Recommended Storm Decks

Reminder: Other Storm decks of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Critical

wizard101 best storm gear

Stormy Paradox Deck

Drop in Astral Forest

Recommended Balanced (Size & Copies)

Luphilim’s Howling Case

Drop from Omen Stribog

Alternative Balanced (Copies)

Rasputin’s Hand of Tumult

Drop from Rasputin

Highest Copies

Deck of the Prowling Wolf with Triangle Socket

Crafted: Recipe Sold by Harker

Alternative Balanced (PvP only)

Duelist’s Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 130)

Sold by Brandon Mistborn

Other Storm Decks of Interest


Highest Damage

Lightning Rider’s Deck

Drop by Bosses in Khrysalis

Alternative Critical

Crackling Zanadu Deck

Drop by Bosses in Empyrea Part 2

Highest Pip Conversion

Gnarly Kalamar Deck

Drop by Bosses in Empyrea Part 2

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Best Storm Mounts

Recommended Storm Mounts

Reminder: Other Storm mounts of interest are listed in the next tab.

Recommended Damage

Storm Ghulture

Ghulture’s Hoard Pack

Highest Pierce

Vulpine Avenger

Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle

Highest Pierce

Clockwork Courser

Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet

Other Storm Mounts of Interest


Alternative Damage

Balance Ghulture

Ghulture’s Hoard Pack

Alternative Damage

Battle Havox

Battlemage Keep Bundle

Alternative Damage

Battle Narwhal

Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

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Sample Builds

Highest Damage

182% Storm Damage:

  • Hat: Stormy Paradox Conical (29% Storm Damage)
  • Robe: Lower Zigazag Vestment (28% Storm Damage)
  • Boots: Stormy Paradox Boots (33% Storm Damage)
  • Wand: Nimbari Justicar Scimitar (21% Storm Damage)
  • Athame: Aphrodite’s Storm of Thorns (18% Storm Damage)
  • Amulet: Condemned Soldier’s Charm (2% Storm Damage)
  • Ring: NightOrb’s Ring of Havoc (13% Storm Damage)
  • Deck: Lightning Rider’s Deck (2% Storm Damage)
  • Mount: Storm Ghulture (3% Storm Damage)
  • Pet (max stats): With Storm-Dealer, Storm-Giver, Storm-Boon, Pain-Giver, Pain Bringer, Mighty Jewel (22% Storm Damage; 11% Universal Damage)

100% Critical and Max Damage

838 Storm Critical (100%) and 165% Storm Damage:

  • Hat: Stormy Paradox Conical (159 Storm Critical; 29% Storm Damage)
  • Robe: Malistaire’s Cloak of Flux (115 Storm Critical; 27% Storm Damage)
  • Boots: Stormy Paradox Boots (133 Storm Critical; 33% Storm Damage)
  • Wand: Sky Captain’s Boarding Hook (115 Storm Critical; 21% Storm Damage)
  • Athame: Aphrodite’s Storm of Thorns with 2 Sparkling Storm Critical Jewels (36 Storm Critical; 18% Storm Damage)
  • Amulet: Flygob’s Medallion (35 Universal Critical)
  • Ring: Storm Paradox Ring with 1 Sparkling Storm Critical Jewel (124 Storm Critical; 9% Storm Damage)
  • Deck: Stormy Paradox Deck (58 Storm Critical)
  • Mount: Storm Ghulture (3% Storm Damage)
  • Pet (max stats): With Storm-Dealer, Storm-Giver, Pain-Giver, Pain Bringer, Storm Assailant, Critical Striker (32 Storm Critical; 31 Universal Critical; 16% Storm Damage; 9% Universal Damage)

Balanced for PvP

Note: This is just a sample PvP build.  We understand that you may use different gear and welcome your comments below about the differences and why.  The intent of this article was to show you options so you can decide for yourself!

