The Devourer
Catacombs Finale Part 3

The final dungeon added with the Fall 2019 test realm introduces the mighty (or should I say ravenous?) Devourer. One encounters this boss in the Lower Catacombs of the Wizard City Underground. It has quite a story as to where it came from and where it currently lurks. If you haven’t checked out the update yet, don’t wait any longer and certainly don’t miss out on the story!

The Devourer Overview

Rank 18 Shadow Boss + 3 random minions

Devourer Resistance

The Devourer - Resists

The Devourer

One will notice that this is no ordinary boss, or even an ordinary cheating boss. It has its own unique and creative mechanics which I must applaud Kingsisle for coming up with in the first place! As of now, it is a Rank 18 Shadow Boss with 80,000 HP and 22% pierce, but despite being Shadow it possesses a lot of diverse spells as you will see in the list below:

  • Frenzy
  • Brace
  • Smoke Screen (-45%)
  • Legion Shield (-35%)
  • Enfeeble
  • Glowbug Squall
  • Aegis Bladestorm
  • AoE Spectral Blast
  • AoE Chimera
  • Gaze of Fate
  • Power Nova (Shadow)
  • Mana Burn (Shadow)
  • Sand Wurm (Shadow)
  • Nested Fury (Shadow)
  • Wings of Fate
  • Mystic Colossus
  • Virulent Plague (-45%)
  • Call of Khrulhu
  • Death Scarab (Shadow)
  • Deadly Minotaur (Shadow)
  • Colossafrog (Shadow)

I’m pretty sure we may have missed some of his spells as of now. Thus we will update this as soon as we find new information. Now, I know that you initially think something along the lines of, “How is this boss even possible?”, “How can I ever defeat this boss on my own?”, and “This is impossible, I give up”. Well, today we will help to conquer  these pessimistic thoughts and perhaps give you a chance to conquer the devourer.

A Word of Caution

Let’s clear up a couple of things first. A soloist or very casual player will struggle to beat this boss, as its design demands a full team. However, if this describes you, don’t lose heart! This update contains purely side content and will not affect your wizard’s ability to advance in the questline going forward. That said, you will need to find a team to help you overcome this battle if you haven’t already. Ideally, find a death wizard for your team. I’ve found this a must and will explain why later on. An ideal team consists of at least 2 support wizards (including the death) and two hitters. One hitter will constantly deal with any minions and support the main hitter, who will purely focus on the boss. The other supports will deal with damage control, blading, and healing if necessary.

The Cheats

This article will purely focus on preparing you on what the Devourer battle entails. We will release a separate strategy guide that focuses more on the specifics of how to beat the boss and more importantly, how to do it fast! Before checking out that guide, make sure you understand the below mechanics and tips on how to overcome certain elements of this battle.

The Devourer summons 3 random minions at the start of the battle. They can be any of the seven schools as you will see in the minions section below. We suggest defeating the first batch of minions as soon as possible as they will be an obstacle and a distraction if you let them live. If only one minion is left, you can deal with it later, but 3 are too many.

The Devourer, devours!

The unique cheat from this boss is the “devour” cheat, which removes your wizard from the battle for a few rounds before it is spit back out. Getting devoured means you are totally removed from the fight, and thus cannot pass flee, or (obviously) cast spells. Furthermore, you won’t take damage, obtain pips or receive effects from other spells while still devoured. When 2-3 rounds have elapsed, the Devourer will spit you back out dealing 4,500 shadow damage to the entire team, including the devoured wizard. This will also summon another random minion to the fight if the boss doesn’t already have full minions present.

This triggers at the end of round one and for any defeated wizards or tardiness for your team. We’ve observed an additional trigger to the devour cheat sometime around the death of the minions, but we are still exploring what it could actually be.

The Devourer - GlowbugsShop for first!

Unlike in Darkmoor, you won’t get to cast spells first all the time. Therefore, make sure you actually go first or you will suffer some unpleasantries. Glowbugs on the round we intended to defeat the boss happened repeatedly throughout testing. Be warned as the Devourer devours everything including your blades with Glowbugs and then eats the Glowbugs…

As soon as any charm is cast on your team (positive or negative), it will trigger a timer that expires every three rounds. At this point the devourer will steal a blade from each wizard, so make sure that all your valuable blades are protected with either Aegis, Elemental / Spirit Blades, and Precision.

