High level Outgoing Gear Options

There are various outgoing gear options out there in the Spiral, and in this article we’re going to tackle some of the options you can go for. You will notice that some of the gear is designed for Theurgists aka life wizards. However, I tried to include various other options for other schools. This is due to the obvious fact that Theurgists dominate the game when it comes to healing. With that statement said, I’d like to point out that I don’t mean that other schools aren’t good at healing, just that Life is in the lead.

A note I wish to address before looking at the options is that I will sometimes make reference to ‘critical healing‘ and ‘defensive healing‘. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Critical healing is when you disregard defenses and heal while hoping to critical. On the other hand, defensive healing is when you rely on both your defensive and outgoing attributes while disregarding critical. Additionally, I fancy myself as an avid PvE enthusiast more than PvP, however I think the options found within this article can satisfy both sides of the game. If you think we missed an important piece of gear, please don’t hesitate to post in the comments. We would greatly appreciate that.

Alongside the name of every piece of gear, you’ll notice some numbers. This is the level of the item as in this guide you’ll find gear from various levels.



Surprisingly, I didn’t find as much Hat options for outgoing as I was hoping for. As you’ll notice while reading through this article, hats don’t compete as much as other pieces do when it comes to outgoing. Let’s take a look at some of the options below.

Jade Hood of Mystery 100 & 110

Ok, this isn’t really a piece of gear that screams outgoing but it is a very popular choice with healers. The resist makes the low outgoing worth it, as well as the +6% power pip chance.

Obtainable as a chance from the Keeper’s Lore Pack

Poseidon’s Brim of Ardor 90

An option only for Life wizards. This hat is an option if you’re going for critical healing and not as a defensive setup.

Obtainable from Poseidon in Tartarus

Chrysanthemum Cowl 100

A similar option to the Jade hat except that it offers more outgoing and less universal resist. This hat is not so popular, thus it tends to be overlooked. However, it does offer some healing potential while maintaining decent resist at the same time.

Obtainable as a possible reward from the Ninja’s Lore Pack

Shard Warrior’s Helm 120

A plentiful amount of outgoing and universal critical mixed together, with an additional +8% power pip chance and 435 hp. Also, it’s by far the highest amount of outgoing from a hat.

Obtainable from the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle

Queen’s Color Guard Shako 90

Only obtainable seasonally, this hat offers a balanced amount of incoming and outgoing. The additional storm resist is also quite the asset to this hat, and this is only the lvl 90 version of it. Image for lvl 100 hat is currently missing.

Obtainable as a possible reward from the Yuletide Pack

Mask of the Faerie Court 100

Not the best option but still an option! The various types of stats it offers are interesting but not a good enough amount of any to compete with other options.

Obtainable as a possible reward from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack


Dropped By: Brulee Sucre in Grand Tourney Arena



Spooky Carnival Suit

Definitely a robe for defensive healing and a very popular choice. Basically a more potent version of the jade robe in all aspects except for the universal resist. At the end of the day its worth losing the 2% universal resist in order to gain the other stat boosts.

Obtainable as a chance from the Spooky Carnival Bundle

Jade Robe of Mystery 100 & 110

Again, not the best piece of gear for outgoing, but for obvious reasons it deserves a mention. It’s the best universal resist robe in the game so far and it can be easily used for healing and/or tanking.

Obtainable as a chance from the Keeper’s Lore Pack

Majoris Armor of Impulse 110

A robe tailored just for life wizards. Most of you will remember this robe when it used to originally offer 40%+ outgoing. However, due to recent changes it now offers +27% outgoing which in my opinion is still really good.

Dropped by the Rat in Polaris

Faerie Court Steel Leaf 100

Impressive incoming and outgoing coming from this one. The 700 additional health, 9% pip chance and 6 universal accuracy make it quite powerful, however you’ll notice that it isn’t defensive at all.

