Polarian Explorer’s Bundle

Released in November 2015, the freezing land of Polaris brings with it the Polarian Explorer’s Bundle with all its magic. Check out all you can get for the price of $39 from select Gamestop stores.

  • Proper Penguin
  • Battle Narwhal Mount
  • Polarian Explorer’s Attire
  • Polarian Explorer’s Pickaxe
  • Polarian Shipwreck
  • Additional Castle Elixir
  • 5000 crowns or 1 month membership

Proper Penguin

Saying that this pet is adorable doesn’t do it any justice. The Proper Penguin pet is a personal favorite for several reasons including the fact that it is a dye-able pet unlike many others. Do you own a first generation Proper Penguin?

Polarian Explorer's Bundle Pet

Proper Penguin Statistics & Talents

Polarian Explorer's Bundle Pet Stats

  • Best of Show
  • Stun Recalcitrant
  • Snow Heal for You!
  • Spell-Proof
  • Ice-Ward
  • Crystallize
  • Refreshed
  • Lively
  • Freeze
  • Capable
  • Oil Slick
  • Slick-N-Slide
  • Slow Motion
  • Stonewall
  • Think Fast!
  • Stumble On
  • Dumbfound
  • Baffle
  • Big Downer
  • Shush!


Battle Narwhal Mount

Polarian Explorer's Bundle Mount

Some might call it the Unicorn of the Sea, but is it truly? If I ever encountered such a fierce creature I would run like crazy! Still, the Battle Narwhal mount provides your wizard with +2% universal damage and a wonderful spinning jump animation. However, I think you need to discover that last one for yourselves.

Polarian Explorer's Bundle Mount Stats


Polarian Explorer’s Attire

In my opinion, this gear set lacks offense. However, don’t make the mistake of dismissing it right away. The robe may be a decent choice for outgoing healing. On the other hand, the hat (while it lacks damage) could be a good balanced fit for the gear you are looking for. Not to forget that Stun Block is never not useful in a PvP scenario.


Polarian Explorer’s Pickaxe

Unlike past bundle weapons, the Polarian Explorer’s Pickaxe will make you think twice before dismissing it. At first glance it might not seem that much, however at mid / high levels (50+) there is a sizable critical boost. On top of that, there is also the universal accuracy that makes this weapon a considerable choice for farming instances when you need that hit to crit.


Polarian Shipwreck

Wonderful and extremely slippery! Take a chance at exploring the Polarian Shipwreck castle and all the fun it entails for your wizards. You may or may not encounter a skating arena, a Marleybonian explorer and many more wonders.

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