Housing Gauntlets in Wizard101

Housing Gauntlets are free-to-play dungeons found in players’ castles. They are a great source of experience, drops, and a good way to spend some time. This guide will detail all of the housing gauntlets currently available in Wizard101. There are three different types of gauntlets. First, you have the repeatable gauntlets. These generally come from bundles, and can be done an unlimited amount of times. They often have some pretty neat drops.

The second type isn’t necessarily a gauntlet, it’s known as an Ultra duel. These are bought in the Crown Shop or dropped by certain bosses. Ultra duels are a rematch against bosses from the game, with a significant power boost, who drop some powerful gear. Keep in mind that they can only be used once each.

The last type is known as a One-Shot Gauntlet. These unique dungeons are Crown Shop exclusive, and can only be done once, like the ultra duels. However, these drop permanent mounts, as well as some interesting gear (think of it like a pack in gauntlet form).

Housing Gauntlets

Ultra Dungeons

One Shot Gauntles


Repeatable Housing Gauntlets

All Repeatable Housing Gauntlets have a difficulty level that is set depending on the lowest leveled participant. Gear tiers are dependent upon this. For example, a level 80 hat will not drop from the level 10 Instance.

Midnight Sun Pagoda

This is available from the Pagoda Gauntlet Bundle, and is sometimes in the Crown Shop during Throwback Thursday. This can be used through Castle Tours as well, so you can visit any castle and run this instance, which has 8 floors. This was also one of the first Housing Gauntlets to be released!

  1. Health & Mana wisps
  2. 4x Mob
  3. 4x Mob
  4. Boss fight with 3 Minions
  5. 4x Mob
  6. Puzzle Floor – If the puzzle is incorrectly completed, 4x Mob
  7. 4x Boss
  8. 3x Cheating Boss, 1 Minion

Midnight Sun Pagoda Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this instance are mainly from the Kirin’s Hoard Pack. Notable drops include:

  • Kozane Set
  • Rokugo Set
  • Four Bells Ringing Wand
  • Chiming Blade Wand
  • Onyx Shenlong Dragon Pet
  • Ruby Shenlong Dragon Pet
  • Fiendish Foo Dog Pet
  • Mega Snacks
  • Mooshu themed Bobbleheads
  • Koto, Tamauji, Kakeda Painbringer, and Ninja Pigs Treasure Cards

Winterbane Hall

This is available from the Winterbane Bundle, and sometimes in the Crown Shop during Throwback Thursday as well. The Winterbane Instance can be entered without needing to be friends with its owner, so Castle Tours often feature this impressive housing item. You will face 7 challenging floors in this instance.

  1. 4x Mob
  2. 4x Mob – wisps spawn after defeating them
  3. Cheating Boss and 3x Mob
  4. Puzzle Floor – If the puzzle is incorrectly done, then Double Boss Battle
  5. One Mob and a Cheating Boss
  6. Cheating Boss and two Mobs
  7. Boss with Cheats and three Mobs

Winterbane Hall Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this gauntlet are from the Raven’s Hoard Pack, some of which include:

  • Steel Raven Helmet
  • Boots Of Steel Wings
  • Everwinter Plate
  • Unkind Axe of Winter Wand
  • Nevermore Talon Wand
  • Trickster’s Lying Bow Wand
  • Coldfire Dragon Pet
  • Grizzleheim themed Runestones
  • Mega Snacks

Spiral Cup Gauntlet

The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is available from its respective bundle, and is sometimes brought back into the Crown Shop. It contains 6 levels.

  1. 4x Mob
  2. Another 4x Mob
  3. 4x more Mob
  4. Cheating Boss with 2 minions
  5. 4x Mob
  6. Cheating Boss with 3 minions

Spiral Cup Noteworthy Drops

There aren’t too many noteworthy drops in this instance. However, some of the best energy gear in the game can drop here. Many of the drops are from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack.

  • Greenwarden’s Energetic Set
  • Greenwarden’s Peaceful Set
  • Spiral Cup Set & Variations – cosmetic only
  • Starfish Pet
  • Wildclaw Pets

Grand Tourney Arena

The Grand Tourney is exclusive to the Grand Tourney Bundle, which is currently retired. There are five levels to this instance. Completion of the associated instance will reward you with a housing item known as the Lady’s Favor.

