Wizard101 Renegade Druid
Strategy Guide and Speed Run


The Renegade Druid is located in the Avalon dungeon called Crannoc Darcha, at the end of the Lower Catacombs.  If you’re not familiar with the battle, check out Cody’s Wizard101 Renegade Druid Guide, which provides an excellent overview of the battle, a list of cheats, and a strategy summary. This article builds on that guide by providing:

  1. Some specific strategy advice to help you survive and win the battle
  2. For a well-coordinated team, a 3-6 round speed run that any school can use except balance (sorry balance)

Thanks to Cody for so thoroughly testing the resist and cheats, and to Frost for helping test a run with Snow Angel.


A. Strategy Tips

Strategy Overview

The most efficient approach for this battle is to cast a Damage over Time (DoT) spell that attacks all enemies (also known as Area of Effect or AoE) and does at least 58,000 damage to each enemy.

Why is an AoE spell preferable?  Because when the damage to the minions is applied to the Renegade Druid (through the 100% intercept mechanic), it applies ALL of the AoE damage to the boss in the Druid in the first round (instead applying it over time, like it normally would).  It still leaves a tick mark on the minion that stays on forever, but the tick mark won’t do any damage.

So for offense, your main objective is to stack around 10 or more buffs on your hitter and have them hit.  Once the druid is gone, you just need a “cleanup Treasure Card tempest” (or some other AoE hit) to take out the minions, since they only have 1 health. For defense, your have four priorities:

  1. The top priority is to Storm Dispel the Druid, since he can take away blades with Bugs and Sirens

If not doing a speed run:

  1. Storm Dispel the Moon minion, since he can take away blades with Bugs too
  2. Damage reduction and/or healing, since both the Druid and his minions can do a lot of damage

We suggest having 1 hitter and 3 support wizards on your team.

Best hitter school options?

The most efficient school options for the hitter are Fire and Ice, since they have access to the AoE spells that do the most overall damage without a Shadow Pip:

  • Fire can cast Rain of Fire (1100 total damage)
  • Ice can cast Snow Angel (760 total damage)

Several other schools work just fine — they just need an extra blade or two (or a Shadow Pip) compared to Fire or Ice. You also could choose to cast an AoE for the following schools:

  • Death can cast Deer Knight (570 total damage) or Call of Khrulhu (830 damage) if they get a Shadow Pip
  • Life can cast Forest Lord (540 minimum damage)
  • Myth can cast Humongofrog (265 total damage) or Mystic Colossus (850 damage) if they get a Shadow Pip

You also can use a Storm for the hitter.  Since the Druid has 50% Storm resist, and the Druid’s resist is applied to the intercept damage, you need to either:

  • Cast an indemnity feint on the Druid, then a prism, and then hit with a single enemy attack like Storm Owl
  • Cast Shrike (assuming you got a Shadow Pip) and then hit with an AoE attack, like Sirens

Once again, Balance isn’t a good option since there are fewer blade stacking options for it.

Best support school options?

For the most part, the schools for the support wizards shouldn’t matter much.

If you’re doing a speed-run, you just need two wizards that have trained the Tri-Blade associated with the hitter’s school (e.g., Elemental Blade for a Fire or Ice hitter).

If you’re not doing a speed-run, let’s look at it by our support objectives:

Buff the Hitter

At least one support wizard should have the Tri-Blade associated with the hitter’s school.

Death (with Dark Pact) or Balance (with Balanceblade and/or Bladestorm) can be good options too.

Storm Dispels

Since you want to keep Storm Dispels on the Druid (and one on the Moon minion), a Storm wizard, or another wizard with Storm Mastery can be helpful (but not required).


It’s helpful to have two healers on your team (or at least one), although they should be able to spend some time buffing the hitter too.

Remember that any wizard with Pigsie (which is craftable) and a Life Mastery amulet can be an effective healer.

Damage Reduction

Since all of the minions can do heavy damage, a Death wizard (casting Virulent Plague relatively often) can be a big help.


Do I care about going first in the battle?

It’s not so important for this battle. If you do decide to “shop for first” (i.e., flee if you are going second in the battle), remember to mark near the Druid, since it can take a while to run back to the battle.

Offensive strategy tip #1: Stack buffs on your hitter

For Fire and Ice, you only need 9 buffs on the hitter.  If the Druid casts the Fortify cheat, note that they’ll either need 20%+ pierce or another buff.

For other schools you’ll need 10-11 buffs on the hitter.

Remember that there are plenty of options for buffs:

  • School blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp)
  • Elemental or Spirit blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp)
  • Dark Pact (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Death wizard; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Balanceblade (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Bladestorm (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Damage aura

What gear can help provide the item cards?

The following amulets are readily available at the bazaar:

  • Jewel of the Apiary
    • Sharpen Blade item card
    • Balanceblade item card
  • Amulet of the Mouse Scout
    • Elemental Blade item card
  • Charm of the Fierce Mantis
    • Spirit Blade item card
  • Charm of the Blade Pearl
    • Dark Pact item card

What pets provide helpful cards?

  • Pet Sharpen Blade
    • Enchanted Armament
  • Pet Dragonblade
    • Provided by several pets
  • Pet school blade of the hitter
    • Provided by several pets — most hitters can bring their own!
  • Pet  Elemental Blade
    • Bolt Demon, Frostfang, GobblerBall
  • Pet Spirit Blade
    • Poised Medusa
  • Pet Dark Pact
    • Bunny Mallow, Charred Fossil, Deathdactyl, Regal Skeleton

Defensive tip #1: Resist with your gear!

