Grand Tourney Gauntlet Guide

With the Grand Tourney bundle comes a gauntlet that has an Avalon theme! Let’s look at the battles inside this instance. If you want to know more about the bundle itself, you can read our article here.

This gauntlet has various tiers of difficulty, depending on the lowest level wizard. Let’s take a look at the Tier 5 version.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-19
  • Tier 2 – Levels 20-39
  • Tier 3 – Levels 40-59
  • Tier 4 – Levels 60-79
  • Tier 5 – Levels 80+

First Battle

Sir Lyonel Laughtingstorm – Rank 12 Storm Elite – 2,820 HP

Stormfight Grand Tourney Gauntlet Guide

– Uses Darkwind first turn
– Summons Chuckling Storm minions – 870 HP – Rank 12 Storm

Known drops: reagents and pet snacks
Including: Crunch Apple, Frost Flower, Grendelweed, Large Watermelon, Shepherd’s Crook Pie, Sandstone. Shell, Weirwood Cake, Arrow Root, Wyrmy Apple, Aether, Acorn, Grilled Cheese, Lava Lily, Large Fish, Glowing Rock Candy, Big Squash, Fire Blossom, Scrap Iron, Cow Pie, Mist Wood, Spring, Kelp

Second Battle

Lady Tanselle Dreamingstar – Rank 12 Myth Elite – 2,060 HP

Mythfight Grand Tourney Gauntlet Guide

“I’ll Sing My Own Saga Today” – puts up Saga bubble
– Summons Dream Wisp every round – Myth Rank 12 – 1,030 HP
– Cheat uses a stun 5th round

Known drops: reagents and pet snacks
Including: Wyrmy Apple, Shepherd’s Crook Pie, Fire Blossom, Caliburnt Toast, Cow Pie, Grendelweed, Large Fish, Frost Flower, Crunch Apple, Moon Pie, Aquamarine, Weirwood Cake, Scrap Iron, Mist Wood

Third Battle

Sir Dunc – 4,100 HP – Rank 12 Ice Elite

– Uses ice bubble first round cheat
– Summons 1 The Tall Wall – Ice 4,100 HP – Rank 12 Elite
– “I Strike With Focused Spirit” – uses shift spell every 4? rounds
– Spams Frost Giant
– “Power of Winter, Protect Me!” – Uses Absorb after every attack

Known drops: reagents and pet snacks
Including: Crunch Apple, Grendelweed, Shepherd’s Crook Pie, Grilled Cheese, Frost Flower, Seraph Food Cake, Lava Lily, Sandstone, Cow Pie, Fire Blossom, Glowing Rock Candy

Fourth Battle

Sir Steffan Badapple – Rank 12 Balance Boss – 5,120 HP

4thfight Grand Tourney Gauntlet Guide

  • “I’m Outnumbered! Mander, Join Your Master!” – summons a Conscripted Mander, 2,560 HP Balance Rank 12 (summons 2 for solo, 3 for 2 or more) (Current glitch: If you flee and come back as a solo wizard, a Conscripted Mander will already be there at the start of the battle, and Sir Steffan will not summon a second mander)
  • Can use spirit defuse and spirit shield
  • Power Nova and weakness spam to the max.
  • “Not fair, you should be hamstrung!” – Weakness
  • “Here’s sand in your eyes!” – Black Mantle
  • Heals cause mana burn
  • “Manders! Give me your strength.” Any time Sir Steffan is hit, he sacrifices each of his manders to heal 500 HP
  • “You are too strong…”- Cheat casts Mana Burn (unknown reason)
  • “Let’s have some hard words.”- Cheat casts Counterforce

Known drops: reagents, pet snacks, seeds, jewels, treasure cards
Including: Ogre Meanies, Clear Piercing Sapphire (5% ice pierce), Spring,  Shell, Large Fish, Asparagus Spears, Cornbread Fruit Bush, Crystal Custard, Mist Wood, Big Squash, Sandstone, Kelp, Shepherd’s Crook Pie, Helephant Ears, Bronze, Scrap Iron, Wyrmy Apple, Pixie Parsnips, Large Watermelon, Lava Lily, Grilled Cheese, Fire Elf TC, Lemon Harts, Sunstone, Grendelweed

Fifth Battle

Brulee Scrue – Rank 12 Life Boss  – 5,440 HP

Sir Claudus D’Agrodulce Rank 12 Death Boss – 5,160 HP

lastfight Grand Tourney Gauntlet Guide

Stun Immune, Beguile Immune
– “My Wyrm Scent will Guide You!” – Guidance on Brulee and Claudus
– “We are in this together, you and me!” – Claudus steals HP from Brulee and uses on himself
– Aura cheat – Claudus uses Berserk and Burlee uses Cycle of Life
– Brulee can use shadow magic and uses Hungry Caterpillar
– “I’ll give a lot to get an edge on you.” – Casts Empower on himself

Known Drops: reagents, seeds, treasure cards, pet snacks, gear
Including: Faerie Court Boots (level 100+), Toad in the Hole (rank 8 snack), Efreet TC, Pixie Parsnips, Spiral Shield, Cornbread Fruit Bush, King Artorius Bobblehead, Black Cap Crisps, Red Bell Pepper


Video of the gauntlet


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