Obtainable as a chance from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack


Dropped By: Brulee Sucre in Grand Tourney Arena

Icewind Glade Winterwraps 100

Competing directly with the faerie robe, this one offers extremely similar stats with a little less outgoing (1%) and practically the same health. Additionally, the critical makes it a viable choice for an outgoing + critical combo.

Obtainable as a chance from the Winterland Pack

Zeus Robes 90

Probably not your first thought when it comes to healing, but surprisingly Zeus’ set offers a fair amount of outgoing. Click the link below to see the robe variation for your own school.

Dropped by Zeus in Tartarus

Polarian Explorer’s Snowsuit 120

The critical block combined with the 15% outgoing make this robe worthy of a mention. However, the lack of power pip chance with the not so impressive universal damage exclude this from being one of my main choices.

Obtainable from the Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

Queen’s Color Guard Jacket 130

Considerably not my first option, this robe is still quite a catch! The different stats you can find in it, can make a good combination when added with other pieces of gear.

Obtainable as a chance from the Yuletide Pack

Chrysanthemum Coat 100

Another remarkable option with balanced stats similar to the Jade robe. However you can see a rapid boost in outgoing and a decrease in universal resist. What is truly noteworthy is the high amount of health you can find on it.

Obtainable as a possible reward from the Ninja’s Lore Pack



Mysterious Jade Boots 100 & 110

Once more, these boots are not the best outgoing source, however they’re still a popular option with healers. The high resist makes the low outgoing viable.

Obtainable as a chance from the Keeper’s Lore Pack

Greenwarden’s Peaceful Greaves 100

The most outgoing you can get from boots so far (+29%). It’s truly an insane amount of outgoing, but unfortunately the other stats from this boots don’t support it. Damage, energy and health don’t really make that much sense together with outgoing, so these boots are typically dismissed as an option.

Obtainable as a chance from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack

Rocker’s Stompers 100

A much more reasonable option than the Greenwarden boots, the Rocker’s Stompers offer a nice mix of stats a healer would benefit from. At the end of the day, only the universal damage is the odd stat.

Dropped By: Patt Minotaur in Baddle of the Bands

Icewind Glade Trekkers 100

An amazing pair of boots that is more set towards critical healing rather than defensive healing. If that is what you’re going for, then this is the option for you.

Obtainable as a chance from the Winterland Pack

Valiant Jouster’s Sabatons 120

Quite an ideal option for critical healing. However you have to be quick on your feet or else you will be wiped away fast due to the lack of defenses.

Obtainable from the Grand Tourney Bundle

Queen’s Color Guard Boots 130

A weirdly balanced pair of boots. Why weirdly? Because it is defensive and offensive and good for healers as well. Need I say more? Truly though, the stats are quite decent.

Obtainable as a chance from the Yuletide Pack

Zeus Boots 90

Probably not your first thought when it comes to healing, but surprisingly Zeus’ set offers a fair amount of outgoing. Click the link below to see the boots’ variation for your own school.

Dropped by Zeus in Tartarus

Chrysanthemum Boots 100

A similar option to the Jade boots except that it offers more outgoing and less universal resist. These boots are not so popular, thus they tend to be overlooked. However, it does offer some healing potential while maintaining decent resist at the same time.

Obtainable as a possible reward from the Ninja’s Lore Pack

Faerie Court Boots 100

More of an honorable mention rather than an actual option. The unfortunate thing here is that it misses defensive qualities and it can’t be considered good for critical healing either.

Obtainable as a chance from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack


Dropped By: Brulee Sucre in Grand Tourney Arena



There’s a lot of variety when it comes to picking a wand. The probability is that the choice will be made depending on availability. If you’re going for the best wand, then investing in the Keeper’s Lore Pack would be wise but also expensive. Let’s look at the options below:

Silver Order of the Spiral 100 & 110

Barely any noticeable difference between one and the other. Still this is my all time favorite option for defensive healing.

Obtainable as a chance from the Keeper’s Lore Pack

Harpoon of the Darksome Depths 100

Thanks to Mike Castle in the comments!