  1. 4x Mob
  2. 4x Mob
  3. 2x Mob
  4. Cheating Boss with 3 minions
  5. Cheating Boss with a Cheating Minion

Grand Tourney Arena Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this Gauntlet are from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack, which is currently retired. Notable drops include:

  • Fairie Court Set
  • Pixie’s Encanta Set
  • World’s Fool Set
  • Mandolin Weapons
  • Mega Snacks
  • Crabling Pet
  • Desert Beast Pet

Great Clock Gauntlet

The Cuckoo Clock Housing Gauntlet is exclusively from the Cuckoo Clock Bundle, and is based off of Valencia from Pirate101. There are four battles in this gauntlet.

  1. 2x Mob
  2. 2x Mob
  3. Cheating Boss and one minion
  4. Cheating Boss and one minion

Great Clock Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this gauntlet are from the Phoenix Hoard Pack. In addition to gear, this instance also drops some treasure cards that are very handy for PVP. Some of these drops include the following:

  • Chimenea Treasure Card
  • Clockwork  Spider Treasure Card
  • Coldiron Treasure Card
  • Firegut Treasure Card
  • Franklinstove Treasure Card
  • Kettleblack Treasure Card
  • Potboiler Treasure Card
  • Rocketstove Treasure Card
  • Avenging Helm of Glory
  • Boots of Walking Retribution
  • Glinting Dragon Lance
  • Bronze Golem Pet
  • Clockwork Paladin Pet
  • Spider Golem

Fantastic Voyage Expedition

The Fantastic Voyage Housing Gauntlet is exclusively obtained in the Fantastic Voyage Bundle. The gauntlet has four levels, and is one of the easier instances.

  1. 2x Mob Battle
  2. 4x Mob Battle
  3. 2x Mob Battle
  4. Cheating Boss with 3 Mobs

Fantastic Voyage Expedition Noteworthy Drops

The drops for this instance aren’t as remarkable as you’d hope. They feature items from the Islander’s Hoard Pack.

  • Frosty Fish Pet
  • Tiki Kahuna Pet
  • Cephalopod Obelisk Housing item – used for crafting Wyrd House
  • Mega Snacks

For the fishers in the Spiral, this is one of the best places for you! After defeating the final boss, you are rewarded with Coosto’s Fishing Luck Elixir, giving you 33% Fishing Luck! You are also granted access to a private fishing area, which includes a variety of fish. Some of these are:

Micro Fish



False Catshark

Once you have completed the instance once, you can enter the instance and interact with the fishing rod on the left and be sent to the fishing retreat without needing to go through the entire dungeon again.

Accursed Play Gauntlet

The Accursed Play Gauntlet is exclusive to the Accursed Play Bundle, and is a highly sought after gauntlet since its drops include the renowned pigsie treasure card. It is the shortest instance, and also the quickest one.

  1. 2x Mob
  2. 2x or 4x Mob – 2 Additional will spawn if there are more than two wizards participating
  3. Cheating Boss with 3 minions

Accursed Play Noteworthy Drops

The drops in this instance originate from the Dragon’s Hoard Pack, which is a pack that was retired in 2013. There are a few other amazing drops too, some of which include:

  • Dragonrider’s Assailing Set
  • Dragonrider’s Utility Set
  • Crimson Spectre Pet
  • Skeletal Gladiator Pet
  • Utility Dragon Pet
  • Dragon Wings Permanent Mount
  • Pigsie Treasure Card – extremely sought after, needed to craft Pigsie spell
  • Outgoing and Stun Resist jewels

Sinbad & the Iron Sultan

The Sinbad Gauntlet is also known as the Metallos Instance. This can be obtained by crafting the gauntlet using reagents found the Sinbad’s Hoard Pack, or bought off the Wizard101 website. There are four battles in this instance along with an optional side boss.

  1. 2x Mob
  2. 3x Mob
  3. 3x Mob
  4. 2x Cheating Boss with 1 Mob
  5. Optional Fight – random between single monster and cheating boss (Leadite or Metallossus)

Sinbad & the Iron Sultan Drops Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this Housing Gauntlet are without a doubt, the most generous in the game. These include items from the Sinbad’s Hoard Pack, which include the current best wands in the game at level 130. Some notable items are:

  • Sinbad’s Set – cosmetic
  • Fleet Kapudan’s Set
  • Grand Admiral’s Set
  • Sky Captain’s Set
  • Admiral’s Boarding Hook Wand
  • Kapudan’s Boarding Hook Wand
  • Sky Captain’s Boarding Hook Wand
  • Plucky Gryphon Pet
  • Snappy Gryphon Pet
  • Scrappy Gryphon Pet
  • Roc Mount – Permanent with 3% Power Pip stats

Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

The Doomsday Krok Gauntlet can either be crafted using reagents found in the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack or bought directly from the bundle on Wizard101’s website. Featuring some revamped Krokotopian models, this alternate reality is nothing short of stunning. This instance features 5 fights, along with a secret boss.

