Empyrea Finale
The Primordial Forests

This article contains spoilers from the final area of Empyrea and any information below is subject to change according to test realm updates. Also, no shadow creatures were harmed in the making of this article.

Our journey in Empyrea and also the third Arc of Wizard101 nears its end in the Husk aka the Primordial Forests. We aren’t going to get into the reasons how and why; that is for you to explore and enjoy. However, we are going to guide you through this seemingly endless forest of marvellous creatures. Here you will encounter both new and old familiar faces and we listed them all for you with what to expect as well. Fear not, as you won’t be alone in this journey, but will have the help of some faithful companions.

Astral Grove

Battle 1: The Luphilim Soldiers

Primordial Forests - Astral 1

Luphilim Soldier – Rank 16 Moon – 4,100HP (x3)

Spells observed: Moon Blade + Ice Elf + Aegis Bladestorm + Mass Moon Trap + Death Cyclops + Noble Humongofrog + Athena Battlesight + Frozen Armor (Absorb) + Mass Indemnity Feint


Battle 2: Attack of the Shadow Creatures

Primordial Forests - Astral 2

Shadow Sentinel – Rank 15 Shadow Storm Elite – 3,540HP (x2)
Spells observed: Enfeeble + Infallible + Thermic Shield + Storm Lord + Cleanse Charm + Catalan + Sirens + Dark Nova

Shadow Shrike – Rank 15 Shadow Fire Elite – 3,650HP
Spells observed: (+35/40%) Fire Blade + Helephant + Fire Dragon + Meteor + Backdraft + Furnace + Dark Fiend


Battle 3: Vigilant Sargun

Primordial Forests - Astral 3

Vigilant Sargun – Rank 18 Sun Boss – 15,999HP
Spells observed: Aegis Balanceblade + Athena Battlesight + King Artorius (Life) + Meteor + Brulee Sucre + Mass Hex + Quicken (Aura) + Orthrus + Blinding Light (Stun) + Smoke Screen

Luphilim Soldier – Rank 16 Moon – 4,100HP (x2)
Spells observed: Moon Blade + Ice Elf + Aegis Bladestorm + Mass Moon Trap + Death Cyclops + Noble Humongofrog + Athena Battlesight + Frozen Armor (Absorb) + Mass Indemnity Feint + Deer Knight


If you’ve quested through Empyrea Part 2, this won’t be a surprise for you. Several creatures have the ability or cheat to cast this brand new global spell that caps the damage dealt to a certain amount. In this case, damage is capped at a maximum of 7,999 per attack. This means that in order to defeat Vigilant Sargun you will need to attack at least 3 times.


Elemental Grove

Battle 1: Surprise! more Shadow Creatures

Primordial Forests - Elemental 1

Sewer Sentinel – Rank 15 Shadow Death Elite – 4,480HP
Spells observed: Dream Shield + Curse + Poison + Wraith + Deer Knight + Plague

Shadow Seraph – Rank 15 Shadow Life Elite – 4,245HP
Spells observed: Luminous Weaver + Centaur + Legend Shield + Dark Shepherd + Gnomes

Lurking Shadow Sentinel – Rank 15 Shadow Storm Elite – 3,750HP
Spells observed: Cleanse Charm + Storm Lord + Thermic Shield + Infallible + Sirens


Battle 2: Revisiting Khrysalis

Primordial Forests - Elemental 2

Arachna Soldier – Rank 16 Balance Elite – 4,060HP
Spells observed: Elemental Shield + Power Nova + Bladestorm + Spirit Shield + Chastisement + Hydra

Night Weaver – Rank 12 Balance – 2,240HP (x2)
Spells observed: Conviction + Judgement + Spectral Blast + Sandstorm + Vengeance


Battle 3: “Get it off me!”

Primordial Forests - Elemental 3

Arachna Magna Magus – Rank 17 Storm Boss – 8,480HP
Spells observed: Storm Prism + Aegis Stormspear + Tempest + Frenzy + Queen Calypso

Arachna Gladiator – Rank 14 Death Elite – 3,810HP (x2)
Spells observed: Death Blade + Death Trap + Dr. Von’s Monster + Fortify + Mass Infection + Windstorm

No cheats were recorded in this battle.


