Found Housing Items
all over the Spiral

There are plenty of found housing items available for you to collect throughout the Spiral – over 100 to date! They’re spread over all the main and side worlds, plus a few gauntlets. Thank you, Alex Thunderstaff, for coming up with the punny descriptions!

To make it easy to find all the items, this article is divided by Arcs, and then by Worlds. Follow the links below to jump to a specific section:

Arc 1

  • Wizard City
  • Krokotopia
  • Marleybone
  • Mooshu
  • Dragonspyre

Arc 2

  • Celestia
  • Zafaria
  • Avalon
  • Azteca
  • Khrysalis

Arc 3

  • Polaris
  • Mirage
  • Empyrea

Arc 4

  • Karamelle
  • Lemuria
  • Novus

Side Worlds and Gauntlets

  • Grizzleheim and Wintertusk
  • Wysteria
  • Aquila
  • Darkmoor
  • Gauntlets

Arc 1 Found Housing Items

Wizard City

Brain Jar
  • Description: It’s a jar, don’t over THINK it (hehe puns)
  • Location: Haunted Cave – Stormdrain Tower (on the table)
  • Requires: one battle


Lynx Gazer
  • Description: What exactly could it be gazing at?!
  • Location: Ravenwood – School of Myth (on the right wall)
  • Requires: nothing


Open book
  • Description: It’s equally exciting as a closed book.
  • Location: Triton Avenue – The Harvest Lord’s Tower (near the door)
  • Requires: one battle


Pen and Ink
  • Description: Be careful not to spill the milk ink bottle
  • Location: Falmea’s House – Firecat Alley (on the little table)
  • Requires: nothing


Tiny Arched Door
  • Description: It’s so adorable!!
  • Location: Shopping District – Wizard City Pet Shop (next to the shelves on the right)
  • Requires: nothing


  • Description: I’m gonna fix it!
  • Location: Palace of Fire (near the sigil of Nebit Nirini)
  • Requires: nothing


Tall Ladder
  • Description: Great for short people, not so much for tall people..
  • Location: Chamber of Fire (on the lowest level, leaning against a wall)
  • Requires: nothing


Tall Pumpkin
  • Description: Simply carve a face and wear it on your head.
  • Location: Hall of Champions (near Rami and his hammock)
  • Requires: nothing


Hieroglyphic Fire Tablet
  • Description: It’s basically a list of chores
  • Location: Karanahn Barracks (near the little islands, against a wall)
  • Requires: nothing


Bowl of Tomatoes
  • Description: They say tomatoe and I say tomato.
  • Location: Krokosphinx (next to Rehim Bashala)
  • Requires: nothing


Coil of Rope
  • Description: A cat’s best friend
  • Location: Wolfminster Abbey (behind a pillar)
  • Requires: nothing


Green Food Cart
  • Description: I believe they are selling oranges
  • Location: Digmoore Station (right at the entrance of the area)
  • Requires: nothing


Framed Campsite Photo
  • Description: They should really go back and retake this old gal
  • Location: Royal Museum (next to Counterweight West)
  • Requires: nothing


Hairdini Playbill
  • Description: Dogo spy
  • Location: Scotland Yard (on the wall facing the cells, behind Officer McRuff)
  • Requires: nothing


Discarded Newspaper
  • Description: I would have named it “wanted poster”
  • Location: Scotland Yard Roof (next to the stairs)
  • Requires: nothing


Stone Obelisk
  • Description: Gather a few and you’ll have a stone ton
  • Location: Mooshu Spiral Chamber (on the middle island)
  • Requires: nothing


Samoorai Bust
  • Description: This mighty samoorai is in shambles
  • Location: Hametsu Village
  • Requires: nothing
Round Bolder
  • Description: Rock on?
  • Location: Kishibe Village (next to Tu Luk Kwo)
  • Requires: nothing


Serpent Tablet
  • Description: Ssssssssnake
  • Location: Shirataki Temple – River Temple (on the wall in the final room)
  • Requires: nothing


Yellow Silk Kimono
  • Description: Available for a limited amount of time!
  • Location:  Emperor’s Throne Room, by the entrance
  • Requires: nothing


Tiered Lava Fountain
  • Description: Don’t mind the lava!
  • Location: The Basilica (Next to Zeke and Eloise)
  • Requires: nothing


Dragonskull Obelisk
  • Description: Super Shiny.
  • Location: The Atheneum – Dragonspyre Library (in the back of the library, up the stairs, turn right)
  • Requires: nothing


Dragon Wall Bust
  • Description: That’s 1 out of 3 heads you’ll want
  • Location: The Crucible (above a doorway)
  • Requires: nothing


