Empyrea Storm Titan
Strategy Guide and Speed Run


Updated 11/15/2018 to reflect KI’s hotfix cementing the golden age of Damage over Time spells.


Wizard101 introduced a challenging “next-to-final” boss at the end of Empyrea: The Storm Titan.  If you’re not familiar with the battle, check out Cody’s Storm Titan guide, which provides an excellent overview of the battle, list of cheats and a strategy summary.

This article builds on that guide by providing:

  1. Some specific strategy advice to help you survive and win the battle
  2. For a well-coordinated team, a 6-round speed run that any school can use except balance (sorry balance)

The Storm Titan drops Paradox robes and wands.  In a new twist to boss chests, his chest drops ALL of the Paradox gear.  More information about the gear can be found at our Wizard101 Empyrea Level 130 Paradox Gear guide.

If you haven’t done the battle yet, make sure you have plenty of time, as it can take quite a while if you’re team is not well coordinated! You’ll have plenty of time to get to know some of the Storm Titan’s favorite hobbies: baseball, staring contests and playing with stress balls…

Also wanted to say thanks to:

  • Cody and Tempestrules on Central for providing guides/info about the Storm Titan as I was getting started
  • Angela and Genevieve JadeThorn for helping test and tweak the initial one-in-a-million speed run (may it rest in peace)
  • Eric and Dese for helping confirm my mighty Snow Angel could get the job done on round 4

This article focuses on the Challenge Mode version of the Storm Titan fight.


A. Strategy Tips

As Cody mentioned in his guide, to win this fight you’ll need to do at least 20,000 damage to the Storm Titan three times (unfortunately with the hotfix on 11/14/2018 they removed our ability to remove the damage cap by changing the bubble and to take him out in a one-in-a-million hit).

The most efficient way to do so is to hit with a Damage over Time (DoT) spell that does over 20,000 with each tick. This will take out the Storm Titan in 3 rounds, although you have to deal with his pesky minions that come out after the first DoT tick (but not after the second, since they’re already there). We’ll list out the buffs you can use to get to that damage target, as well as the best DoT option for each school, since we know most of you haven’t used your DoT since Wintertusk!

To survive and win this fight you’ll probably need to play some “defense” since his cheats can inflict enough damage to take out some wizards in one hit, especially if your team is not well coordinated and takes a while to complete the fight. So we’ve included 3 defensive tips.

What schools should your team have?

You can win this fight with almost any combination of schools! Every school has access to a DoT spell that can be buffed to 20k of damage each round, except for Balance since the buff options for teammates are limited.

And every school can support the hitter effectively. If you don’t have a Death (with Dark Pact) or Balance (with Balanceblade and/or Bladestorm) on your team, you still can stack enough buffs for the big hit. It just takes a few easy-to-get Treasure Cards, readily-available amulets, and available-in-the-kiosk pets.

From a defensive standpoint, two schools stand out a bit:

  • Death wizards can be the most helpful, since they are the only ones that can cast Indemnity Juju.
  • Ice wizards can be helpful with Legion Shield and their high health


What roles should our team have?

We prefer to have two hitters:

  • Ideally one hitter focuses on doing a DoT hit of more than 20,000 damage per hit
  • The other hitter is tasked with taking out the minions, ideally the first turn they show up after the Storm Titan goes back to full health. This is a good role for Storm Wizards  since an Epic Sirens or Glowbug squall can take out the minions with only two blades

The other wizards play a support role: focusing on damage reduction, healing and buffs. Remember that any wizard with Pigsie (which is craftable) and a Life Mastery amulet can be an effective healer.

If your team coordinates well, your support wizards can focus more on buffs. Otherwise, they may keep pretty busy with damage reduction and healing.

Do I care about going first?

Yes, we recommend “shopping for first” in this battle (i.e., have the whole team leave the battle and start again) to minimize the chance of really bad luck on the hit round (e.g., he casts Virulent Plague or a shield). Note that since the battle is so close to the sigil, if you are second we recommend that everyone on the team press Escape, click “Quit” and then re-enter the game (thanks for the tip Angela). You should be on the sigil with all of your health!