Only one protected Feint at a time is allowed. Use the Indemnity sun spell, acquired from Qyburn Stellargaze in the Arcanum to accomplish this. Also, make sure to cast it right before the main hitter launches their attack. Why? The Devourer occasionally removes all negative wards (traps) hanging around him, making trap stacking not an ideal course of action. Thus, casting your feint on the last round ensures you will avoid this cheat altogether. Each trap removed will result in a +100% Aegis protected BalanceBlade cast randomly on the boss or any active minion(s).


Minions – Random School Rank 17 Elite

If the Devourer itself wasn’t tough already, they had to add random minions. When a minion is summoned into the battle for one  of the reasons already discussed, it can be any of the below possibilities. There is one for each school of magic, each with its own spell deck. You will find that some, like the storm minion, consistently use the same 3 spells. Others keep on surprising you with a variety of spells. In order to avoid these surprises, we tried to list as many spells as we could observe along with each minions HP stat.

Tip: Eliminate myth minions fast due to Earthquake.

Acrid Bile
Fire – 4,895 HP

Fire Dragon, BalanceBlade (+30%), Brimstone Revenant, Furnace, Meteor Strike, Backdraft, Fire Beetle

Pestilient Bile
Ice – 6,120 HP

Brace, Mass Tower Shield (-55%), Frost Giant, Reindeer Knight, Blizzard, Ice Fuel, BalanceBlade (+30%), Sleet Storm

Seething Bile
Storm – 4,400 HP

Storm Lord, Galvanic Field, Tempest, BalanceBlade (+30%)

Poison Bile
Life – 4,455 HP

Life Scarab, Rebirth, Guiding Light, Forest Lord, Mass Sprite

Toxic Bile
Death – 5,260 HP

Death Scarab, Mass Feint (+75%), Scarecrow, Lord of Night, BalanceBlade (+30%), Deer Knight, Brace

Noxious Bile
Myth – 4,950 HP

Earthquake, Keeper of the Flame, Humongofrog, Shatter, BalanceBlade (+30%), Pierce, Mustard Troll, Myth Fuel, Reliquary

Hazardous Bile
Balance 4,210 HP

Cat Thug, BalanceBlade (+30%), Weakness (-30%), Sandstorm, Ra, Empowerment, Magnify, Loremaster, Mass Hex

The Rewards

First of all, you will be awarded the badge “The Undevoured” (even though for some of us it may not be true). Secondly, the Daybreaker and Nightbringer spellements drop from this fight, along with some other reagents, including the alchemical ones to craft the gear from the Catacombs. On top of that, we noticed some gear drops including tier 2 rings and other random tier 3 gear. We will keep you updated as we discover more!

What do you think of this battle?
Do you look forward to getting devoured?

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  • My advice for the devourer:
    Get a really great healer, someone with lots of blades, spears, and protection spells (no traps), and two attackers
    Bring reshuffles and spirit defuses
    Also found out that shadow spells have no recoil in that fight, the backlash orbs just float there, real handy glitch
    This next bit revolves around chance and luck:
    My “winning” fight against the devourer involved three of us, including me, getting defeated while our healer was getting spit back out; still alive, he healed us up and the devourer stopped eating us entirely

  • Did you ever make a guide, I see guides for the other 2 bosses but not for this one?

  • I’m a death wizard and have tried to do this fight many times. I keep getting left behind because everyone gives up. Can you please help me? I am not sure which spells are best in this fight, can you help me? I love a challenge and this seems impossible.

  • A potent feint can be used in this duel, but it has to be after a tri trap enchanted with Nightbringer. This way, his double cleanse ward cheat will get 2 of the 3 traps while leaving the potent feint intact.

    • Thinking better, any feint can be used after the nightbringered tri trap done in the previous round. So basically Nightbringer allows feint stacking on Devourer.