  • Description: It’s a neck sore!
  • Location: Plaza of Conquest – Spearcaller’s Tower
  • Requires: one battle

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Arc 2 Found Housing Items


Coral Crab Lamp
  • Description: It’s lit
  • Location: Crustacean Empire – The Barbican (inside the instance)
  • Requires: one battle


Chained Kraken Statue
  • Description: Release the kraken!
  • Location: Stormriven Hall – Stormriven Temple
  • Requires: two battles, third (boss) battle can be skipped


Water-mole Tribal Shield
  • Description: Mighty indeed
  • Location: The Floating Land (inside the stranded ship, next to Captain Fogg)
  • Requires: nothing


Celestian Legion Statue
  • Description: Saluting the mighty lords of storm
  • Location: The Portico (on the right side in the first area of the instance)
  • Requires: nothing
Open Campfire
  • Description: Great for bonfires!
  • Location: Science Center (next to Engineer Montgomery)
  • Requires: nothing


Spiral Crab Table
  • Description: Chairs not included
  • Location: The Grotto – Coral Castle
  • Requires: nothing


Tallow Candles
  • Description: For keeping the boogie monsters away
  • Location: Baobab Crossroads – Inyanga Whitestripes’ Hut (inside the little hut!)
  • Requires: nothing


Gorilla Hut
  • Description: Never forget
  • Location: Drum Jungle
  • Requires: nothing


Old Pelt Rug
  • Description: Made from authentic pelts
  • Location: Waterfront – Aisley’s Tea Shop (not everyone can enter this room, not sure why not)
  • Requires: nothing


Purple Jewel Pile
  • Description: It’s a little flat but not in person
  • Location: Waterfont – Belloq’s Tent
  • Requires: one cheating boss battle


Elephant Queen Painting
  • Description: Bask in her radiance and melt at her beauty
  • Location: Waterfont – Black Palace (in the last room on the wall)
  • Requires: you have to do the whole instance


Stone Lion Statue
  • Description: Simba
  • Location: Savannah – Nemean Rock instance
  • Requires: one mob battle + one cheating boss battle


Forest Painting
  • Description: Yay more paintings ._.)
  • Location: Caer Lyon (on the wall on ground level)
  • Requires: nothing


Archery Target
  • Description: Robin Hood, I choose you!
  • Location: Abbey Road (at the shooting range)
  • Requires: nothing


Red Toadstool
  • Description: Makes a great seed vault
  • Location: The Wild – Toadstool Village
  • Requires: nothing


Avalon Royal Rug
  • Description: A very lovely rug
  • Location: Caer Lyon – Malgrin’s Tower (all the way up the stairs)
  • Requires: nothing


Avalon Crafting Anvil
  • Description: Time to craft myself a Thor Hammer
  • Location: Dun Dara
  • Requires: nothing


Stone Bird Feeder
  • Description: Watch out for the chicken hawks! (If you’re a chicken.)
  • Location: Outer Yard (near the Trendkill Pantera)
  • Requires: nothing


Tomato Basket
  • Description: Highly recommend skipping this item if find yourself being able to pick it up an infinite amount of times.
  • Location: Saltmeadow Swamp – Ship Hold
  • Requires: nothing


Glowing Mushroom
  • Description: Expose to light for 15 minutes for full glow in the dark experience
  • Location: Cloudburst Forest
  • Requires: nothing


Orange Basket
  • Description: It beats having to deal with tomatoes
  • Location: Floating Mountains – Turquoise Cave (on the table, walk around the creatures)
  • Requires: nothing


Fish Basket
  • Description: It beats having to deal with both oranges and tomatoes!
  • Location: Mangrove Marsh – Mozar Turtle Hunter’s Tomb (in the back of the room, walk around the creatures)
  • Requires: nothing


Sigil Leaf
  • Description: It’s so dull, it’s cute
  • Location: Alto Alto
  • Requires: nothing


Quetzal Cage
  • Description: Good for trapping mistheads
  • Location: Three Points – Black Sun Pyramid Lower Chamber
  • Requires: two mob battles (You need to actually have quested up to here to enter.)