Offensive tip #1: Use your strongest Damage over Time (DoT) spell

Every school has access to a DoT.  The strongest for each school are:

  • Death: Epic Skeletal Dragon (320 per tick)
  • Fire: Epic Heckhound (~600 per tick)
  • Ice: Epic Snow Angel (270 per tick)
  • Life: Epic Spinysaur (300 per tick)
  • Myth: Epic King Artorius (390 per tick)
  • Storm: Thunderstorm item card from Rain Core pet or Storm Hound item card from Storm Hound pet (~500 per tick)

Offensive strategy tip #2: Stack 13+ buffs on your hitter

It’s much more efficient to cast one DoT that does 20,000 per tick rather than doing 20,000 of damage on three (or more!) separate hits.  Assuming your hitter has decent damage boost (e.g., over 100%), you’ll need to stack 13 or more buffs on them to reach that amount. Remember that there are plenty of options:

  • School blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp)
  • Elemental or Spirit blades (regular, sharp, item, item sharp, pet, pet sharp, TC, TC sharp)
  • Dark Pact (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Death wizard; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Balanceblade (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Bladestorm (regular, sharp, item sharp, pet sharp, TC sharp if you have a Balance wizards; otherwise item, pet, TC)
  • Damage aura

Remember if a Storm wizard is hitting the Titan, we highly recommend using a prism beforehand and each round after the hit, since his Storm resist in 70%.

What gear can help provide the item cards?

The following amulets are readily available at the bazaar:

  • Jewel of the Apiary
    • Sharpen Blade item card
    • Balanceblade item card
  • Amulet of the Mouse Scout
    • Elemental Blade item card
  • Charm of the Fierce Mantis
    • Spirit Blade item card
  • Charm of the Blade Pearl
    • Dark Pact item card

And if you’ve crafted through Azteca, the following amulet can be helpful, especially if you don’t have a Death wizard on your team.  It’s available from Yaxche in Cloudburst Forest.

  • Necklace of the Lizard King
    • Bad Juju item card
    • Dragonblade item card

What pets provide helpful cards?

  • Pet Sharpen Blade
    • Enchanted Armament
  • Pet Dragonblade
    • Provided by several pets
  • Pet school blade of the hitter
    • Provided by several pets — most hitters can bring their own!
  • Pet  Elemental Blade
    • Bolt Demon, Frostfang, GobblerBall
  • Pet Spirit Blade
    • Poised Medusa
  • Pet Dark Pact
    • Bunny Mallow, Charred Fossil, Deathdactyl, Regal Skeleton

Offensive strategy tip #3: Minion cleanup in Aisle 9!

The Myth minions that appear after the Storm Titan goes back to full health can be problematic with their shields and Earthquakes. We suggest having a secondary hitter focus on taking out these minions the round that they appear. Usually 3-4 buffs (or a lucky critical with no blocks) can do the job.

A Storm wizard is ideal for this role, as they only need 2 blades on a Sirens or Glowbug Squall to take them all out.

Defensive tip #1: Resist with your gear!

The cheats for this boss do an insane amount of damage and can easily take out a Wizard, especially with low resist. So if you want to be a helpful teammate make sure you use gear with decent global resist (sorry, you’ll need to put your Cabalist hat away for once) and a pet with some resist too (you realize you’ve had 130 levels to work on a pet, right?).

Hitter Wizard Resist

Your hitters can achieve at least 45 global resist and maintain a high damage boost:

  • Hat: Darkmoor or Krok Exalted hat giving 10+ resist (10+ cumulative)
  • Robe: Darkmoor or Rattlebones Exalted robe giving 14+ resist (24+ cumulative)
  • Boots: Ideally pack boots like Professor or Ghulture, otherwise Cabalist or Crafted giving 5+ resist (29+ cumulative)
  • Amulet: Rasputin, Upper Halls Shane, or Morganthe amulet giving 3+ resist (32+ cumulative)
  • Proof talent on pet: 10 resist (42+ cumulative)
  • Defy talent on pet: 5 resist (47+ cumulative)

Support Wizard Resist

Most Wizards know that Jade gear provides the most resist. So if you spent crowns on the Keeper’s Lore pack slot machine and received some Jade gear, by all means use it.

