Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack

A new pack launches in the Wizard101 side of the Spiral – the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack! This one might be my personal favourite due to its ties to the Doomsday Krok Gauntlet, a Five B.O.X.E.S. themed dungeon. Check out everything we have discovered within the depths of this pack!

Doomsday Krok Gear

The trend carries on! Defensive robes are coupled with offensive hats and boots. This time though, the boots have no resist at all. What personally interests me the most are the Efreet spell variations and the new gear set bonuses. Each set has an individual set bonus for you to try out. In addition to the normal gear, we’ve also featured the set bonueses, so you can best decide if this gear is for you.

Apophis’ Warrior Set

Apophis’ Khepresh

Apophis’ Raiment

Apophis’ Boots

Setesh’s Warrior Set

Setesh’s Khepresh

Setesh’s Raiment

Setesh’s Boots

Sokar’s Warrior Set

Sokar’s Khepresh

Sokar’s Raiment

Sokar’s Boots

Javelin Weapons

The javelin weapons in this pack sure are something. However, the level 130 versions don’t seem as powerful compared to weapons from previous packs. For instance, the Sinbad weapons have similar stats as these javelins, but have pierce. What intrigues me is the may-cast spell. They are 3 different Krokotopian themed spells that we’ve seen previously on treasure cards and other gear. What do you think?

Apophis’ Javelin


Setesh’s Javelin


Sokar’s Javelin


Gear Set Bonuses

Now that gear set bonuses are a thing in Wizard101, we can be sure to see them more and more, particularly on pack gear. As usual, we have 3 sets – Apophis, Setesh and Sokar. Each set is made up of 4 pieces: the hat, robe, boots and weapon. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which level piece you have equipped, as they are mutually compatible from level 20 and above. Take a look at each set bonus individually displayed below.

Apophis’ Warrior Set

Setesh’s Warrior Set

Sokar’s Warrior Set

Scarab Pets

Beautiful is the only world that justifies these scarab pets. On top of that, they should have some of the new adventure and combat talents that were released in the Spring 2020 update. We will be updating these as we discover more information on the talents. Make sure to check back. In the meantime, take a look at them below and see if you agree on their impeccable look!

Apophis’ Scarab

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • Fire-Shot
  • Intuitive (Selfish)
  • Elemental Retriever (Adventure)
  • Smoke Screen Trained (Combat)
  • Astute (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Fire-Dealer
  • ???
  • Determined (Selfish)

Setesh’s Scarab

  • Pip O’Plenty
  • ???
  • Elemental Retriever (Adventure)
  • Smoke Screen Trained (Combat)
  • Sharp (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Relentless (Selfish)
  • Mighty (Selfish)
  • Quick-Witted (Selfish)
  • ???

Sokar’s Scarab

  • Fire-Shot
  • Attentive (Selfish)
  • Elemental Retriever (Adventure)
  • Fire Striker
  • Smoke Screen Trained (Combat)

  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Dogged (Selfish)
  • ???
  • ???

Adventure & Combat Talents

This pack introduces two new talents: Smoke Screen Trained and Elemental Retriever. Both adventure/combat talents are brand new to the game with the Spring 2020 update. Each Scarab pet should have both of these talents in the talent pool. They are both pretty hefty to unlock. Each require 60 Talent Tokens + 30 Elemental Tokens + 10 Fire Tokens + 5 specific talent token (Elemental Retriever Tokens / Smoke Screen Tokens). These specific tokens are reported to drop from Krokhotep and the Time Butterfly bosses in the Doomsday Krok Gauntlet.

Krokosphinx Mounts

They’re bigger in size than I thought they’d be! These mounts come with 40% speed bonuses, but no additional stats included. They can also drop in 1-day, 7-day and permanent versions. Which one do you want?

Apophis’ Krokosphinx

Setesh’s Krokosphinx

Sokar’s Krokosphinx

Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

This one is interesting! This is a permanent gauntlet you can craft (or purchase from the online store for $39) with a Five B.O.X.E.S. and Krokotopia theme. It also has a huge teaser of the updated graphics from Krokotopia’s Oasis. Looks like the revamping is moving on to Krokotopia from Wizard City!

To craft this gauntlet you need the recipe from Shopping District’s Lloyd Fallingwater by the fountain. This recipe requires Time Lime reagents which drop from the pack itself and can also be transmuted. The following are required:

  • 20 Time Limes
  • 10 Alternate Time Limes (transmuted with 8 Time Limes)
  • 5 Parallel Time Limes (transmuted with 5 Alternate Time Limes)


As an addition to packs, we are now getting spellement drops as well. The Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack has the Blood Bat and the Snow Serpent’s spellements within. Take a look at the possible upgrade paths for each of the spells.

What do you think of the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack? 
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  • if they want set bonus’ on gear, they need to utterly rework their format for gear. why would anyone whether damage dealer, tank, or healer, give up the ornate light cloak for cloaks like the paradox, dragoon, or this set’s cloak? you literally would be giving up so much more than you would gain. set bonus’ only work when there is more than 1 format for gear building. it does not matter how many gear sets kingsisle release, they are 99.99% identical with each other. kingsisle since after celestia and waterworks dungeon has developed their gear on a hodgepodge system. for example, it is only with the advent of the lvl 110 ring that healers regardless of class utilized something above lvl 56 for ring, and morganthe amulet and athame still best for healers.

    in fact the only way a healer can use anything dragoon other than helmet and boots is to have the damn jack hollow wand or one with similar level critical which is pay-2-win and thereby not standard for heal build theorycrafting. basically if you cannot crit with at least 90% chance as a healer, you are gimping yourself.

    if kingsisle wants to implement sets, they need to talk to someone who actually plays games, and has played many mmorpgs, not just wizard101 and pirate101 which apparently every dev who works for kingsisle with and since celestia have only played those 2 games. they constantly try to add systems or mechanics you see in other games without any thought to how those systems work in the dynamic game they read about the system or mechanic and do not think how it does not work on a turn based, playing card game.

  • Thanks for the info. Question: do you know if the gauntlet fights drop spellements and/or time limes?

    • In all my runs I haven’t seen any of those. I don’t think they would actually add them in the gauntlet. The spellements will probably end up as a drop from a skeleton key boss most probably.

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