Karamelle Finale
The Aberrant Paradox

The main threat in Karamelle turned out to be something quite different than we’ve ever experienced before. Throughout the main storyline we chase after black hole-like “cavities” that randomly open up in different areas. In the meantime, we travel all over Karamelle doing literally everything else besides actually exploring these cavities and what is causing them (nothing unusual here). Little did we know that the cause is apparently us – the wizard. Who could’ve seen that coming?

Inside these cavities we find the Divine Paradox, which, if you remember correctly, is the wizard. More specifically, we fight against the avatar that we were transformed into at the end of Empyrea. The battle itself consists of the Divine Paradox summoning the Aberrant Paradox boss and Aberration minions from each school. Sadly, we don’t get to become giant wizards again, but I promise you the battle is still quite entertaining.

Aberrant Paradox Battle Overview

There are 3 waves of creatures in this battle, which we will see below. The boss remains there throughout the entire match until all minions are defeated. Defeat all three waves including the boss and the battle will end. The creature waves are as follow:

Note: Enemies are noted in their battle circle order.

(Dagger Position + Key Position + Diamond Position + Spiral Position)

Wave 1: Aberrant Paradox + Fire Aberration + Ice Aberration + Storm Aberration

Wave 2: Aberrant Paradox + Myth Aberration + Death Aberration + Life Aberration

Wave 3: Aberrant Paradox + Shadow Aberration + Balance Aberration + Balance Aberration

If you don’t defeat all the creatures from a wave, the creatures from the next wave will start to summon and fill the empty slots anyway. It always depends which creature is defeated.

For instance, Cody and his team are fighting through wave 1 of the enemies. They defeat the ice minion and all the other creatures remain alive. In that case, the death minion is summoned. The same applies for all creatures in this battle. Thus, if you defeat a creature in a earlier wave, it will immediately be replaced by the corresponding creature in the next wave.

  • Key: Fire Aberration, Myth Aberration, Shadow Aberration
  • Diamond: Ice Aberration, Death Aberration, Balance Aberration
  • Spiral: Storm Aberration, Life Aberration, Balance Aberration

Aberrant Paradox
Rank 19 Shadow Boss – 11,550 HP

The boss doesn’t need to be defeated three times. As soon as all minions are defeated, the boss can be defeated too. If you defeat the boss before all three waves are defeated it will heal back a portion of its health. If the round starts with minions present, then the boss cannot be killed. Once a round starts where all minions are defeated, you have the go ahead to kill. Additionally, the Aberrant Paradox cannot be Beguiled or Stunned.

Known Spells

  • Conviction
  • Tower Shield
  • Stun
  • Aegis ShadowBlade
  • Disarm
  • Mass Feint (No Self Trap)
  • Bad Juju
  • Healing Current
  • Shift

Shadow Mutated Spells

These are enhanced versions of regular spells from other schools that are mutated into Shadow. They are exclusive to powerful bosses like the Aberrant Paradox and are cast as a shadow spell. Thus, they cannot be dispelled, due to the lack of a Shadow Dispel spell. An example of these spells is Shadow Storm Lord, shown on the left. This boss has access to the following shadow enhanced spells:

  • Vengeful Seraph
  • AoE Poison
  • Death Minotaur
  • Storm Lord
  • Snowball Barrage
  • Iron Sultan
  • Call of Khrulhu
  • Tatzlewurm Terror

Aberrations – Rank 18 Elite Minions

Throughout this battle you will encounter a total of 9 minions fighting alongside the Aberrant Paradox boss. There is one for each non-astral school, including Shadow, and 2 for Balance. This is probably the closest PvE has come to PvP so far, as I like to think of these minions as real wizards. They all have an amazing design, decent stats, and on top of that an enviable spell deck filled with powerful attacks and utilities. Some good news for us all is that they can all be stunned and Beguiled, so have fun with that!