The Druid and the minions can do a lot of damage. So if you want to be a helpful teammate make sure you use gear with decent global resist (sorry, you’ll need to put your Paradox hat away for once) and a pet with some resist too (you realize you’ve had 130 levels to work on a pet, right?).

Hitter Wizard Resist

Your hitters can achieve at least 45 global resist and maintain a high damage boost:

  • Hat: Darkmoor or Krok Exalted hat giving 10+ resist (10+ cumulative)
  • Robe: Darkmoor or Rattlebones Exalted robe giving 14+ resist (24+ cumulative)
  • Boots: Ideally pack boots like Professor or Ghulture, otherwise Cabalist or Crafted giving 5+ resist (29+ cumulative)
  • Amulet: Rasputin, Upper Halls Shane, or Morganthe amulet giving 3+ resist (32+ cumulative)
  • Proof talent on pet: 10 resist (42+ cumulative)
  • Defy talent on pet: 5 resist (47+ cumulative)

Support Wizard Resist

Most Wizards know that Jade gear provides the most resist. So if you spent crowns on the Keeper’s Lore pack slot machine and received some Jade gear, by all means use it.

From a healing standpoint, the Spooky Carnival Robe provides a nice mix of resist and healing. So it’s an optimal choice if you’ve got it for your robe.

But what if you don’t want to spend crowns on resist gear? Well thanks to the Exalted Challenges, you can farm for some good resist gear if you prefer that approach. Ideally your support wizards would have 60 or more resist:

Defensive tip #2: Consider Virulent Plague and Fortify/Brace

Even with decent resist you may want to use some spells to reduce damage you take, especially if you only have one healer.

Since all of the minions can hit pretty hard, there are two spells we’d suggest considering:

  • Virulent Plague (great option if you have a Death wizard; combines well with Shadow Trickster too, since it will steal a pip every time Virulent Plague is cast)
  • Brace (or TC Fortify)

B. Speed Run

If nothing goes wrong, this speed run only takes 4 rounds.

But something usually goes wrong (stun, fizzle from an accuracy debuff, or have to cleanse a weakness, need to cast another Storm Dispel), so in practice it usually takes 5-6 rounds.

Just remember to always keep a Storm Dispel on the Druid and the Moon minion when they can cast Bugs or Sirens.

If you are using a different school to hit, remember that you’ll need to add a couple more buffs.


Sample turn-by-turn spells for a team with a Fire Hitter


Support Wizard #1 Support Wizard #2 Support Wizard #3 Hitter (Wizard #4)
TC Storm Dispel (Druid) TC Storm Dispel (Druid) Item Sharp Elemental Blade Sharp Fireblade
TC Fireblade Regular Elemental Blade Item Balanceblade Item Fireblade
TC Balanceblade Sharp Elemental Blade TC Elemental Blade Epic Rain of Fire
Pass Pass Pass TC Tempest
Backup Cards
TC Storm Dispel TC Storm Dispel TC Storm Dispel Pet Fireblade
TC Pierce TC Cleanse Charm TC Cleanse Charm Regular Fireblade
Healing TC Wyldfire TC Dark Pact


Sample turn-by-turn spells for a team with an Ice Hitter

Note: one of the support wizards will need an Enchanted Armament pet

Support Wizard #1 Support Wizard #2 Support Wizard #3 Hitter (Wizard #4)
TC Storm Dispel (Druid) TC Storm Dispel (Druid) Item Sharp Elemental Blade Sharp Iceblade
TC Iceblade Regular Elemental Blade Pet Sharp Elemental Blade Item Iceblade
TC Balefrost Sharp Elemental Blade TC Elemental Blade Epic Snow Angel
Pass Pass Pass TC Tempest
Backup Cards
TC Storm Dispel TC Storm Dispel TC Storm Dispel Pet Iceblade
TC Pierce TC Cleanse Charm TC Cleanse Charm Regular Iceblade
Healing TC Balanceblade Item Balanceblade Pet Fireblade

If you find anything we missed, identify any mistakes,
or come up with any other strategies,
please let us know in the comments!

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  • If you have enough blades and use high damage Aoe over-time spell was cast like rain of fire then use process use indicate. It can twice as damage much to destroy over time spell from all enemies. It will intercept to the boss to chip away Renegade Druid health. And finish off Aoe spell to clear it off. It is only found in Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo that have a item spell that bought in Professor’s Hoard Pack.

  • OK, not sure if this is a new patch or a glitch, but rain of fire is useless against this boss. Our fire cast it several times, and the only hit that did any damage was the first one. Literally, the dot spun round and round the minions, never disappeared, and did no damage to the boss. Again, ONLY the first dot hit the boss. We switched to fire bull and things went a little better. If you die—and it is likely you will—come back with lots of auras so you can cast it quickly as the punishment for fleeing is a no-pip aura on you that lasts four rounds. Best team is life, death and two hitters.

    • Last time I tried casting an aura over his Impede it didn’t work. PiPs still weren’t being generated.

      • I found this out on accident, if you wait another round after he uses impede, then you will still generate pips. So for example, an ice could use legion shield, then use brace the round after.

    • Did a run over the weekend. Snow Angel hit worked as expected and took him out with the intercept damage, so seems like the mechanic is still working okay.

  • To add to this, a team I was with attempted to defeat the minions by using supernova on the aura. It did defeat the minion, but Renegade Druid instantly cheat casted a sun version of rebirth bringing them back.

  • This is so helpful and detailed. Thank you so much.

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for the kind words.

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