From a healing standpoint, the Spooky Carnival Robe provides a nice mix of resist and healing. So it’s an optimal choice if you’ve got it for your robe.

But what if you don’t want to spend crowns on resist gear? Well thanks to the Exalted Challenges, you can farm for some good resist gear if you prefer that approach. Ideally your support wizards would have 60 or more resist:

Defensive tip #2: Resist with your spells!

Even with decent resist you’ll need to use some spells to reduce the damage from the cheats as well.

As mentioned above, having a Death Wizard focusing on casting Indemnity Juju can be a big help. Why use Indemnity? It allows the Juju to stay once if the Storm Titan slams down the trident, whereas everything else gets removed. What if you don’t have a Death wizard?

  • Legion Shield can be helpful (either from a TC, item card, pet maycast or an Ice wizard)
  • Indemnity weakness can be helpful as well (I know it ain’t Juju, but we’ll take what we can get!)

If you have a Death wizard and you’re not doing a speed run, Kane WildThief made a good point in the comments that they should use Shadow Trickster in addition to Juju, since they will steal a pip every time juju is cast while the Trickster is out, allowing them to cast it every round (thanks Kane!).

The issue, however, is that sometimes your Jujus can get used and when the Storm Titan pulls the trident and you can’t add more since you can’t target him. In this case, you have two tools in the toolbox to help reduce damage in those three rounds before he swings his trident:

  • Each Wizard should cast Brace (which is a great spell to train if you have training points left) or TC Fortify. These spells are helpful because sometimes the Storm Titan will have multiple cheats on the same round (I’ve had a couple of times where he did all three cheats on the same round — let’s just say that we had a few rolling heads afterwards)
  • Each Wizard should carry many (e.g., around 20) TC Tower Shields in their side hand (can be purchased in the Wizard City Library). We suggest everyone use TC towers (instead of regular towers) since they provide an extra 5% and it avoids having regular Tower Shields being removed at the same time

Especially if you’re a low health Wizard (e.g., Storm or Fire), you’d better be casting Brace/Fortify and some TC Tower Shields whenever he pulls the trident.

Defensive tip #3: Try not to flee

We recommend not having Wizards flee when they die if your healer(s) can heal them quickly. This avoids having minions coming out at other times and causing problems.


B. Speed Run

The speed run is 6 rounds, with the following objectives:

  • For the first 3 rounds, buff the Storm Titan hitter and play a little defense
  • On turn 4, the hitter casts a DoT that does more than 40,000 damage on the Storm Titan each tick
  • On turn 5, the other hitter (the “Minon Killa”) takes out the minions.  Ideally this is a Storm wizard — otherwise you will need a critical on the hit
  • On turn 6, if the minions are gone, relax and take time to appreciate the benefits of coordinating!

As mentioned in the strategy section, we recommend “shopping for first” in this battle.

How much damage boost does the hitter need?


Epic Skeletal Dragon with almost any Damage Boost. If boost is 110%+, can ignore Titan -20% Fortify.


Epic Heckhound with almost any Damage Boost.  If boost is 90%+, can ignore Titan -20% Fortify.


Epic Snow Angel with 110%+ Damage Boost (will need to cast Infallible if Titan casts Fortify)


Epic Spinysaur with almost any Damage Boost.  If boost is 120%+, can ignore Titan -20% Fortify.


Epic King Artorius with almost any Damage Boost.  If boost is 100%+, can ignore Titan -20% Fortify.


Item Thunderstorm with 90%+ damage boost.  If boost is 135%+, can ignore Titan -20% Fortify.

