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Shadow Palace, Khrysalis

final-challenge-quest Morganthe, Shadow Palace Guide


Ding Dong, the Wicked Witch is Dead!

Morganthe is gone! The wicked Morganthe is DEAD! Adios! Hasta la Vista! Arrivederci! Au revoir! Dovi?enja!!

This is it. The battle we long awaited, the finale to the Morganthe arc.  As promised, KingsIsle sends Morganthe off into the oblivion.  We do have a new bad guy, but first, let’s defeat Morganthe.

Easy? or Not? Fore! (or Four)

I think we would be disappointed if the battle was entirely void of some level of difficulty. Any wizard who has reached level 100 should not find this battle difficult, but it does present challenges. We found it easy enough with a couple of Feints for each and a few blades.

morganthe-forms-trimWe battle four Morganthes. The all have Shadow Magic and begin with full pips.  They are all stun immune. We have seen Shrike and Dark Fiend, but they may have the other Shadow spells too.  We also get targeted every fourth round by Shadow Morganthe with an all enemy hit. We do not actually battle her.  She is defeated after the other four go down.

  • Ice Morganthe: Rank 14 Boss, 21,910 health and Shadow Magic (Casts Shadow Morganthe if standing)
  • Death Morganthe: Rank 14 Boss, 21,125 health and Shadow Magic (Casts Shadow Morganthe if Ice is defeated, and removes any wards or prisms)
  • Storm Morganthe: Rank 14 Boss, 19,920 health and Shadow Magic (Casts Shadow Morganthe if Ice and Death are defeated, casts DoT on self if a global is used)
  • Balance Morganthe: Rank 14 Boss, 21,725 health and Shadow Magic (Casts Shadow Morganthe if all others are defeated)
  • Shadow Morganthe interruption: At the start of every fourth round, the Shadow Morganthe Spider attacks from it’s web with a 600 base attack.  It casts from the Ice Morganthe unless she is defeated, then the Death will cast it, then the Storm will cast it, then the Balance will cast it. (Thank you Katherine Light for this info.)
    It does Shadow Damage to each player.  It can use universal traps on you.  It will also use any Shadow blades/spears a Shadow Creature casts or Balance blades/spears on the Morganthe charged with casting. The Shadow Morganthe attack is a “like” for the Dark Fiend Shadow Creature.


Killer Animations

Each Morganthe has two natural attacks. One with a few spiders, the other with many spiders.  Think of it as more spiders=more trouble.

Multiple spiders mean a Mass +200 Ice Armor with the Ice attack, Mass +25% Universal Trap from the Storm attack, Mass -45% Black Mantle from the Balance attack, and Mass -35% Incoming Heal Ward from Death. I did note when multiple Ice Armors are used, they do not stack.

morganthe-spiders Morganthe, Shadow Palace Guide


The Pesky Beetle pet drops here.  We also found Level 95 +1 pip Decks and Level 98 gear. The Crystal Staff of Mirages and the level 99 amulets, athames and rings drop here too!! In addition, the Morganthe’s drop the Archangel Crowns gear. See the Morganthe drops here.


This video covers the quest information as well as everything that happens after it, all the way to the new bad guy. 😮


What do you think of the ending of Morganthe?  Was it all you hoped it would be?  Let us know in the comments below.

Additionally, let us know if you find anything different when you complete the quest!  There may be changes and additions at any time.


Happy Farming and Questing!



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Heather was a very active guide writer for Duelist101. She created lots of helpful videos to accompany her guides. We are very grateful to have her permission to share her guides on Final Bastion.


  • Last night I beat this quest but did not get credit. My quest to defeat her was still showing in the dungeon after she died. Why would this happen? I was in the round where she died, although not the previous due too defeat.

    • Hey! So this happened to my friend and I tonight as well, but it was in Galleries (the dungeon right before Morganthe). I finished the quest, but for some reason my friend (who was present for when each boss was killed like me) didn’t complete the quest. Since this happened to you as well, maybe there was some sort of glitch in Shadow Palace? My friend emailed Kingsisle to see if there was anything they could do so we wouldn’t have to go through Galleries again (it took a lot of time and stress for us lol), so maybe you could do that too? Hope this helps :).

    • Hey! This happens to me all the time, it usually happens when one person goes into the battle and doesn’t talk to an npc or collect something in the room first. You just walk straight in to the battle. If that is what you did then that is probably what happened

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