Shaman’s Spellemental Pack Guide

Let’s get straight to it: shall we see what wonders lie hidden within the Shaman’s Spellemental Pack (previously Shaman’s Lore Pack)? Also check out the update notes!


Shaman’s Spellemental Pack Gear

The Shaman’s Spellemental Pack currently comes with gear up to level 100 (as of August 2022).


shaman's lore pack


Night Jaguar’s Cloak

Dawn Jaguar Hunting Garb


shaman's lore pack


shaman's lore pack shaman's lore pack

shaman's lore pack

Prismatic Volcanic Axe


Dropped Pack Spells

These spells are dropped via spellements from the Shaman’s Spellemental Pack. The spellements are also available as drops from Ixcax Cursedwing in Azteca.

Lord of Night

shaman's lore pack

Savage Paw

shaman's lore pack

Winter Moon

shamans lore pack


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