Ghulture’s Hoard Pack

The Ghulture’s Hoard Pack is an amazing Mirage themed hoard pack with lots of exciting things: from school specific mounts all the way to housing furniture, and just for the regular price of 399 crowns!

The Mounts

First off, let’s take a look at the mounts. There are a total of 7 school themed mounts that offer damage stats. So far we observed a +3% damage stat for all schools except balance, which gets +2% universal damage instead.


The Pets

You might also be lucky enough to obtain the new fierce Wurm Larva Pets! (They are actually cuter than you might think). You can also get other previously seen pets like the Leopard, Sandman and the Raven as more common drops in this pack.

Sand Worm Larva

Dark Worm Larva


Gear and Weapons

You can immediately notice that this is an interesting new gear set. The boots are quite competitive with some other boots we’ve seen before and the wands introduced yet again another intriguing may cast spell!

Ancient Purrzian Battle Helm

Ancient Purrzian War Mantle

Ancient Purrzian Combat Mask

Ancient Purrzian Armour

Ancient Purrzian Plate

Ancient Purrzian Raiment

Ancient Purrzian Givehs

Ancient Purrzian Galesh

Ancient Purrzian Boots

Honed Purrzian Scimitar

Golden Purrzian Scimitar

Ancient Purrzian Scimitar


Mirage Themed Housing Items and House Guests

All sorts of housing items are available for you to get from this pack! Let’s not forget those lively house guests that add a certain vibe to your house. I certainly recommend this pack for all of you decorators out there.

Additional drops include:

  • Grandmaster Socket Wrench
  • Lycian Chimera and many more treasure cards!

What is your favorite new item from the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack?
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