Sample turn-by-turn spells for a team with a Death wizard


Death Wizard #1 Wizard #2 Storm Wizard #3 Wizard #4 (For Titan)
Juju Regular Tri-Blade TC Tri-Blade Regular School Blade
Regular Dark Pact Sharp Tri-Blade TC School Blade Sharp School Blade
Juju or Cleanse Charm Pet Sharp Tri-Blade Item Sharp Tri-Blade Item School Blade
Sharp Dark Pact Item Tri-Blade Item Balanceblade Epic DoT Hit
Sharp Dark Pact on #3 Sharp Tri-Blade on #3 Epic Sirens Whatever…
Whatever… Whatever… Whatever… Whatever…


Sample turn-by-turn spells for a team with a Balance wizard


Balance Wizard #1 Wizard #2 Storm Wizard #3 Wizard #4 (For Titan)
Item Juju Regular Tri-Blade TC Tri-Blade Regular School Blade
Regular Balanceblade Sharp Tri-Blade TC School Blade Sharp School Blade
Sharp Balanceblade Item Juju or Cleanse Charm Item Sharp Tri-Blade Item School Blade
Item Dragonblade Pet Sharp Tri-Blade Item Balanceblade Epic DoT Hit
Sharp Balanceblade on #3 Sharp Tri-Blade on #3 Epic Sirens Whatever…
Whatever… Whatever… Whatever… Whatever…


Sample turn-by-turn spells for a team with no Death or Balance wizard


Wizard #1 Wizard #2 Storm Wizard #3 Wizard #4 (For Titan)
Item Juju Regular Tri-Blade TC Tri-Blade Regular School Blade
TC Dark Pact Sharp Tri-Blade TC School Blade Sharp School Blade
Pet Dragonblade Item Juju or Cleanse Charm Item Sharp Tri-Blade Item School Blade
Item Dragonblade Pet Sharp Tri-Blade Item Balanceblade Epic DoT Hit
TC Tri-Blade on #3 Sharp Tri-Blade on #3 Epic Sirens Whatever…
Whatever… Whatever… Whatever… Whatever…

What adjustments should you make if your hitter is…

  • Fire
    • You can replace one of the buffs with defense (e.g., juju or weakness) or a Cleanse Charm
  • Storm
    • Replace one of buffs on the hit round with a storm prism
    • Be sure to cast additional Storm prisms in rounds 5 & 6

What other cards should you carry?

  • All Wizards
    • An additional regular blade or other buff, since the Titan sometimes casts a Shadow Sirens that removes two blades
    • Cleanse Charm
    • One wizard could carry some emergency healing
  • Hitter
    • Infallible, since the Titan sometimes casts a -20% Fortify and has 25% resist to Fire & Ice and 20% resist to Death & Balance

Any faster options?

Kudos to “Xer0o0 HASSAN CHOP” for figuring out a 4-5 round speed run before KI removed the option with an update.  It requires three Fire wizards and the “Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo” hat from the Professor’s Hoard Pack for the Incindiate item card.  If you’ve curious to see how it worked in action, you can Google their name to find the Youtube channel and watch the video to see how it’s done.


If you find anything we missed, identify any mistakes,
or come up with any other strategies,
please let us know in the comments!


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  • Wouldn’t it be better if ice were to use frostbite because it has more dot damage?

    • nvm I thought snow angel had less, sorry

  • looks like it has been a minute since this guide has been looked at, well written btw 😉

    so i just got back to the game after 5 year breack from it. and i feel like a noob all over again.

    anyhow, it seems that balance now has a 4 pip dot spell, its base is 55dmg on hit + 300 dot
    after epic, it becomes 205 + 450
    150 per tic, anyway. you think it possible? asking for a friend 😉

  • nah

  • Just wanted to make a suggestion. The boots Rockstar kicks give 18% universal resistance. Replacing the Rattlebones boots with these would give 74% universal resistance as opposed to the 69%. Or was this not considered because Baddle of the Bands requires crowns to buy?

    • Exactly because of that. It is a good suggestion, though. Thanks!