This wand is one of the best options for critical healing in my opinion. At level 100 it offers 95 critical and 20% outgoing which could compete against the Silver Order of the Spiral (that offers defensive healing) when it comes to effectiveness.

Obtainable from the Atlantean Bundle

Emerald Caiman’s Scepter 90

An extremely balanced wand for both critical and defensive healing. Originally obtainable from the Skyvern’s Hoard Pack, this wand is now a unique drop from Ixcax at lvl 90 only.

Dropped by Ixcax CursedWing in Three Points

Mandolin of Evermore 100

This mandolin is another plausible option for defensive healing. Additionally, the Guardian Spirit item card can be a good asset for non life wizards using this wand.

Obtainable as a chance from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack


Dropped By: Brulee Sucre in Grand Tourney Arena

Winter’s Radiant Staff 100

Do note that this image is of a lvl 70 version of this wand. The lvl 100 provides you with 105 critical and 15% outgoing which are amazing for critical healing.

Obtainable as a chance from the Yuletide Pack

Color Guard Wintergreen Blade 100

A great critical healing wand with some additional (pointless) pierce. The balance between incoming and outgoing is quite pleasing as other gear pieces tend to miss incoming stats.

Obtainable as a chance from the Yuletide Pack

Sword of Kings 76

Definitely the best option you could go for if you don’t want to spend a penny and get good critical healing at the same time.

Obtainable from ‘The Head of the Dragon’ quest in the Keep of Ganelon, Avalon


Root of Spring 95

Definitely one of the countless secrets of the spiral! The Root of Spring is the most entertaining option of them all. Unfortunately, it only offers +12% outgoing as stats but the chance of having a may cast Rebirth is quite unique!

Recipe from Azealia the Armsmaster in Sardonyx




I like to refer to this as Schrodinger’s athame, because picking an athame can be both easy and not so easy at the same time. My 3 go to outgoing athame choices are listed below. However, this can be a difficult choice as all of them have their different perks. Morganthe’s athames offer a variety of useful stats for healing, such as power pips, block and of course outgoing. Not to mention the 4 precious jewel sockets, unlike my other 2 athame choices.

Wolf’s Emerald Talon offers the most outgoing out of them all. It can get a total of 35% outgoing if you socket 2 Polished Mending Opals. However, it lacks other stats like health and power pip chance. On the other hand, the Cosmic Kris is a pretty balanced option, but Morganthe’s will always be my personal favorite due to the extra stats and sockets. In conclusion, the choice must be made by determining which stat you prioritize.

Morganthe’s Athames

Dropped By: Morganthe

Cosmic Kris

Can be bought from the Bazaar


Recipe from: Aegeus in Crustacean Empire

Wolf’s Emerald Talon

Can be bought from the Bazaar


Dropped By: Asrik Widebelt in Vestrilund



You’ll face a simple choice when it comes to amulets. If you’re NOT a Life wizard then you need to equip an amulet that provides you with a life mastery. On the other hand, if you are a life wizard then there are 2 choices, Rasputin’s amulet and the amulet from Zigazag. If you’re familiar with both amulets, right now you’re probably saying that it’s an obvious choice. Rasputin’s amulet simply offers much more defensive stats, but Zigazag’s offers the additional outgoing which is definitely worth the mention.

Rasputin’s Charm of Exertion 110

Dropped by the Rat in Polaris

Jewel of the Virtuous Soul 60

Dropped from the Wood Chest in Lower Zigazag

Exalted Life Amulet 90

Dropped By: Hades the Unseen and Cronus

Chaplet of the Death Knight 100

Dropped from Gold Chest in Castle Darkmoor

Luphilim’s Rapture Pendant 110

Dropped By: Omen Stribog

Life Mastery Amulet

Obtainable from the Crown Shop


Luska Charmbeak and Sylvester Glowstorm in Waterworks



This piece of gear is another tricky choice! When someone mentions the words ‘outgoing’ and ‘ring’, 4 main choices come to mind. The rings dropped from the worlds of Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysalis.

