Harrowing Nightmare Pack

There are several versions of the Halloween pack, added throughout the years. In this article, we look at the Harrowing Nightmare Pack, which was released in 2014. In addition there are the original Nightmare Pack from 2011, the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack from 2017 and the Elven Nightmare Pack from 2018.

Here’s a look at the Exalted gear, which was the highest level when this pack arrived to the Crown Shop in 2014. If you’re not a PvP person these items will still give you a scary look for this year Halloween’s parties!


Harrowing Torment Gear

The gear stats and item cards are nothing extraordinary, however don’t dismiss any right away. Some pieces, if combined with the right gear set can be exceptional. Additionally, the gear makes a great costume, especially the hats!

Midnight Torment Set

Nightfall Torment Set

Nighttide Torment Set

Midnight Torment Top Hat

Midnight Torment Guise

Boots of Midnight Torment

Nightfall Torment Top Hat

Nightfall Torment Guise

Boots of Nightfall Torment

Nighttide Torment Top Hat

Nighttide Torment Guise

Boots of Nighttide Torment


Jack Hallow Guitars

The very essence of this pack, the Jack Hallow or Tormentor Guitars! These wands are renowned simply for their massive critical boosts and incoming healing. They are also the only weapons in the game in the form of sick looking guitars!

Ever since the gear got an update to level 120 being the max level, one can notice that the critical remained fixed and their was an increase of 1% of incoming healing. This change seems very underwhelming, but sadly it is required so that the wands don’t become more overpowered than they already are.



The Harrowing… wings! This pack provides four different permanent mounts – the Midnight Harrowings, the Nightfall Harrowings, the False Dawn Harrowings, and the Midnight Owl! None of them offer additional stats or are dyeable, but their animations are certainly worth purchasing the pack!



The pack update in 2015 brought with it multiple additions including these unique hairstyles. The Cat Ears, the Halo, and the Goat Horns remain some of the most rare and sought out hairstyles in the game.

The Cat Ears

The Goat Horns

The Halo


Harrowed Bones & Winged Catastrophe

The Harrowed Bones was introduced when the pack was originally released, but the magnificent Winger Catastrophe made its debut a year after with the pack update. Both pets have their qualities, but beware the Catastrophe’s stare!

Harrowed Bones

Winged Catastrophe

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