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Welcome to Final Bastion’s Wizard101 Beastmoon Hub! Here you will find all Beastmoon-related content and guides. From beginner’s guides to beastform concepts, this is your go-to page for all Beastmoon information and updates.

Beginner’s Guides

If you’ve never played Beastmoon before, don’t worry! We have many beginner’s guides that will cover everything you know to get started. Even if you’ve played before, it may be worth checking out these guides for any tips and tricks to make the most out of the event.

Beastmoon Hunt: Getting Started in 15 Minutes
by Patrick

Comprehensive Guide to Beastmoon Hunt
by Eric Stormbringer

Beastmoon Monster Mayhem Guide
by Cam5326

Beastmoon Hunt: Strategy
by Patrick

How to Rock the Battlegrounds
by Jeremy Ravenhunter


Beastmoon Mechanics and Strategies

Okay, so you know how to play Beastmoon. But do you know how to win? Check out these articles for detailed analysis of the new mechanics introduced in Beastmoon, and strategy ideas to help your team win every time.

Solving Beastmoon Puzzles
by Charlie

Mechanics of the Beastmoon Hunt
by Eric Stormbringer

Beastmoon Hunt Thoughts
by Jeremy Ravenhunter


Beastmoon Rewards

What incentives are there to playing Beastmoon? Check out all the possible rewards, upgrades and gear that can be obtained from the Beastmoon event in these guides.

Beastmoon Hunt Rewards
by Cody RavenTamer

How to get upgrades and rewards
by Patrick

Beastmoon Hats
by Dakota Titanheart

Spellements Guide
by Stormbreaker

Skeleton Keys Guide
by Cody RavenTamer


Beastform Updates

New beastforms are regularly released with every update. Check out Haytron, James Nightwraith, Dakota Titanheart and Eric Stormbringer’s update guides for detailed analysis of the new beastforms, their spells and utilities. Let us know your opinions of any new beastforms!

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Beastform Summaries

Confused about the meanings of some Beastmoon spells? Or want to see all the available beastforms? These guides by Eric Stormbringer cover every beastform, and show all spells at each tier. These articles are up to date following every introduction of new beastforms.








Ninja Pig

Rat Thief

Wolf Warrior


Beastform Design Concepts

These Beastform concepts were designed by Cam, who discusses new ideas and mechanics for imagining future Beastforms. Since their publication, all of these Beastforms have actually been released in-game. Check out the individual articles to see how closely Cam predicted their design, identities, and spell mechanics.


Balance Rat Thief

Storm Colossus

Myth Wolf Warrior

Life Elf

Death Krokomummy

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