On the other hand, the new level 120 Life ring dropped from Mirage offers a balanced mix between critical and outgoing which can be quite useful for non defensive strategies.

Stone of the Other Side

Dropped By: Pendragon, Black Knight, and others

Storm Caiman’s Tailbiter Ring


Dropped By: Belloq in Twin Giants

Lords of Night Challenge Ring

Dropped By: Malistaire the Undying (Azteca)

Ring of the Dying Star

Dropped By: Morganthe, Shadow Palace

Seal of the Fifth Column

Dropped By: Lord Ombra in the Galleries, Shadow Palace

Tetrus Ringlet of Purpose

Dropped By: Shadowbones in Mirage



Whatever school your wizard is, Omen’s decks are what you should go for! The treasure card space and additional stats it provides are a huge advantage. Another plausible option would be the Rat’s decks which are extremely similar, but offer slightly (barely noticeable) decreased stats compared to Omen’s decks. Also, that extra triangle slot on both decks offers quite some interesting jewel options, such as the ones you can see below. You should know that most of the listed jewels can be obtained from Jewel Packs in the Crown Shop and jewel blossom plants, but you can also get them through other options that are linked by clicking on the images.

However, you can go another way and use one of the new decks from Mirage which instead of critical offer pip conversion. This could be good for instances such as when you use a Rebirth and want that pip back.

Luphilim’s Rapture Deck

Source: Omen Stribog

Rasputin’s Set of Fortitude

Source: The Rat

Tetrus Deck of Purpose

Source: Grandfather Spider

Lustrous PIP Opal +10%

Dropped By: Omen Stribog

Lustrous Accurate Jade +11%

Radical Opal

Sanctuary Jade

Mass Triage Jade

Wrath of Apollo Jade

Renew Opal

Cycle of Life Opal

Mend Opal

Sprite Jade

Satyr Jade

Availing Hands Citrine

Rebirth Jade



Not that much of an option when it comes to Mounts. Currently there is only the one mount that provides you with outgoing, the Mammoth Mini! You can get it as a reward from Warlord Minak in the Jeweled Slopes, Polaris or buy it from the Crown Shop for 9000 crowns.

Mammoth Mini outgoing
Mammoth Mini outgoing



This is a difficult part unless you’re one heck of a pet expert (not me)! However, I do know a thing or two about what to get in order to obtain a healing stat pet or even more the best healing stat pet. Below you can see a pet I was able to make with near max stats thanks to Nessa Raventhorn on central. The 2 talents you’ll be needing are Healer and Medic.



If you want the absolute best healing stats from a pet you need to mix in a few selfish talents in your pool. After some research, the best 4 I could find were Cautious, Mighty, Thinkin’ Cap and Vigorous. They all boost either strength, will or power, or two of the three.

Cautious Mighty Thinkin’ Cap Vigorous
Strength +25 +65 / +25
Will +40 / +65 /
Power / / / +40





Therefore, you might be able to get +11% outgoing from Medic and +5% from Healer. Normally you can get +8% from Medic and +4% from Healer if the pet has max (or near max) stats. Additionally, if you require a certain talent that didn’t manifest till you hit Mega, you can try finding a jewel version of the talent like you can see above with Spell-Proof.



Here comes trouble! If you want to obtain the absolute best outgoing stat, then you will need +6% Shiny Mending Opals. These jewels fit in circle slots so you can currently have up to 3. That’s 18% extra outgoing healing! On the other hand, you can use the old Polished Mending Opals +5% which are slightly more common at the moment.


Polished Mending Opal +5% outgoing

Polished Mending Opal +6% outgoing


Proposed Setup

After looking at all those options, what would I even propose to you? There are many good combinations you could go for. My personal setup on one of my life wizards is full Jade set, Silver Order of the Spiral, Morganthe’s athame, the Rat’s amulet, Stone of the Other Side ring, the above pet and Omen’s deck with a pip jewel socketed to it.