      Probably it can be used to stack feints on shadow sentinel, at Omen Stribog duel.

  • Thanks for the guide this is basically the new Darkmoor instance really. Look forward to completing it in due time the gear is incredibly efficient. *I credited you guys on my guide/directory for advanced wizards on my site —

  • Does anyone know at what point Kingsisle adds the second chance chest to bosses?

  • So what exactly is the importance of the Death support?
    You said you’re going to mention it later but I guess I missed something. Feint isn’t Death exclusive if that was it.

    Did you guys use a Life hitter for the boss itself? Or a DPS school with Pierce?

    • Death can cast Bad Juju, which is by far your best spell for damage reduction on the Devourer.

      You can use a Life hitter or another school (preferably with Shrike, or Infallible and extra buffs) — both work okay.

  • I agree it’s too hard. I’ve tried it several time with a team of very good wizards. We didn’t get past the first few rounds before being defeated. It’s not a matter of being a good wizard or having a good team, it’s just pure luck. I won’t be wasting my time again especially after reading what is dropped.

  • none of the final fights are hard when done right , yes you need pay to win gear and should have all the prior top gear/pet on the hitting wizards. final has nothing really bad cheat wise other than being eaten. use storm/death/balance dispels so he cant use these spells against you like death lulu, glowbugs, enfeeble or the mass -30 weakness -55 mantel. Also try to keep VP -40/ -45 and or -90 bad juju on the boss as his eating hit all move can do 5k damage when critical not including blades. if you get eaten escape to player screen and port back to team. don’t do this mission with team up you will regret it when you have no friends to port back to or they have no clue what to do to keep damage down and build solid hits to win quick. I do this battle in 25 minutes with a single storm hitter and 3 Jades. MMOwizMaster is my tube and I posted a video on how to win this.

  • Weeeell… I guess this goes under the “Darkmoor” category for me: too hard.

    • Lmao we’ve been needing an ACTUAL challenge for a long time.

      • There’s a difference between a challenge and having to have a perfectionist team while making human blood sacrifices to rngesus.

        • Scot, I agree. They seem to be going the route of masochist-tier difficult, and that is not fun. It’s just too hard.

      • I disagree. There’s a difference between an actual challenge, and something that’s too hard. I’ve played a lot of hard games (Mega man, Castlevania, etc), and those are challenges, but still reasonable. I consider Darkmoor to be a challenge. I consider Aphrodite 2 a challenge. I even consider Corporal Tenni’syn a challenge. Same for other things. But there’s no way that a boss like this is actually fair. The fact that a death spamming bad juju is basically required says a lot about the balance of a fight. Even as a really good jade with 92% resistance to all schools, I struggled finding a team that would accept me and actually be able to follow the strategy. I’m fine with cheating bosses, don’t get me wrong. But having to perform something that they pretty much nerfed in pvp only really shows that they only had certain teams in mind. Now I’m aware it’s possible, but it should be doable consistently, no randomness or anything. I know they will probably eventually make this fight easier, just like they should have done with a certain boss in Empyrea (and no, I’m not referring to Tumbler). 4500 being done to a team is just ridiculous, not to mention literally disabling one person for a few rounds. Yeah, I know he only does that once or twice if no one flees, but jades shouldn’t be required, and I say that as a jade myself. I’m not saying that he should be made easy to the point where everyone should be able to beat him on their first try. Also, I find his drops to be pretty lackluster for a fight like that. You should be guaranteed to get at least one vanguard item. Drop rates are too low, especially with bosses as hard as these. I’m fine with reasonably low drop rates, I’ve played Earthbound (which has 1/128 drop rates on some items), and while it was frustrating, at least there, none of the drops were hidden behind bosses.

    • What is the reason to esc and port back? You get devored again

      • Apparently, it needs to be done twice in a row and then it won’t trigger again. This way you only miss one round – the first round you were actually devoured.

        • What your wizard casted prior to being eaten will cast if you come back prior to the next turn , if you don’t then your blade etc won’t be casted.

          This battle is now a 3-4 round fight I don’t enemy farm this anymore nothing good seems to be as a rare drop.

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