Stats before Pet: 120% Storm Damage, 41% Universal Resist, 46% Storm Pierce

  • Hat: Malistaire’s Cowl of Flux (20% Storm Damage; 10% Universal Resist, 7% Universal Pierce)
  • Robe: Malistaire’s Cowl of Flux (27% Storm Damage; 14% Universal Resist)
  • Boots: Ancient Purrzian Givehs (29% Storm Damage; 13% Universal Resist)
  • Wand: Ione’s Focused Sword (20% Storm Damage; 6% Storm Pierce)
  • Athame: Hopper Blade of Sandstorms with 2 Polished Storm Piercing Jewels (10% Universal Damage, 5% Universal Pierce, 12% Storm Pierce)
  • Amulet: Flygob’s Medallion(4% Universal Resist, 4% Universal Pierce)
  • Ring: Duelist Daredevil Ring with 1 Polished Storm Piercing Jewel (11% Universal Damage, 6% Universal Pierce, 6% Storm Pierce)
  • Deck: Any with a Triangle Socket (e.g., Paradox for stats or Omen for max copies)
  • Mount: Storm Ghulture (3% Storm Damage)

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Any alternative perspectives?  Let us know in the comments!

Do you have screen shots for any of the gear we are missing?  Please email finalbastion@gmail.com.  Thank you!


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Patrick enjoys sharing insights about optimizing various activities in Wizard101 and Pirate101. He helps out with technology and often covers new dungeon/boss strategies and speed runs after story updates.


  • if you use dragoon’s hat and boots and ring and switch out your critical striker for storm boon, you can get 169 damage and max critical.

  • Thanks to Eevee918 for some pics! Appreciate it.

  • If anyone is wondering, you could get 166 damage and 836 critical if you follow the guide but switch around 2 things, Wear the hagakure’s monsoon ring (source of that extra 1 damage) and with a max stat pet have storm dealer, storm and damage giver, storm Assailant, critical hitter and the “Thinkin’ Cap” talent that boosts will by 65. The selfish talent gives extra critical and damage which makes up for missing the critical from the paradox ring and also makes up for the pain bringer talent.

    • Thanks for the info. My understanding is 100% critical at level 130 is 837, so that would be 1 short on the critical side.

    • you can still have 166 damage with 100 critical (837-838) without having to utilize the hagakure’s monsoon ring.

  • For the 100% crit and max damage, I think the sky captain’s boarding hook from the sinbad hoard pack would add 2 more damage and 26 more damage, and then you could remove the storm striker talent from the pet and add a boon. That would leave you with 165 damage and 100% critical

    • Yup this is correct, tested it out and if you have max pet stats , you should end up with 166 damage and 100% critical

      • How does one get 166 damage seems impossible can you explain better?

    • Thanks for the info! Was planning on adding the items from the Sinbad Hoard Pack this weekend. Will update the sample builds too.

  • Hi, in the critical setup, the Professor’s hoard pack storm wand gives 19% damage and 92 crit at level 130. It’s a better alternative to the Wysteria wand. And someone posted that the Alphoi Pack wand gives the same stats, is that true?

    • Think it’s been outclassed by the new Sinbad Hoard Pack wand (Sky Captain’s Boarding Hook). Updated the sample build.

  • Anyone have any ideas on what might be more preferred to fill up the two athame and deck triangle sockets: Lustrous PIP opal +10% or Shiny PIP hematite +3%?

    • In my opinion, your first priority should be getting 100% power pip chance, and only then should you maximize your shadow pip chance. So it depends on your current stats.

    • For me, it depends on what my stats look like before those jewels (similar to Matthew). I’m usually trying to get to 100% accuracy and then close to 100% power pip. If I can achieve that and only use one of those jewel slots, then increasing shadow pip chance can be a great option.

  • Is it possible to have max crit without pack gear? If so, how?

    • Yes. You could use the Paradox Hat, Darkmoor Robe, Paradox Boots, Paradox Wand, Yevgeny/Morganthe Wand with 2 critical jewels, Shane Amulet, Paradox Ring, Paradox Deck and Pet with Quad Critical and Double Damage. Think you’d be around 154 damage.