What I just listed doesn’t really scream ‘outgoing’ but that’s the thing! You don’t really need to get a crazy amount of outgoing. Keep in mind that you need other stats to survive and be able to heal yourself and your teammates.

Only one question is left to answer, what is the maximum amount of outgoing possible? The answer may surprise you!

  • Shard Warrior’s Helm / Chrysanthemum Hat (15%)
  • Majoris Armor of Impulse (27%)
  • Greenwarden’s Peaceful Greaves (29%)
  • Sword of Kings (25%)
  • Wolf’s Emerald Talon (25%)
  • Jewel of the Virtuous Soul (2%)
  • Stone of the Other Side (33%)
  • Mammoth Mini (2%)
  • Medic (11%)
  • Healer (5%)
  • 3 Shiny Mending Opals +6 (18%)

The absolute maximum (that we know of) is 192% for a life wizard and 182% for a non-life wizard!

What are your thoughts on the gear options?
Did we miss anything?

Let us know in the comments!


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  • Is this going to be updated?

  • I have captured all the Stat Boosting Pet Abilities in a spreadsheet here for easy reference.

  • In a recent update, all of the current Morganthe athames have been retired and replaced with different (arguably worse/weaker) ones. Although if you already have yours, you’re fine. However, if not, then they are permanently unobtainable, making it no longer an option. From there, you only have the Cosmic Kris and Wolf’s Emerald Talon, and that’s it. Just saying this for those who look at Wizard101 central and notice “Hey wait a second, something isn’t right here” and are wondering what’s up.

  • I think Staff of the Subjugator is good for critical healing too

  • A robe that was brought to my attention is the Uber SweetSmth Smock. It’s exclusive to being dropped from the Aberrant Paradox, so it’s only useful for those at the end of Karamelle. It does have lower outgoing and resistance, as well as accuracy but the other stats are definitely worth it. Nearly 300 more health, 6% more power pip chance, more critical block, more shadow rating (useful for those who use shadow seraph as part of their setup), and even a slight bit of stun resistance. This is definitely a very nice alternative to paying $40 for a bundle, and you can even get multiple of them. Also, the resistance and outgoing healing reduction is really negligible. Of course, this is only an option for life healers, but still more than worth mentioning. You do miss out on Kiss of Death, but it’s pretty hard to use unless you are already death or using a death mastery (and if you aren’t life, you probably already are using a life mastery anyway for healing)

    • Also, for those who craft, you can craft the Delightful Sweetsmith Smock. It has literally the exact same stats. The only problem is that it has a pretty high bar to craft. Revered crafting (I hate the KI lied about crafting requirements saying that you would only need visionary), as well as Karamelle Chunks and Pretzel sticks, the latter 2 are pretty hard to get. I only have 5 and 4 of them respectively as a max ice. It still is an option for those who don’t want to farm for 1 robe, when you can use 1 of any 7 robes to be able to craft it (as any of the Wunderbar robes will work).

      • Alright, fast forwarding to 2023, there are some important notes I’d like to add here. First, the typo I made to Uber “SweetSmith” bugged me, can’t believe I never caught that.

        Additionally, KI seems to have addressed this by removing revered crafting as a requirement for everything, bumping it back down to visionary. Additionally, they have made getting to revered crafting much easier by removing the requirement to get participation trophies in PvP, likely after realizing that in the 4th age, people exploited tournaments by simply deliberately losing and taking last place repeatedly until getting the required trophies. So hey, if you want to have that revered wand for energy and fishing luck, you can have an easier time getting it.

        We now can get massive amounts of outgoing from the new pins system. Apparently, Dasein Dualist can drop mending pins that give up to like +29% outgoing, which you could affix on an eternal hat to get crazy good stats (catch is that they are only available for life, fire, storm and I think balance, so ice and death healers are out of luck here). Additionally, he also drops +8% outgoing jewels as well. The pins are shield shaped, so if you can get 2, you can affix them on the end game Novus gear to get 58% if you equip it on both a hat and boots.