Spiritual Grove

This is where it gets really interesting! A nightmarish team up, quite literally might I say. The Rat and The Scorpion, children born out of nightmares, packed in one single battle (yet I somehow found it easier). You will notice that they squabble over everything and actually end up attacking each other with the occasional Iron Sultan or Blue Phoenix.

Battle 1: The Grim Brothers – The Rat and The Scorpion

Primordial Forests - Rat and Scorpion

The Rat – Rank 17 Shadow Boss – 28,000HP
Spells observed: Tower Shield + Fuel + Legion Shield + Snowball Barrage + Blue Phoenix

The Scorpion – Rank 17 Shadow Boss – 16,800HP
Spells observed: Storm Elf + Beguile + Shadow Scarecrow + Shadowblade + Enfeeble


At the start of the battle, Scorpion will cast a spell that will grant him 2 Shadow pips. The Rat then proceeds to steal one of those Shadow pips which will make Scorpion steal some of the Rats power pips. You see the squabble?

Additionally, you should know that the Rat doesn’t summon any minions like his previous version in Polaris. This creates a huge leap in difficulty considering you don’t have to worry about taking down the minions right away.

Tardiness Cheats

The Rat – casts a tri-trap on the latecomer of 60% Fire, Ice and Universal damage + shifts all active traps from the Rat to the target.

The Scorpion – casts a Shadow Bad Juju on the latecomer.

Feint Cheats

The Rat – can be feinted once, but will proceed to shift the consecutive Feint along with any other negative hanging effects from himself to the wizard that cast the Feint.

The Scorpion – will proceed to remove any trap or Feint placed on him.

Healing Cheat

This will be triggered with any heal that takes place – both wizards and pets. The Scorpion will cast his natural attack on whoever cast the heal.

Shadow DoT Cheat

Will trigger a Shadow DoT on all wizards in the duel circle.

It might say “your doom”, but not really. This will trigger a detonate on all Shadow DoTs after the Scorpion casts his Shadow AOE DoT.

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  • There was no punishment for fleeing/returning in 2022, so that’s a good sign

  • Grandmother is one of the easiest battles, as long as you have 2 or less people. Any more than that and it gets hard.

    • lol nice i see what you doing here XD

  • In my opinion, these fights are a lot easier than a couple of the bosses before this area. In fact, there are a couple side quest bosses that are more challenging and fun to fight. The grandmother and the wolf come to mind. Just be prepared by following this awesome guide, and you will have no issues in these dungeons.

    • Agreed, grandmother was more challenging. I hope this guide is helpful to many people! :=

  • Hey guys, I just found out that the Scorpion boss can be resummoned. It happened when I bought a level fifth ty life henchman. You should check it out, i’m not really sure if it’s intended, but was two turns after killing scorpion.

  • i’m just here for the cute luphilim guys

  • I’ve noticed the Iron Sultan from The Scorpion isn’t random. It happens always when The Rat tries to steal a shield by casting steal ward (he had this spell in polaris and I think he still has it as I saw on a Youtube video, he used an Ice spell on someone without a shield, it took a power pip but nothing happened, then the sultan came up).
    My guessing is that the things get worse between them every time the rat casts steal ward into nothing, as the second time the rat failed on it, scorpion used sultan, and rat used blue phoenix and impede (no pip gain aura) on him.

    • Also, now that I looked on other test realm streams looking for more “disagreements” on this duel, I saw something similar occuring with the Scorpion casting Enfeeble or the shadow version of Glowbug Squall: after the blade removal occurs, the Rat casts Scorching Scimitars on Scorpion. In the first time it happens, Scorpion does nothing, but in the second time Scorpion used Impede aura on Rat and then blew it with Supernova.
      This duel is very funny, I don’t know if it’s all or if there’s something more on this fight, but the surprise of it made me laugh a lot haha

      • Yeah, they sure are funny, squabbling like that xD

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