Great Sky Train Robbery Pack

Along with what was expected in the Spring 2021 update in Wizard101 we also got a few surprises. This year we were introduced to the Great Sky Train Robbery gauntlet. According to the latest trends in W101, gauntlets are accompanied to the game by a brand new pack. In conjunction with this gauntlet, we also received the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack!

Some of the below items seem to be dropping from the gauntlet. However, the level of the dropped items is to be determined. The theme of the pack and gauntlet is that of Pirate101’s world of Cool Ranch. If you haven’t checked out Pirate101 yet, this will surely be yet another motivator as to why you should give it a try!

Gear Sets

Personally, I’m not excited the slightest with the pack gear that has been coming out as of late. It is decent and an acceptable alternative to some other gear that is more sought after. However, it seems that we’ve been lacking the wow factor when it comes to stats. Interestingly enough, there are also no item cards on the gear at level 140. On the other hand, I must applaud the design of this gear. Most remarkably, I am astonished by the design of the robes.

Cool Rancher SetDesert Wrangler SetPrairie Rambler SetGear Design

Cool Rancher Set

(Balance and Ice Schools)

Cool Rancher’s Hat

Cool Rancher’s Duster

Cool Rancher’s Boots

Desert Wrangler Set

(Death and Storm Schools)

Desert Wrangler’s Hat

Desert Wrangler’s Duster

Desert Wrangler’s Boots

Prairie Rambler Set

(Fire, Life and Myth Schools)

Prairie Rambler’s Hat

Prairie Rambler’s Duster

Prairie Rambler’s Boots

Gear Design

Click on the above tabs to check out all the gear pieces from this pack.

Frontier Knife Weapons

Sadly, I must pass the same judgement I just expressed for the gear sets. There isn’t much that is making me wonder as to why I should try opening packs for these weapons. Previously, I used to think that having weapons with damage, critical, shadow pip rating, pip conversion AND pierce was not possible. However, this update introduced the weapons from the Marshfellow boss in Karamelle. Those intrigued me unlike these weapons. Furthermore, these weapons have no may cast.

Rancher’s Frontier Knife

Wrangler’s Frontier Knife

Rambler’s Frontier Knife

Armadillo Mounts

Here’s the Armadillo mount. The curled up version was influenced by Raya, which was fun to try out. @Wizard101 @KingsIsle #wizard101 #armadillo #saddle #videogames #conceptart #animal #cuteAdam Roush

Within this pack one might obtain a total of three armadillo mounts. In our pack articles we usually showcase every individual mount separately, however this time round it shall not be the case. The issue lies with the fact that the armadillos resemble each other so closely that one can barely tell the difference.

The differences can be found in the different colour shades and the armadillo names, namely the Moseyin’, the Ramblin’ and the Trusty Armadillos. Additionally, each and every armadillo mount has the same speed of +40% speed and no other stat boosts. Below, you can observer the Trusty Armadillo and its adorable idle animation.

Image from Gyazo

Roadrunner Pets

Finally, we get to take a look at the roadrunner pets and their absolute adorableness! My excitement may be a bit much, but personally I do find them the very highlight of this pack. Apart from their design, I must also acknowledge the very useful item cards from each pet – Pierce, Steal Ward and Steal Charm. Now that there’s been more spell revamps with this update, these utility spells are more handy to have than ever!

Rancher’s Runner

  • Sturdy (Selfish)
  • Well Trained (Selfish)
  • Ice-Dealer
  • ???
  • Ice-Shot
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Wrangler’s Runner

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Myth-Dealer
  • Dashing (Selfish)
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Rambler’s Runner

  • Effective (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Dependable (Selfish)
  • Intuitive (Selfish)
  • ???
  • ???
  • Durable (Selfish)
  • ???
  • Fire-Dealer
  • ???

Housing Items

These remain some of the best reasons to go after packs as of late. The quality derived from housing items located in packs remains impeccable! Unfortunately, most of the items remain marked as “No Auction”. However, at times we do see some items make it over to the Bazaar. The below items are an example of the items that can be found inside the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack. All the items below remain marked as “No Auction”.

Pilgrim’s Campfire

Ranch Fence

Card Table

Red Brick Fireplace

Ticket Reagents

Another possible reason to go for this pack would be the gauntlet itself. The Great Sky Train Robbery pack drops the below ticket reagents that can be used to craft the gauntlet itself. The gauntlet can also be purchased from Wizard101’s website as part of a bundle giving 7,500 crowns for $39.

If you choose to try and obtain the gauntlet by buying packs, it will all depend on your luck. I tried out this method myself in order to provide our readers with a sample of information. Personally, it took me 35,000 crowns to obtain enough reagents to craft the gauntlet. That is certainly quite a lot, but at the same time I did obtain all the gear items and some even in duplicate. As for the reagents, I did have to transmute some tickets to create enough First Class Tickets as those are the rarest. Recipes for the gauntlet and reagent transmutes are both available from Lloyd Fallingwater in Wizard City’s Shopping District.

Steerage Ticket (x20)

Coach Ticket (x10)

First Class Ticket (x5)

Closing Thoughts

If you are going after this pack solely for the gear, I’d suggest for you to think twice. If other alternatives are not possible or as easy for you, than by all means go ahead. On the other hand, the Great Sky Train Robbery Pack does have some unique and interesting items for your wizards. Namely, there are the roadrunner pets and armadillo mounts which remain my personal favorites.

Primarily, I chose to open this pack myself to obtain the gauntlet itself. As the other alternative to obtain the gauntlet was by simply purchasing it for $39 from the site, I thought that I’d rather obtain some items along the way. Throughout my pack openings for the ticket reagents, I obtained two of the same mount, all gear sets and some in duplicate, all the pets and a lot of housing items. I wouldn’t say its my favorite pack, but the gauntlet surely does make it worthwhile!

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