  1. 3-4x Mob
  2. Elite Monster with 2 or 3 Minions
  3. Boss
  4.  4x Elite Mobs
  5. Chest Boss with 3 minions
  6. Bonus fight of 3-4 bosses

Doomsday Krok Gauntlet

The drops for this dungeon feature a lot of items from the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack. Mounts drop from the secret Cybermander bosses. Gear drops from Krokhotep and the Time Butterfly bosses. Drops include:

  • Krokosphinx Mounts
  • Sokar’s Set
  • Setesh’s Set
  • Apophis’ Set
  • Elemental Retriever Talent Token
  • Smoke Screen Talent Token

Doomsday Krok Gauntlet Hoard Pack

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Ultra Duel Housing Gauntlets

Ultra duels are a rematch against bosses from the game, with a significant power boost than their original versions, who drop some powerful items. Keep in mind that these Housing Gauntelts can only be used once each. These are bought in the Crown Shop or dropped by certain bosses. Bosses that drop them generally are end world bosses like Krokopatra, Meowiarty, Jade Oni and so on. On top of that, they can also drop from other battles like Zeus in Mount Olympus, Rattlebones in Unicorn Way, and Mirror Lake as well.

Rattlebones Master Duel

The Rattlebones Master Duel is dropped by many different bosses throughout the spiral, and available in the Crown Shop. This single duel will feature a Rank 7 Rattlebones and a Rank 7 Fairy Queen. The queen regularly spawns minion fairies as well.  Since this dungeon is meant for Master level wizards, the drops are catered towards level 40 wizards. Notable Drops include:


  • Bonebreaker Set – for each school, the robes are the best part of the gear (School Exclusive)
  • Bonebreaker Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Manticore Hairstyle
  • 2 Pip Bad Juju Treasure Card
  • Mote of Transport
  • All Ultra Plants
  • Death Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Life Whirlwind Permanent Mount

Rattlebones Exalted Duel

The Rattlebones Exalted Duel is much much harder than the Rattlebones Master Duel, and is dropped or purchased from the same places that it is too. Unlike the Master Duel, you will face a Rank 14 Rattlebones and Fairy Queen, along with their minions. For a guide on how to deal with this challenging duel, check this out!

The drops from this duel are for Exalted Wizards, and feature robes that are better than some schools’ Darkmoor Gear. This article goes into depth about what your drops would give you. Drops include:


  • Bonesmasher Set (School Exclusive)
  • Bonesmasher Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Shift Rattlebones Opal
  • All Ultra Plants
  • Rattlebone’s Sprite Pet
  • Death Whirlwind Mount
  • Life Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Mote of Transport

Meowiarty Archmage Duel

The title for this Duel is a little misleading, since it’s geared towards level 70 Wizards, or Transcendent wizards. You can buy this from the Crown Shop or farm major bosses around the Spiral for this gear. You will face Meowiarty, two other random Marleybone Bosses, and a minion. The drops from this include:


  • Knave’s Set (School Exclusive)
  • Knave’s Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Yaxche Hairstyle
  • Meowiarty’s Ghoul Pet
  • Meowiarty’s Krok Pet
  • All Ultra Plants
  • Mote of Transport
  • Balance Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Ice Whirlwind Permanent Mount

Meowiarty Exalted Duel

You can get this duel from the Crown Shop as well as from major bosses around the Spiral. Like the Archmage Duel, you will encounter Meowiarty, two other random Marleybone bosses, and a minion, except once again, all Rank 14. The drops aren’t too notable, but the boots used to be considered top tier until more critical boots were created. Some notable drops include:


  • Rogue’s Sets (School Exclusive)
  • Rogue’s Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Shift Meowiarty Opal
  • All Ultra Plants
  • Balance Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Ice Whirlwind Permanent Mount

Krokopatra Master Duel

This duel is also available in the Crown Shop and dropped from Major Bosses, like the other Ultra Duels. You’ll face off against a rank 8 Krokopatra with 3 cheating minions. The drops are pretty nice for a level 40 wizard though, including but not limited to the following:


