W101-Aphrodite-Skeleton-Key-Boss-Guide-HeaderGuide to Aphrodite’s Tendrils

Aphrodite II is a boss in Darkmoor’s Graveyard instance. You will need a stone Skeleton Key to enter her lair. She can be accessed without doing any of the fights in The Graveyard. Just walk to the left when you’re inside the Graveyard, and follow the wall until you find the locked gate.

Life, Death & Myth Tendrils

You’ll actually be fighting Aphrodite’s Tendrils, and they come in three flavors. Death (Boss), Life (Boss), and Myth (Elite Mob). The tendrils that spawn are random. In some instances there was one of each, and other instances only two variants spawned. Most of the time you will end up fighting against Life and Death tendrils.


  • 20,270 HP
  • 15% Pierce
  • Resists Stun


  • 16,095 HP
  • 35% Pierce
  • Resists Stun


  • 12,465 HP
  • 25% Pierce
  • Can be Stunned

This fight is actually pretty simple, as long as you understand the cheats:


Aphrodite will pollinate you at the beginning of every turn, unless you hit one of the tendrils… reminds me of a certain Elephant. This is a shadow DoT attack that does around 400 damage up front and around 300 per turn for three turns to all players. Additionally, this attack leaves a Virulent Plague, Infection, and Black Mantle on all players.

To stop this from happening, simply hit one or more of the tendrils every round. They will “hiss” when attacked, and the cheat won’t happen next turn. Hitting multiple times in one round does not stop the cheat for multiple rounds. You must hit at least one tendril every round.

DoT Spells

If you cast a DoT spell on any tendril, it will respond according to its school. Life will cast Mass Triage, Myth will cast Shift, and Death will use Deer Knight.

Blades and Damage Bubbles

When a player casts a blade (or a damage bubble), the tendril directly across from them will cast two cheats. One cheat triggers immediately, and another triggers at the end of the turn. These cheats, again, are different for each school.

  • Life will cast Forest Lord immediately, then Guidance at the end of the round.
  • Death will cast Scarecrow immediately, then an (item) Feint with 75%/20% values at the end of the round.
  • Myth will cast Earthquake immediately, then Stun at the end of the round.

Just so it’s clear, the tendril opposite you will cheat. You don’t want to blade if you’re across from a Myth tendril.

Which one is opposite me?

Here are the opposite positions in the dueling circle, by icon.

  • Moon – Spiral
  • Star – Ruby
  • Eye – Key
  • Sun – Dagger

Tendril Strategy

Strategy for this fight is pretty straightforward. You can trap freely, so one or two players on the team should focus on Feinting one or more of the tendrils while everyone takes turns wanding a single, un-trapped tendril. Assuming your “hammer” is in the fourth position, you should be able to double or triple feint the last tendril on the turn they cast a big AoE and drop them all at once.

Alternatively, a team with a bunch of AoE attacks could probably make short work of these guys with everyone taking turns buffing and hitting also. Ideally, you will have a team spamming AoE hits such as Meteor and Sandstorm with an active aura and a good healer backing them up.

Either way, as long as you work around the cheats, this is a relatively easy fight with some great drops.


Aphrodite’s Loot

Do note that any socketed jewels you can see on the gear below, don’t necessarily drop from Aphrodite.

Polished Accurate Hematite +10%


Cracked Energy Opal +1

Devotion Opal



Sacred Charge

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  • Please, pardon me, but I just tried to follow your advice.
    “She can be accessed without doing any of the fights in The Graveyard. Just walk to the left when you’re inside the Graveyard, and follow the wall until you find the locked gate.”
    That no longer seems to be the case. I was immediately forced into combat on the first floor while trying to follow the left side wall. After the fight, I searched that floor and found no locked doors.
    I feel like I must be missing something.
    May I ask for you help in understanding?

    • Are you definitely at The Graveyard instance in Darkmoor? I just checked today (7th April 2023) and you are easily able to walk around the first fight with Yevgeny by walking behind the Gravestones on the left.

  • Do not cast deer knight, they remove overtime attacks

  • I think the best strategy is:
    Everyone except the hitter put on Max resistance gear. Max accuracy(siede staff?).
    No sense for the hitter even entering fight “until” the feints are on
    all but the last plant.
    One person spams one plant tendral, the others feint or spam(if necessary)
    and flee before they die, to regain health, {coordinate flees}.
    When the hitter enters cleanse and heal the hitter while he accumulates pips for his hits,
    hopefull taking out most of the tendrals, except the spammed one.
    If you are a life and you want to heal, put sanctuary up “early”, use adapt,
    and rebirth every round you can to keep the team healed.

  • death tendril DOES have cheat for DOT, casts deer knight

    • Thank you! I added that information 🙂

      • Best way to do it is 1. Have 4 people 2. Have 3 people put spam decks on/ 2 storm wizards can use tempest, 1 player can be any other schools & use low pip spells or spam spells as well. 4. The 4th guy preferably a healer to keep everyone’s health up as the bosses do consistently hit pretty hard.
        5. DO THIS BEFORE ALL PLAYERS JOIN IN. —> 1 guy unequip deck (one of the spammers) & go into the fight ALONE. Hit with wand on any bosses doesn’t matter. Then once the round is about to end, all the other 3 come in & the 1st guy flee’s & equips his deck back on, full heal. Then come back into the fight. This is so that everyone doesn’t get hit with the 1st round damage by all the bosses. -Kevin SkullCaster 140 Life -Blaze StormHammer 110 Storm

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