Fire Aberration – 4,300 HP

Known spells:

Frenzy, Furnace, Aegis FireBlade, Aegis Firespear, Smoke Screen, Steal Charm, Fuel, Choke, Heck Hound, Brimstone Revenant, Burning Rampage, Rain of Fire, Scorching Scimitars, Fire From Above, Raging Bull, S’More Machine


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Ice Aberration – 5,375 HP

Known spells:

Brace, Adapt, Frozen Armor, Aegis Tower Shield (-55%), Freeze, Legion Shield, Mass Tower Shield (-55%), Steal Ward, Taunt, Reindeer Knight, Frost Giant, Snow Angel, Snowball Barrage, Climaclysm, Abominable Weaver, Shatterhorn


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Storm Aberration – 3,865 HP


Known spells:

Galvanic Field, Quicken, Cleanse Charm, StormBlade, Sharpened StormBlade, Aegis Stormspear, Supercharge, Tempest, Queen Calypso, Hammer of Thor, Storm Lord, King Artorius, Iron Sultan, Glowbug Squall, Rusalka’s Wrath, Sound of Musicology


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Myth Aberration – 4,345 HP


Known spells:

Reliquary, Cleanse Ward, Shatter, Keeper of the Flame, Athena BattleSight, Grendel’s Amends, Minotaur, Earthquake, Mystic Colossus, Witch’s House Call


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Death Aberration – 4,620 HP


Known spells:

Infallible, Infection, Mass Feint, Mass Infection, Virulent Plague, Beguile, Deer Knight, Scarecrow, Qismah’s Curse, Call of Khrulhu, Winged Sorrow


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Life Aberration – 4,895 HP


Known spells:

BalanceBlade, Triage, Aegis Guiding Light, Calm, Absorb, Mass Triage, Pigsie, Sacred Charge, Rebirth, Wings of Fate


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Shadow Aberration – 4,620 HP


Known spells:

Vengeance, Tower Shield, Mass Feint (No Self Trap), Mass Poison (Shadow)


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Balance Aberration – 4,620 HP


Known spells:

Magnify, Black Mantle, Mass Hex, Aegis BalanceBlade, Aegis Bladestorm (+25%), Spirit Blade, Elemental Blade, Donate Power, Judgement, Mana Burn, Hydra, Sand Wurm, Nested Fury, Mockenspiel


Know of any more spells this creature has cast? Leave a comment below!

Cursed & Anti Spells

The Cursed & Anti Spells are perhaps the most special part of this battle and something that is truly unique! As soon as the battle starts, you will notice this cheat that is an entirely new mechanic. First, the Divine Paradox will interrupt to cast a global spell of any of the seven schools.

What does the cheat do?

Simple. A cursed / anti spell is added in every wizard’s deck on your team. They are spells we already know, but instead of them helping you and your team, they will help the enemy… unless you outsmart them somehow. Every global spell that is cast will give you one of the below spells every single time. The best news of all is that you cannot discard them!

This is such an amazing feature to explore, but I reckon that most of you just want to defeat the boss and move on, so here are some quick notes:

  • The anti / cursed spells cannot be discarded.
  • If you change the global spell it will be replaced and everyone ends up with another cursed / anti spell.
  • The global spell is cast on round one and again on round three.
  • It will be recast every three rounds going forward. The global will be replaced to a random school on rounds 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on.
  • They are Shadow spells, so you won’t have school masteries when casting them.
  • If your hand is full, the card will be drawn once a slot in your hand is available.
  • Reshuffle doesn’t remove them.

What Anti or Cursed spells might I end up with?

It depends on the school global spell that is cast. We tested out some of the options repeatedly and this is all we got.

Cursed & Anti Balance Spells

Cursed BalanceBlade

Cursed Mass Hex

Anti-Sand Wurm

Cursed & Anti Death Spells

Cursed Infection

Cursed Juju

Qismah’s Curse

Cursed & Anti Fire Spells

Anti-Steal Charm

Cursed Smoke Screen


Cursed & Anti Ice Spells

Cursed Taunt

Anti-Tower Shield


Cursed & Anti Life Spells

Cursed Armor

Cursed Pigsie


Cursed & Anti Myth Spells

Cursed Cleanse Ward

Cursed Stun

Anti-Snake Charmer

Cursed & Anti Storm Spells

Anti-Cleanse Charm


Anti-Iron Sultan

Tips and Tricks

Throughout the testing phase with this boss I honestly had so much fun messing with these spells. They offer so much potential if you use them at the right opportunity. Here is what I encountered so far:

  • Cursed Infection and Cursed Pigsie are effective when used together. Especially if you have any other Infection debuffs on you that you want to remove. Here is your chance!
  • Were you hit by Tatzlewurm Terror and got confused? No problem! The confuse mechanic tends to switch enemies with allies and vice versa. Thus, here is your perfect chance to use your cursed / anti spells and have the affect the boss. I used Cursed Stun and Cursed Smoke Screen and they both worked wonders.
  • If you use Cursed Stun you will give everyone 4 stun shields instead of one, just like what happens in team PvP.
  • Did the death minion Beguile you? Cursed Juju? Anti-Tower Shield? Use a divide spell on the enemies? The possibilities are endless! Go nuts!
  • Avoid using the cursed attack spells. They use up one of your shadow pips. If you are to use them, target a player with high resist and use an off school divide spell, so you don’t end up dealing too much damage. (Since the bubble buffs damage of its own school and the attack spells use your stats)