  • May I ask what pets did you use for the sample builds? I’m having a difficult time finding pets with all five stats even at maxed. (unless you’re using a hybrid?)

    • Max-stat Spark Beast. If you’d like a hatch, hop on our Discord server and send me a message in the Pets channel. Thanks.

  • There is an alternative build that allows you to use the Morganthe Amulet while having 157% Damage and 100% Crit.
    Paradox Hood: 159 Crit, 29 Damage
    Malistaire Robe: 115 Crit, 27 Damage
    Paradox Boots: 133 Crit, 33 Damage
    Witch Hunter’s Arbalest (Lvl 120): 132% Crit, 12 Damage
    Aphrodite’s Storm of Thorn, Two 15 Critical Jewels: 30 Crit, 18 Damage
    Lady of Spider’s Lure: 30 Crit
    Hagakure’s Monsoon Ring, One 16 Critical Jewel: 113 Crit, 10 Damage
    Max Stat Triple Damage and Double Critical Pet With a Catious Jewel: 67 Crit, 25 Damage
    Storm Ghulture: 3 Damage
    Paradox Deck: 58 Crit
    This set allows you to gain access to the two 35% Stormblades and the Tear Socket from the Lady of Spider’s Lure. If the Witch Hunter’s Wand ever gets a Lvl 130 version (or a superior upgrade) in the future, this set will become even better. If the Pet ends up lacking the full 67 Critical, you can get better Jewels than the two 15 and one 16 Critical Jewels mentioned.

  • you do not get 182% damage as mentioned. A max stat pet that shows 33% damage is really only getting 32% based on how it rounds all values. And technically it is just over 31.5% but does display 32% rounded up. The max would be 181%.

  • My personal favorite setup for storm 1v1 (lvls 125-130):
    Malistaire hat
    Malistaire robe
    Dwarven boots
    Triple damage, double resist, may cast infallible on a rain beetle
    storm ghulture or pierce mount
    Revered wand
    Khrysalis crafted athame
    Shane amulet
    Lvl 100 duelists ring
    Level 110 duelist deck ( over 120/130 for 7 shrike)
    Jewels- health jewel x2, pierce jewel x3, flat resist x5, accuracy x1, pip x1
    Final stats
    ~5300 hp at 125, ~5500 hp at 130
    143 damage with ghulture, 140 without
    54 resist
    37 accuracy
    ~500 critical
    46 pierce without pierce mount, 48 with
    98 power pip
    The main reason I use dwarven boots over ghulture boots is for the hp and damage. The power pip isnt perfect, but it is good enough.

    • Thanks. I updated the sample build with the KH crafted athame. Left the Ghulture boots in, as there are several that are pretty close (Nimbari, Dwarven, Ghulture, etc.).

  • The max crit set is a bit off as far as damage goes the highest damage with max crit you can get is 160 this uses the paradox ring along with the wystiria lore wand in addition a 2.0 triple crit triple damage pet. This require also needs at minimum 2 18 jewels and 17 crit jewel as it puts you out at 837 crit

    • Can you email or post a pic of the pet? I’m having trouble getting to 837 crit with that build (I’m getting to 836). I even switched the wand to the new Nimbari one (a bit more crit and damage).

      Happy to update the sample build — just wanted to confirm we’re getting to 837 first.

      • The reason why you’re getting 1 less crit compared to titanhammer is because you’re using the nimbari wand. Although it does give 2% more damage, it has 2 less crit(87) compared to the wysteria wand(89). I ran the numbers and it does turn out to be 160% dmg, 100% crit with very tight restrictions as everything needs to be perfect excluding one jewel.

        • Updated the sample build. Thanks for the clarification.

          • The 130 alphoi wand also works with the set as it gives the same damage but with 92 storm crit so it gives a bit more legroom.

  • if you use the witch hunters wand for the critical set up with triple damage double critical pet you can get 158 damage with above 837 critical which is max

    • Thank you. Waiting for confirmation from TitanHammer — sounds like there may be a build with even MOAR damage…

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