Mantis Vase
  • Description: It’s a piece of grass!
  • Location: Sardonyx – Tower of Pale Beauty
  • Requires: one boss battle


Wood Pile (Ruined Market Stalls)
  • Description: Keep that log away from any rage potions! -the lumberjack
  • Location: Khonda Desert – Barrow Tent
  • Requires: one boss battle


Morganthe Banner
  • Description: Lovely, isn’t she!
  • Location:  Shadow Palace – Morganthe’s Chamber
  • Requires:  One Epic Battle 🙂


Shadow Banner
  • Description:  It’s a dark spiral, nuff said
  • Location:  The Hive – Chamber of the Shadow Smith
  • Requires: one battle


Mutation Chair
  • Description: Do not try sitting on this!
  • Location: The Hive – Mutation Chamber B (walk around the mob)
  • Requires: nothing


Pirate Chessboard
  • Description: Check mate you evil devil !
  • Location: Crescent Beach (via Fort Rachias) – Skull Rock Cave
  • Requires: nothing

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Arc 3 Found Housing Items


Azure Vase Plant
  • Location: Walruskberg Harbor – Torcido’s Office
  • Requires: one battle
Polarian Well
  • Location: River of Frozen Tears
  • Requires: nothing
  • Location: Urville Station
  • Requires: nothing
Walrusk Travel Trunk
  • Location: Forlorn Tayg
  • Requires: nothing
Walruskberg Portrait
  • Location: Walruskberg – Surveillance House
  • Requires: nothing


Crossed Swords
  • Location: Rubal Wastes – Calixco Manor
  • Requires: nothing
Dusty Rug
  • Location: Aggrobah – Palace Treasure Vault
  • Requires: nothing
Hanging Lantern
  • Location: Caterwaul Canyon – Thieves’ Den
  • Requires: nothing
Living Log
  • Location: Caterwaul Canyon – Agouti Rift
  • Requires: nothing
Small Stage
  • Location: Yakhal Mountain (lower level)
  • Requires: nothing


Aero Dwarf Potted Tree
  • Location: Velo City (next to Wirlyburly)
  • Requires: nothing
Alphoi Statue
  • Location: Zanadu – Byrin’s House (in the back room)
  • Requires: nothing
Beastman Hut
  • Location: Aerial Jungle – Beastman Fort (at the back right)
  • Requires: nothing
Kalamar Basket with Handle
  • Location: Aerial Shores – Nowhere Village (up first ramp on the right)
  • Requires: nothing
Nimbari Brazier
  • Location: Nimbus Citadel – New School of Magic (accessed by Academy of Technologists)
  • Requires: nothing

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Arc 4 Found Housing Items


Candy Corn Bags
  • Location: Candy Cane Farm
  • Requires: nothing
  • Location: Black Licorice Forest – Witch’s Treehouse (top of stairs)
  • Requires: nothing
Dinette Set
  • Location: Karamelle City – Nana’s Office (on desk)
  • Requires: nothing
  • Location: Sweetzburg – Gummy Plant (on left side)
  • Requires: nothing


  • Location: Mandoria Monitoring Station (accessed through Lab Entrance instance)
  • Requires: Lab Entrance instance
Lab Display Stand
  • Location: Ursai Village Monitoring Station (accessed through Killawahoo instance)
  • Requires: Killawahoo instance (remains open after completing quest)
Laboratory Stove
  • Location: Night Forest Monitoring Station
  • Requires: one battle
  • Location: Sky City Monitoring Station
  • Requires: nothing
  • Location: Wildlands Monitoring Station
  • Requires: nothing


Insence Burner Pot
  • Location: Catmandu – Monastery second level
  • Requires: one battle
  • Location: New Vicorgia
  • Requires: nothing
Monkey Sparring Dummy
  • Location: Puerto Nuovo
  • Requires: nothing
Flying Machine Model
  • Location: Puerto Nuovo – Governor’s Saferoom
  • Requires: Bad Manzana quest
Basket of Fish
  • Location: La Ville Rose – Theater of the Absurd, second room
  • Requires: Two battles

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Side Worlds and Gauntlets Found Housing Items


Angle-Cut Stump
  • Description: Don’t tell the Lorax
  • Location: Vigrid Roughland (near the yardbird, up the slope behind Hans)
  • Requires: nothing


Bear-Prowed Rowboat
  • Description: Sturdy and powerful
  • Location: Savarstaad Pass (in the water next to another boat)
  • Requires: nothing


Grandmother Raven Statue
  • Description: You traitor!
  • Location: Mirkholm Keep (use the red teleporter, behind the howling banshees)
  • Requires: nothing


Raven Brazier
  • Description: Really cool flames to chase the night
  • Location: Ravenscar (next to the Raven Fortress, use the green teleporter)
  • Requires: nothing


Stack of Logs
  • Description: I repeat, keep them away from rage spells!- the Lumberjack
  • Location: Hrundle Fjord (behind the Frost Goblins at the side of the house)
  • Requires: nothing


Net Drying Rack
  • Description: Smells a little fishy
  • Location: Austrilund (between the two tents)
  • Requires: nothing


Olympian Herb
  • Description: It’s a great gift for any gal
  • Location: Garden of Hesperides (next to Khalkos Coppersmith)
  • Requires: nothing