        So for life, I’d actually say that the best boots are now the Eternal Inspired Boots. Although they don’t offer any outgoing, if you get the aforementioned pin, you’ll basically have a pair of boots that’s better than the Greenwarden’s Peaceful Greaves in every way possible. Much more health (going from around 250 to 1101), gaining power pip chance (specifically 7, but hey, we’ll take what we can get), some accuracy (always nice to have) and even 15 resistance.

  • 1) There is another decent hat similar to Chrysanthemum Cowl: Atlantean Great Helm for level 100. The hat is from a retired bundle (if KI ever brings it back) that offers 15 outgoing; 10 universal resist; has some power-pip chance and accuracy; and a Rebirth item card.

    2) The Emerald Caiman Staff drops at both level 80 and level 90 from the same Azteca key boss.

    3) Greenwarden’s Peaceful Greaves for level 90 has dropped for me in Spiral Cup Gauntlet; I would not doubt level 100 drops as well. (Unsure whether to take my word for it? It was a lucky drop – as I have struggled to get any more or a better one.)

  • Get rid of all block in pve now. Karamelle changes has made block counter-productive in pve. Healing more now than ever thanks to changes by getting rid of block. Only think that sucks is having to give up 70% damage boost to get back to an equitable level of healing.

  • Just thought I’d mention, the entire set from the atlantea bundle is also very strong right out the gate. If you manage to get a hold of one through either a throwback or bundle palooza it’s a great low hassle option.

  • Possibly better than Vigorous is Capable. As we know, power isn’t really that good with pets. However, Capable gives +40 will and +25 power, which is better than Vigorous. We run a Discord bot that calculates pet stats, and we found that a pet with Mighty, Thinkin Cap, Cautious and Capable, assuming max stats, would give you 5.33 on healer and 11.54 with medic. While it’s true that yes, it rounds, this means that you can have a bit more leniency if you are trying to make an 11 medic pet.

    • To clarify, the pet stats would be 345 250 260 405 275.

    • No it actual does not round. It only rounds off the display. If you calculate the figures in the game, it will not match up perfectly. Example 1000 times 140% boost where 22% comes from pet (max no selfish) will not do exactly 2400/4800 (against 0 block).

      • That is what I meant, the display rounds. I suppose I could have been a bit more clear. Regardless though, I just wanted to point out a better talent setup.

        • The article says that you “might be able to get +11% outgoing from Medic and +5% from Healer”. However, it’s no longer a might, it’s actually possible to actually get those amounts. I know that this article has a lot of updating to do for the future, especially with newer items like the life dragoon ring and the +7% outgoing jewels.

  • Another amulet option for life wizards is the new uber life amulet, it has a little more resist, a lot more health, and slightly less block than rasputin’s. It also has the same amount of sockets. I’ve changed my rasp amulet over to that for the extra health and the little more resist.

  • With the release of Karamelle, there are now +7% outgoing jewels. This adds +3% to both life and nonlife healing. Are you planning on updating this article with those?

    • Aware of those as I had some drop myself. Will eventually include in the article, but I am thinking of updating the entire article altogether rather than just one piece at a time. Thanks!

  • A not bad option for life would be the dragoon ring, since it has 23% outgoing (29% with a +6% outgoing jewel), and quite a bit of critical. I realize that the title is high level, not max level, but this is definitely worth a mention for a critical set.

  • how about the rasputin robe. 38 outgoing with 8 resist. would also be a good secondary robe.

    • Majoris Armor of Impulse? That’s listed as option 3. I assume that 38 outgoing is a typo, as it only gives 27%

  • the empyrea pt. 2 masteries aren’t included in this article, including the zanadu, alphoi and paradox masteries (all for life)! they’re still pretty good options, but instead provide school-specific resist and a spear card.

