Empyrea Part 2
‘Zanadu’ Dropped Gear

Every world update since the release of Polaris in 2015 has brought with it a different gear set. Each gear set follows basically the same trend: an offensive hat, a highly defensive robe, and balanced boots that either provide pip chance or accuracy. Upon review of all the gear sets, one can notice that the stats are extremely slowly increasing and differentiating especially on the boots – pips or accuracy. The same applies to the LVL125 Champion crafted gear.

Below you can find the gear we discovered so far from several noteworthy bosses such as Admiral Dynt in the Control Room of Nimbus Citadel. The gear, as previously stated follows the same trend of past recent worlds including the not so overwhelming athames which we chose to not include in this post. However, there is one difference – the dropped amulets as well as the crafted ones are mastery amulets.

Zanadu Dropped Gear - Admiral Dynt

Due to the fact that the final part of Empyrea is still locked there might be other drops including a more powerful gear set yet to be discovered. We will update this post as we progress more through test realm.


Hopeful Zanadu Helm

Hopeful Zanadu Armor

Hopeful Zanadu Boots

Hopeful Zanadu Lance

Hopeful Zanadu Pendant

Hopeful Zanadu Band

Hopeful Zanadu Deck


Immutable Zanadu Helm

Immutable Zanadu Armor

Immutable Zanadu Boots

Immutable Zanadu Lance

Immutable Zanadu Pendant

Immutable Zanadu Band

Immutable Zanadu Deck


Grim Zanadu Helm

Grim Zanadu Armor

Grim Zanadu Boots

Grim Zanadu Lance

Grim Zanadu Pendant

Grim Zanadu Band

Grim Zanadu Deck


Blazing Zanadu Helm

Blazing Zanadu Armor

Blazing Zanadu Boots

Blazing Zanadu Lance

Blazing Zanadu Pendant

Blazing Zanadu Band

Blazing Zanadu Deck


Freezing Zanadu Helm

Freezing Zanadu Armor

Freezing Zanadu Boots

Freezing Zanadu Lance

Freezing Zanadu Pendant

Freezing Zanadu Band

Freezing Zanadu Deck


Verdant Zanadu Helm

Verdant Zanadu Armor

Verdant Zanadu Boots

Verdant Zanadu Lance

Verdant Zanadu Pendant

Verdant Zanadu Band

Verdant Zanadu Deck


Illuminated Zanadu Helm

Illuminated Zanadu Armor

Illuminated Zanadu Boots

Illuminated Zanadu Lance

Illuminated Zanadu Pendant

Illuminated Zanadu Band

Illuminated Zanadu Deck


Crackling Zanadu Helm

Crackling Zanadu Armor

Crackling Zanadu Boots

Crackling Zanadu Lance

Crackling Zanadu Pendant

Crackling Zanadu Band

Crackling Zanadu Deck

Once again, if you compare this set with the sets from Empyrea Part 1 (the latest sets) you will notice very few difference. Almost all the gear got a few health increase, and some stats have been switched with others. More specifically, power pip chance, accuracy and pierce are being switched on hats, robes and boots. Before farming for the above I suggest taking a good look at both sets and contrast them to determine whether you personally think its worth farming for.


The looks of the Zanadu gear


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  • Stupidity

  • i got these from just plain shadow sentinels in zanadu after the reviere

  • do you know now if any other bosses dropped this gear? i realized i found some of this gear while questing but i have no idea which boss i got it from

  • Any chance you could post a picture of the wands and gear? I’m curious to see what they look like 😛

    • I added a picture to the article!

  • Spoilers people posted the top-tier level 130 gear dropped by the final boss, and the only difference between that and the gear in this article are very small stat improvements. Also, the top-tier gear has the EXACT same stats as the crafted gear, so I only see people farming the final boss for the Pure Aethyr reagent.

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