      • I see, what about Elissa’s Chill Band for ice wizards (+3% universal resistance) and Hathi’s Victory Band for other schools (+1% universal resistance)? There is also a balance only one, but I can’t remember the name, but it does give 2%. In a fight like this, just a little more couldn’t hurt to have. Of course, there is also Signet of the Sand Devil, a Khrysalis crafted ring that gives +17% storm resistance for any school. Of course, I realize that it’s not universal, so shadow hits would still hurt. I also realize that Heartsteel can be farmed from Prince Gobblestone and Lord Nightshade, it’s not exclusive to crowns only. Elissa’s Chill Band and Heartsteel, as both can be farmed, that gives an extra 8%, going from 69 to 77. Balance wizards go to 76%, and other schools go to 75%.

        • Also, the robes from Corporal Tenni’syn could help with a small amount of extra resistance. Even the storm robe (Charged Light Brigade Armor) gives 15% as opposed to 14%. Sure, the other stats are worse by a little, but it is still an option. As an ice, the Frosty Light Brigade Armor gives even better stats, plus 17% resistance. Sure, it’s locked behind a key boss, but at least you don’t have to do 3 battles in Darkmoor just to have a shot at it. There is also Rattlebones exalted, but I still think that for some schools, the light brigade robes are better when it comes to attacking, especially for a bit more resistance. I do realize that this guide was written before the catacombs stuff came out, but the Dragoon boots would give more resistance. Even for storm, that’s 11%, though I realize that not many people probably have the sanity to craft them, but it’s still an option that does deserve a mention.

          • Also also, sorry for the spam of messages, but for supporting wizards, there is also Katana of Takanobu’s Wrath, which gives 1% universal resistance. With that, Elissa’s Chill Band and Heartsteel, ice can get to 78% without any crowns, balance to 77% and all others to 76%. I realize that they are very very minor, but I still feel like they are worth a mention.

          • Thanks for the input! Main intent when we wrote the guide was to show that there are some decent non-crowns options if you’re playing support, for those that don’t want to pay-to-jade. You mention some great other options too.

            IMHO the Vanguard & Dragoon pieces are good options now too, especially the Robe, Boots, Amulet. Even the Dragoon Athame can be a good choice given how much extra health it provides (even though it doesn’t have resist).

  • Thanks for the guide, just wanted to add that the storm in our group did protected storm dispels, not sure that fits into the 6 rounds, but it worked great I used 0/20 tower shields you had me pack lol!

    • Right i was half asleep, normal dispels 🙂

  • For Balance wizards there is a Balance DOT spell called Desert Hound from the Brown Werewolf hat. I have not attempted it yet. I do plan to do so. 🙂

  • I don’t think you can sharpen pet and item bladesq

    • Those are referring to the source of the Sharpen Blade card. For the “pet sharp” blade, the sharpen card from the pet (e.g., Enchanted Armament) is applied to a regular blade. And for the “item sharp” blade, the sharpen card from the item (e.g., Jewel of the Apiary) is applied to a regular blade.

    • It is using the sharpen from the pet or an item card to sharpen a trained blade, sorry for the misunderstanding. Both sharpens stack.

  • Have you considered having your Death juju spammer use Shadow Trickster? You lose some critical block, but Trick 1 triggers on a juju cast so you’ll be able to regain a pip every juju (so you’ll be pip neutral as long as you keep getting power pips) and reduces the Titan’s pip count so he can’t do as much damage outside of his cheats.

    • Thanks for the tip Kane. I haven’t paid much attention to Trickster in the past. 🙂 Added the info to the guide in the resist section.

  • is the storm titan dead?

  • Thanks for the info. We actually updated the guide last night to reflect the changes. Good thing is that the updated speed run is one less round and needs fewer treasure cards.

    Let us know if you find anything else!

    • Just making sure, yes my 4-5 round ST strategy still works (tested it the day KI made the patch and a few days after to help people with it as usual) so the Void Squad still persists, BWAHHHHHHH

      • Thanks for confirming and sharing the approach. Updated to remove the uncertainty.

  • Wizard101 patched the Storm Titan fight last Weekend.
    You can’t use a balance dispel to change the bubble anymore.
    The storm titan just replaces your bubble with his again.

  • Latest update fixe balance dispels cheat, can not change bubble any more

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