Site Rules

August 27, 2018

Please familiarize yourself with these basic rules before participating in discussion. Failure to follow posting guidelines could lead to temporary or permanent termination of your communication privileges. We reserve the right to suspend anyone’s comment privileges at any time, without prior notification. (Don’t be that guy.)


Code of Conduct:

  1. First, we have adopted a TV-G rating for all posts on this site. If what you are about to say would not be allowed in a G-Rated movie, it won’t be allowed here. General info about the TV ratings system can be found on the Wikipedia.
  2. Final Bastion has a zero troll, flame, and spam policy. Dragging threads off topic, insulting other members, starting arguments unrelated to the original post, or chain posting will result in immediate action and possible termination. (Don’t be this guy, either.)
  3. “Calling out” other players by making comments about them or their behavior is not allowed. Keep it friendly.
  4. The Disqus Moderators (visible by the “MOD” tag attached to their name) will handle problem users. Calling people trolls, saying someone has been reported, or doing anything which is a Moderator’s job is not allowed. This behavior only feeds the problems, and is not wanted.
  5. Insults or harassment will lead to immediate and permanent termination of your commenting privileges on Duelist101/FinalBastion. This applies to comments directed toward other members, or toward members of the site Staff. While debate and discussion are encouraged, we will not tolerate rude or insulting posts, personal attacks or inflammatory posts of any kind. (It’s simple: Be nice or be gone.)
  6. Contest entries must be your original work. Using material from other websites, copying entries submitted by others, or spamming entries under different usernames will be grounds for disqualification from the contest and possible banishment from this website.
  7. Please note that all site rules also apply to video content. Do not post videos with any content or soundtrack that violates our site rules, they will be removed.


Personal Information:

It is strictly forbidden to solicit personal information from any other member of this site. Under no circumstances is any user of this site allowed to request the real name, phone number, address, or any other personally identifying piece of information from another user.


Account sharing within Wizard101 is prohibited. This site will not be used as a place to share or sell wizard101 accounts. Any member found to be soliciting or giving account information on this site will be immediately terminated. (We also don’t want to hear about how you’ve been “hacked” when you willingly gave someone your password. Just saying.)


Copyright Infringement, Illegal Activities, and Advertisements

  1. You may not upload or transmit copyrighted material without the express consent of the copyright holder.
  2. No discussion of Illegal Activities. This includes software and music piracy and discussions involving illegal drug use.
  3. You may not violate any local, state, national, or international laws, or regulations.
  4. The advertising of in-game services or society recruitment is acceptable, provided it is posted in the correct discussions. Other advertising is forbidden, unless with the express, written permission of Final Bastion.


Your Information on this Site

We believe that our users own rights to their own content. While anything posted on this site is owned and able to be redistributed/reused by Final Bastion in any way we see fit, authors and owners of comments and content retain their right to reuse and redistribute their own information elsewhere.

Final Bastion