  • Krokomaic Sets (School Exclusive)
  • Krokomaic Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Krokopatra’s Troll
  • Ultra Plants
  • Fire Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Myth Whirlwind Permanent Mount

Krokopatra Exalted Duel

The Krokopatra Exalted duel is acquired from the Crown Shop as well as dropped from major bosses in the spiral. You’ll fight a more challenging Rank 14 Krokopatra with 3 Minions. The drops are fairly average, except for the hats. For certain schools, these hats are better than Darkmoor Gear. The Stats of these hats can be found here. Some of these drops include:


  • The Mists DunDara Hairstyle
  • Krokopatra Sets (School Exclusive)
  • Krokopatra Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Shift Krokopatra Opal
  • Ultra Plants
  • Fire Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Myth Whirlwind Permanent Mount

Zeus Exalted Duel

The Final Exalted Duel is very Aquila themed. There is only an exalted version of this instance, and it can be found in the Crown Shop as well as from many Bosses. You’ll be dealing with a Rank 14 Zeus Sky Father, as well as Cronus, and two other random Aquila Bosses. The drops from this duel aren’t very good, but there are some very unique drops. Some of these are:


  • Immortal’s Sets (School Exclusive)
  • Immortal’s Wands (School Exclusive)
  • Mega Snacks
  • Fire Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Life Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Storm Whirlwind Permanent Mount
  • Ultra Plants
  • Several Jewels giving spells that use the Aquilan Bosses’ Natural Attacks
  • Zeus’ Harpy

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One-Shot Housing Gauntlets

You can only use these housing gauntlets once each. To repeat them, you need to repurchase them from the Crown Shop. Think of it like a pack that requires you to defeat the creatures within a dungeon in order to get the loot. However, you can also share it with your friends rather than just you getting the rewards. The owner of the gauntlet must set the difficulty of the instance before entering the dungeon as it doesn’t work like other gauntlets where the level is set to the lowest wizards’.

Tanglewood Terror

The Tanglewood Terror can only be bought in the Crown Shop.  In this Wysteria Themed instance, you deal with 4 Battles:

  1. 4x Mob
  2. 4x Mob
  3. Once again, 4x Mob
  4. Cheating Boss with 3 Minions

For more information about the battles, check out this article!

Tanglewood Terror Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this dungeon are unique, and are exclusive to this instance. Some of these drops include:

  • Plant Punisher Set
  • Tanglewood Hero Set
  • Tanglewood Terror Set
  • Plant Punisher’s Spike Wand
  • Tanglewood Hero’s Nettle Wand
  • Stained Glass Roller Pet
  • Tanglewood Stalker Permanent Mount

Baddle of the Bands

We get to help Crab Alley’s very own King Thermidor in this instance! His former bandmate is challenging his reign, and you’re the only one who can help. With some hilarious dialogue and some amazing music, this is my personal favorite gauntlet. You’ll be dealing with 4 battles in this instance.

  1. 4x Mob
  2. Boss and three minions
  3. Boss and three minions
  4. Final Boss and three minions

For more information about this Gauntlet, check out this article!

Baddle of the Bands Noteworthy Drops

The drops from this instance are pretty cool looking, but the stats aren’t too remarkable. The best drop from this by far though, is the “Rockstar Kicks.” These boots give the most universal resist in the game, and are a must have for universal immunity.

  • Headbanger’s Set
  • Rocker’s Set
  • Rockstar Set
  • Headbanger Wand
  • Rocker’s Wand
  • Rockstar Wand
  • Playable Instrument Housing Items
  • Metalops, Punklops, and Rocklops Jewels
  • Rockin’ Roller Pet
  • White Striped Ziger Permanent Mount

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  • for some reason i dont get any xp for the quests

  • Castle Tours and Castle Gameplay no longer allow the use of Gauntlets when visiting homes. You must be friends with the owner in order to use their Gauntlets. 🙁

    • Actually, not that I have noticed.

  • Im only level 20 so it’s useless for me.
    Am I right?

    • Nope! The difficulty changes depending on your level so you can do them with a team at your level. Apart from that, any of the above rewards are good for low levels including mega snacks, pets, crowns gear and so on! Not to forget the XP you get that will easily help you level up by A LOT.

  • if people aren’t level 40 then this is basically useless not to be mean or anything.

  • Nice! I’ve been wondering about the drops for some of these!

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