Terror’s Hoard Pack

When the Terror’s Hoard Pack was first released in June 2015 it broke some sort of power barrier. This was shortly after the four dungeons update that brought us the fearsome Darkmoor. Out of the depths of Darkmoor we got this pack. For 399 crowns from the Crown Shop, you have a chance at getting any of the below items, so wait no longer!

Terror Dog

A regular pack mount, but we can’t tell what the Terror Dog actually is. The name says dog. It walks like a frog. It resembles a gargoyle. Is it truly any of those or is it something else? Something so mystical that can only be found in Wizard101.


Fortune Teller Gear Sets

No one really ever payed too much attention to this gear. In my opinion, it seems to be missing something. The item cards are interesting and even useful, but the stats not so much. On the other hand, check out the wands below…

Fortune Teller’s Mask


Fortune Teller’s Veil

Masque of the Soothsayer

Garb of the Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller’s Ensemble

Soothsayer’s Finery


Fortune Teller’s Striders

Shoes of the Fortuneteller

Soothsayer’s Boots


Floating Eye Relic Weapons

The highlight of this pack and what everyone is truly after, the Eye Relic wands! When first released at level 100, these wands shattered the illusion of what was powerful and replaced it with just them. They are extremely well-balanced by offering an equal amount of block and critical and a reasonable amount of damage + pierce / power pip chance.

Fortune Teller’s Eternal Gaze

Fortune Teller’s Peerless Eye

Eye of the Soothsayer


Brainy Assistant

Not sure who came up with this one, but whoever it is must have some imagination! The (huge) Brainy Assistant pet is a decent starter pet especially for a death wizard as it offers both Spell-Proof and Death-Dealer. On top of that, it can offer up to 2 Colossafrog item cards that are a huge advantage for low level death wizards more than others. To be honest, I’m just concerned about Abby.N.

Brainy Assistant Stats & Talents

  • Pierce Train
  • Defender
  • Monstrous
  • Death-Sniper
  • Pain-Giver
  • Spell-Proof
  • Health Bounty
  • Death-Dealer
  • Mana Bounty
  • Armor Breaker


Darkmoor-themed Housing Items & Treasure Cards

We are not going to delve deep into the housing items found in this pack (sorry fellow decorators). However, if you are after Darkmoor-themed items look no further (perhaps maybe the Bazaar)! On the other hand, if you are after treasure card versions of the Darkmoor spells and double dispel treasure cards this is definitely the pack for you. For those of you unfamiliar with double dispels, they are only available through treasure cards from this pack and they are an effective tool against cheating bosses.

If you find anything from the Terror’s Hoard Pack
that you’d like to show off send us a screenshot!

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