Aberrant Paradox Strategy and Cheats

Surprisingly, this battle allows all sorts of casting. Historically, the big baddies of the Spiral prevent us from casting specific spells, such as Feints or blades. This is not the case at all here. Feints, blades, traps and heals are all allowed. Just make sure to use them wisely as this battle requires strategy rather than anything else.

What happens if I join the battle late?

Joining the battle late will result in the latecomer being targeted by a Power Nova that only targets the one person. This spell will deal 100% damage of the latecomer’s health, ohko’ing them. The only way you can “rejoin” is by being healed.

How do I win this battle?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button that you get to press that will win you this battle. However, I do have some recommendations. As I see it, there are three fights (waves) you need to do here and you don’t get a reset between them, so having multiple hitters is probably a good solution.

Pack AoE attacks. While the boss is not the easiest to deal with, the minions are far worse since they have an arsenal of annoying and powerful spells at their disposal. Think of all the troublesome spells that the minion’s school has. They probably have them all if not more. Therefore, you want to do three medium to large AoEs that deal around 5,000 to 6,000 damage to wipe out the minions fast. Then you will just have the boss to deal with.

Make sure that any hitters present have good pierce, as the boss has quite high levels of resist. 20% to 30% pierce should be enough to land decent hits. However, this is unnecessary if the hitter is a Balance wizard as they actually boost on the boss. A healer will be nice to have in this battle, but it is not absolutely necessary if you work fast. If you use a couple of powerful debuffs such as Virulent Plague and hit quickly, that might be enough to not warrant a healer. If the battle drags out for too long, then you will need heals for sure.

How do I deal with the cursed spells?

Use the Cursed / Anti spells cleverly, when possible. If you happen to not have something to cast this turn and also have a cursed spell that won’t effect your pips, do use it. This will help you keep you hand clear of unwanted cards. In addition to using them when beguiled or confused (so they will harm the enemies’ team), here are some nice tricks:

  • Use Anti-Tower Shield on jade players. They will barely feel it.
  • Use Cursed Juju on a death player that can use it for spells like Sacrifice or Dark Pact (or any non-hitter).
  • Cast Anti-Steal Charm / Anti-Disarm when you don’t have any blades up.
  • Cast Anti-Cleanse Charm / Cursed Cleanse Ward when a creature doesn’t have traps or negative charms (Weakness).

What are your thoughts on the Aberrant Paradox battle?
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  • If you don’t find any of the boss fights entertaining then stop playing. Its people like you that get mad at us for trying to learn beast moon

  • I had a lot of fun with this boss. the first attempt was a disaster. The second one went much better even if in the second round my battle companions abandoned me. After 25 minutes of hard battle I managed to beat everyone with my necromancer wizard. Best fight so far

  • Haha me and my bro are Fire and Storm respectively and we’re having a really rough time with this one. We just keep getting annihilated no matter what we’ve tried

    • Try blading, frenzy and spam AOEs (tempest, meteor). If you still can’t win try team up.

  • great work.

  • Killed the storm minion, then the fire and ice right after, but the life healed them same round. Killed the fire and storm the next round again but no more minions respawned.

  • ….”still quite entertaining”…
    What is entertaining about being stunned for the first three rounds, followed by a round of fizzle thanks to hexs, followed by a round of being wiped out by the enemy death call of cthullu?
    Still made it to most of the minions being on the second and third wave before being wiped out by hexs and attrition.

    It boggles me that “you people” (not casual players) call a battle like this “entertaining”. Do they pay you to say that?

    • Seems like you had a bad experience with this fight. You might want to take a look at all the cheats and mechanics we listed above and try your luck again.
      This fight is certainly not intended as a regular fight and will require some extra effort along with some friends. The fact that it is not simply another fight where you blade, blade and hit is the entertaining part. While challenging you must admit that it is memorable and imo entertaining.

      Note: All the work done on Final Bastion is strictly voluntary. Our authors do this for the love of the game and to help the community.

  • Storm Liaisons ring

  • Forgot Anti-Qismah

    • #ComingSoon 😉

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