Druid’s Hoard Pack

The Druid’s Hoard Pack is the newest pack in Wizard101. Before we get into the pack itself, I’ll offer my evaluation. Overall, the pack is fine, with the main draw being Daybreaker and Nightbringer spellments and the pets. It has good, balanced wands, but less offensive then the Sinbad wands. The pets are adorable and in summary, the pack is worth checking out. Let’s check out the specifics.

Druidic Gear Sets

The gear sets are not as excellent as one might expect. The boots and hats are fine for most questing, especially if you lack the dragoon gear from the WC underground. However, it is not the first gear set we’d recommend going for.

Ancient Druidic Cowl

Ancient Druidic Robe

Ancient Druidic Boots

Spellwright’s Druidic Cowl

Spellwright’s Druidic Robe

Spellwright’s Druidic Boots

Treeminder’s Druidic Cowl

Treeminder’s Druidic Robe

Treeminder’s Druidic Boots

Sickle and Shield Weapons

Fascinating weapons and absolutely worth trying out for some particular strategies, but mainly one will still want to go for the Sinbad wands. Their design is what you should really check out, as they can certainly pull your stitch together.

Ancient Druid Sickle and Shield

Spellwright’s Sickle and Shield

Treeminder’s Sickle and Shield

Sproutling Pets

The Sproutling Pets are cute and quite helpful, especially in PvP scenarios. Additionally, one can get some interesting spells off of them, such as Hamadryad from the Spring Sproutling pet. There is a pet for each season of the year, but for some reason the Fall Sproutling fell through.

Summer Sproutling

  • Fire-Sniper
  • ???
  • Spell-Proof
  • ???
  • ???
  • Storm-Ward
  • Fire-Dealer
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Winter Sproutling

  • Tower Shield
  • ???
  • ???
  • Spell-Proof
  • Iceblade
  • ???
  • ???
  • Critical Striker
  • ???
  • Fire-Ward

Spring Sproutling

  • ???
  • Dot Doctor
  • ???
  • Balance-Ward
  • ???
  • ???
  • Life-Bringer
  • ???
  • Lively
  • Medic

DayBreaker & NightBringer Spellements

Daybreaker and Nightbringer drops were fine. I personally got a lot of 3 spellements dropped and sometimes 5. However, there will be instances where even 30 drop. So  this is definitely a viable way to collect spellments if you’re opposed to farming.

Badger Mounts

The Attack, Combat and Battle badger mounts found within the Druid’s Hoard Pack are similar to most other mounts. Although they don’t give a stat boost, they certainly have a unique look with some elegant graphics.

House Guests

Thanks to the Druid’s Hoard Pack we get to have a taste of the Wizard City Catacombs in our castles too! Check out some of these unique house guests that can drop from the pack for you to use while decorating your castles.

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