A Journey to the West
The Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet

All aboard the Infinity Train! You’re about to hop in for one of the greatest experiences you’ll ever have in the new Demon Slayer mov-.. Oh? That’s not it? I mixed them both up, you say? Urgh! Nevermind.

Welcome again, young Wizards! Get ready to embark on a new adventure in this year’s housing gauntlet somewhere in the wild west.. Somewhere.. Piratey.. That’s right, in the world of Cool Ranch inside the Great Sky Train Robbery housing gauntlet! The test realm hype train has arrived to the live realm station alongside this wonderful addition of a housing gauntlet for your wizards!

How can I obtain the gauntlet?

The Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet can be purchased as a bundle from Wizard101.com for $39. Also included in the bundle is 7,500 crowns . Additionally, you can craft it at any level by collecting reagents from the latest Cool Ranch Robbery Train Pack, available in the game’s Crown Shop.

The recipe is available in the Shopping District from Lloyd FallingWater along with transmute recipes for the same reagents. However, the only way to obtain the below Ticket reagents is from the pack or later on from events like the Scroll of Fortune.

Steerage Ticket (x20)

Coach Ticket (x10)

First Class Ticket (x5)

What’s the story?

So, ready to leave Cooper’s Roost Train Station? Hop in and let’s get started, we’re about to depart! Special thanks to James for letting me try it out from his very own crafted gauntlet! Spoilers ahead!

It all begins as soon as you enter the gauntlet, where you get to meet face to face the one and only Johnny Law, the chicken lawman that you’re helping to protect the Monumental Express Train, a train that is capable of traveling the skyways of Cool Ranch without any sort of need for Windstones (Pirate101 item to sail between worlds) or Spiral Keys, running with several different elements of melted emeralds as fuel: Diamonds, rubies, platinum and a recently discovered element called “Expensivonim”, all built by Nigel Braxton Brixton, a rich Marleybonian dog.

An aside in case you’re wondering what the dogs of Marleybone are doing in Cool Ranch. If you played Pirate101, you’ll notice while you progress in the story that the Marleybonians once had their own deals in Cool Ranch to build a large train foundation that was supposed to connect the massive world of Cool Ranch together to make travelling easier. Will you help Johnny Law fight the evil forces and the final mastermind behind this evil plot that attempts to sabotage the train?

There’s a lot of exciting things await you, and stronger enemies to face… Starting from Snakes, to Chickens, to Horses and even Bisons!

The Great Sky Train Robbery Battles

This Great Sky Train Robbery gauntlet has 5 storyline fights. Further details below on each of the fights in order you encounter them throughout the story. A rewards room is also to be found once you’re finished with the final fight that involves using pet mode to go inside it.

This gauntlet has various tiers of difficulty, depending on the lowest level wizard. Let’s focus on the Tier 5 version.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-25
  • Tier 2 – Levels 26-50
  • Tier 3 – Levels 51-75
  • Tier 4 – Levels 76-100
  • Tier 5 – Levels 101+

Mob Fights:

  1. McCoil Brothers
  2. Rooster’s Roaster
  3. Felonious Felicia
  4. Buffalo Wing

Final Boss Fight (4 enemies):

  1. N. Bison
  2. Kenny Rooster
  3. Daniel McCoil
  4. Miss Felicity

Battle #1
McCoil Brothers

The McCoil Brothers are the first set of enemies you get to counter in the gauntlet. These scaly snakes are as fierce and as annoying as you think. And let me tell you, just because it’s a mob fight, doesn’t mean it will be as easy as most housing gauntlets once used to be, you’ll see why very soon.

Fight Info

  • 3 of them will be onboard on the rooftop of the train
  • They are Death mobs with 3,825 HP
  • They’re packed with critical and decent damage, so be careful


  • At the very beginning of the battle, McCoil Brothers will interrupt and say “Have some Snake Oil to cure what ails me!“. This cheat gives you one spell in hand that cannot be discarded, similar to the cheat in the Aberrant Paradox fight in Karamelle’s Finale.
  • The cheat triggers again every 5 rounds.