    • He using old data, it was originally 38%.

  • For low level outgoing, there’s a recipe in Celestia for Celestian Edge, a level 50 outgoing athame, sold by Charlotte Heath in Celestia Base Camp that gives 25% outgoing. Certainly not rivaling the Wolf’s Emerald Talon, but pretty good, low level, and really easy to craft.

    • While that ring does give 26% outgoing and a good amount of health, I argue that the Wolf’s Emerald Talon is better because it gives you some block and 25% incoming as well as 25% outgoing. It’s overall a better healing ring for that level range but I can definitely see the Celestian Edge being used by some level 50 wizards.

      • Still a nice option for those who have no intention on farming for jewels.

  • I have the Storm Caiman’s Tailbiter Ring and would happy to send a screenshot of the stats page. I don’t know how to send it, so just leaving a comment in hopes that it works out.

  • I have the storm Caiman’s tailbiter ring, send me a mail so i can send you a picture that can help you show it really looks like

  • There are a couple interesting options from Dragon’s Hoard Pack (I believe it only drops from Grub Guardian now; maybe available during Pack-a-Palooza). Take a look:

    Fit balanced+outgoing setup.

  • You also forgot another life robe, it is Zeus War Eagle Raiment.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Angel. I will look into the missing athame and see about adding it some time soon. As for the robe, I had already listed the death Zeus robe with a link beneath it to our Zeus and Poseidon Tartarus gear guide. It is simply too much work to list all the robes for every school as an option, thus we mentioned them and linked them as you can re-read above.

  • You forgot a athame in the athame section, the name of it is Great Ape’s Tooth.

  • What’s the Highest amount of critical you can get with outgoing heals

  • I was wandering Aquila and found the Transcendent Spear of Nerve. (25 universal critical, 75 life critical, 15% outgoing, and 2 pierce) as another crafting option. You do need 3 amber though.

  • ik a possible pet set up of 5% 9% outgoing may cast pigsie spell proof 10 defy 5 may cast cycle of life and greedy talent needless to say the pigsie jewel is needed 184 for non-life wizards with 25% possible aura increase and pigsie cast is pretty good on a tank (currently tank on a death).

    • If only I could get my hands on that pet! xD
      Are the 9% and 5% obtained without any selfish talents?

      • That would be impossible. 8 and 4 are the highest you can get with 2.0 stats.

  • Hi again. My only critic of this article is that it is for life. Not showing some other options for schools hurts. I want to try out a death jade set up so I can use the spooky bundle death cards. Any suggestions? What about other schools (except storm maybe)?

    • It actually is for all schools, life just happens to dominate this area of the game. Above, you will find some of the most common options out there, including:
      – Jade Hat + Boots
      – Spooky Bundle Robe
      – Silver Order of the Spiral weapon… + many other choices
      – Cosmic Kris Athame
      – Life mastery amulets
      – Stone of the Other Side ring… + many others
      The only thing that is covered only for Life wizards is the deck. This is my preferred build on some of my non-life wizards. Although, I sometimes prefer the Hearsteel athame over others to focus on resist.

  • Can the 6% Mending Opal be obtained in any jewel pack?

    • Yep! It can be obtained from the life jewel pack.

  • Atlantean Bundle has some descent outgoing and resist. You even get some attack, pierce and other stuff. Combine it with the spooky bundle and you have a cheap jade bundle.

  • I recently found a robe called “Unicorn Knight Plate” that has good health good universal resist and has minor spirit schools resist on top of that and has 19% outgoing i highly recommend tank/healers to try and get that robe for balance ice or life tank wizards since death has the carnival bundle robe

    • The robe from The great dectective bundle lvl 130 is also great with hp resist and outgoing (update to the unicorn knight plate) it also has a lvl 130 and also has high hp resist and 20% outgoing would recommend those robes if wizards are making ice balance and life wizards tanks healers as well

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