Grand Statue of Zeus
  • Description: Praise the man
  • Location: Mount Olympus (up the stairs, giant statue)
  • Requires: nothing


Banner of Apollo
  • Description: Careful! It’s a little sharp you see
  • Location: Mount Olympus – Sun Room (you don’t have to do the battle)
  • Requires: nothing


Atlantea Grand Monument
  • Description: Man Bird vs Beast of the Sea
  • Location: Atlantea (right at the entrance of the instance)
  • Requires: nothing
Atlantean Arch
  • Description: Works well with housing magic
  • Location: Atlantea – Akheilo’s Sanctum (on the left)
  • Requires: one mob, two bosses


Nine Fathoms Pedestal
  • Description: Place all the bobble heads you want
  • Location: Atlantea – Akheilo’s Sanctum (on the left)
  • Requires: one mob, two bosses


Ember Stone of Tartarus
  • Description: Tiny flame, great power
  • Location: Tartarus, near the River of Spirits
  • Requires: access to Tartarus
Underworld Brazier
  • Description: Bigger flame, even greater power
  • Location: Tartarus, near the River of Spirits (close to the Bronze Hoplights)
  • Requires: access to Tartarus


Hades the Unseen Mural
  • Description: I cannot unsee this art
  • Location: Tartarus, on the wall in the last room
  • Requires: doing the whole dungeon


Dragonship Painting
  • Description: A sturdy ship indeed, again.
  • Location: Wysteria Ring & Amulet Shop (up the stairs, next to the plant)
  • Requires: nothing


Spiral Tree
  • Description: Don’t get too dizzy staring at it
  • Location: Tanglewood Way (behind the tower building)
  • Requires: nothing


Estate Painting
  • Description: Right before the plant nation attacked
  • Location: Tanglewood Way – Quentin Burble’s House (can be entered from two directions)
  • Requires: nothing


Small Wooden Clock
  • Description: Tick-tickity-tock
  • Location: Pigswick Academy – School of Equilibrium (on the professor’s table)
  • Requires: nothing


Proud Pegasus Statue
  • Description: Proud and stuck up!
  • Location: Pegasus Place (in the stables)
  • Requires: nothing


Arms of Castle Darkmoor
  • Location: Castle Darkmoor – Graveyard (next to throne, at end of instance)
  • Requires: Full Graveyard instance


Towering Darkmoor Column
  • Location: Castle Darkmoor – Graveyard (next to building)
  • Requires: nothing


Iron Sultan Statue
  • Location: Sinbad & The Iron Sultan Gauntlet (at end of dungeon)
  • Requires: Full instance
Throne of Scones
  • Location: Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet (at end of dungeon)
  • Requires: Full instance

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  • New library gauntlet has a statue in the back of the scroll room

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. This article should now be fully updated.

    • Still updating the article?

  • there’s a rug in the Treasure Vault in Aggrobah

  • In Polaris-Urville Station- there are free stocks by the watch lions. The free item is slightly darker than the other stocks. From the path it is on the right side with a guard in front of the house. Not required to battle the watch lions to obtain it–unless you fall in their path.

  • Free well by avalance in front of cave of Zoot Yeti adventurer near Ice Blight Elves.

    • Please add–Polaris River of Frozen Tears is where the well is located.

  • In Forlorn Tayg of Polaris there is a free Walrusk travel trunk by the Bullhemoth Cave where the ladies luggage is strewn about.

  • does anyone know if there are housing items secret ones in the 4 dungeons added to wizard101

  • The small wooden clock in wysteria, The celestial legion statue in Celestia and the sledgehammer in Kroktopia. Thank you for this guide 🙂

    • Not everyone can go in the tea shop because you need a side quest to open it the same one you need to get the stuffed monkey

  • Item: Small Stage
    Location: Yakhal Mountain, Mirage. Bottom right of map next to water fall and ice blocks. The storyline quest will send you to the dungeon Deep Freeze and its across fron the dungeon entrance.
    Requirements: None

  • In Mirage Rubal Wastes during the storyline quest “The Mad Baron” there is a wall hanging item “swords”. Its the room with the kittens and baby beds when you first walk into the room, its on the left hanging on one of the middle pillars.

  • In Walruskberg, Polaris there’s a picture (Walruskberg Portrait) on the wall in the building diagonal to the wand and deck vendor (Leon The Cleaners house). I got it on a side quest called The Professional for Innkeeper Gorbeau.

  • There is a free tree at the Whirley Burley game in Empyria!

  • I just found an item in Mirage. Its called “Living Log” and is found amongst the ferns/plants of Caterwaul Canyons, within eyesight of the oasis.

    • I have this but for the life of me couldn’t remember where I found it thanks

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