Battle #2
Rooster’s Roaster

Upon defeating McCoil Brothers, these scary Rooster’s Roaster chickens show up to halt you from progressing further into saving the train! What makes them quite annoying is their damage and armor piercing. Kill them as quick as possible!

Fight Info

  • Same as the first fight, 3 of them will be onboard of the train rooftop
  • They are Fire mobs with 3,560 HP


  • One of the Rooster’s Roasters will interrupt and say “Macaw Pow!” If the Wizard casts a Star School Aura, which will deal damage at the Wizard and also will destroy the aura bubble and deal damage on the caster of it.


 Battle #3
Felonious Felicia

Upon defeating the Rooster’s Roaster gang, this amazingly fierce gang of horse fencers appear to stop you from stopping their plot. As beautiful as they look, don’t let the looks fool you. this fight did not seem to have any sort of cheats upon trying it out. However, the schools of focus for one of them might be different.

Fight Info

  • 3 Felonious Felicias are to be found on the rooftop awaiting to fight you
  • Their schools as mentioned above, are different. 2 of them are Balance, and the 3rd is a Life school. The Balance Felicia’s HP is 3,825, while the Life Felicia’s HP is 4,660 HP.


Battle #4
Buffalo Wings

This is the last and final gang you’ll stumble upon in your journey on the rooftop of the train. All the way from Tumbleweed, the home of their affiliate gang, which the Wild Bunch. The name rings quite the bell on your mind if you quested through Cool Ranch in Pirate101!

Fight Info

  • 3 of them await you on the rooftop to fight them
  • They are Myth mobs with 3,600 HP
  • They’re packed with damage, critical and piercing mostly


  • They will say “Something.. Something.. Psycho Power!” where they will confuse you at the very beginning of the first round, the confusion effect lasts 2 rounds. Similar to Medulla’s confusion cheat. So be careful when hitting or otherwise, you might kill your teammates!
  • The cycle continues with the same cheat where it is casted once again every ?? rounds.


Battle #5
The Finale

This is where it all gets interesting! You fought 4 different gangs’ minions on the train’s rooftop while traveling to the Dusty Springfield Station. Upon arrival, you get to meet these 4 gangs’ leaders, who are waiting for you to defeat you and then cripple the train. N. Bison, Kenny Roaster, Daniel McCoil and Miss Felicity will stop at NOTHING to defeat you.

Fight Info

N. Bison

  • N. Bison is a Myth School boss with 10,350 HP
  • This boss uses an enhanced version of Orthrus, which costs only 4 pips to cast and deals a bit higher damage.
  • N. Bison has quite the high damage and critical rating

Kenny Roaster

  • Kenny Roaster is a Fire School boss with 10,240k HP
  • This boss uses a different version of Efreet that is different than the regular Efreet. When it comes to the weakness debuff, it places a -95% weakness.
  • Kenny Roaster has quite the high damage and critical rating

Miss Felicity

  • Miss Felicity is a Balance boss with 11,000 HP
  • Her damage and critical stats are no different than N. Bison and Kenny Roaster
  • Felicity doesn’t attack as much at times however, this boss tends to use mostly buffs such as blades and auras.
  • This boss can use Impede (no Pip gain for 4 rounds)

Daniel McCoil

  • McCoil is a Death boss with 11,000 HP
  • McCoil has both, high damage and critical rating


  • At the beginning of the first round, N. Bison will say “Bow Before my Pyscho Power!” Where he will confuse a random wizard player. The cycle continues to happen every ?? rounds
  • In the same round before the battle starts, McCoil interrupts as well and says “Essential Snake Oil, for when life is too much” which will give you a random spell in your hand that cannot be discarded. The cycle continues to happen every ?? rounds.

These are the spells that show up in hand so far:

  • Upon attacking the 4 bosses, N. Bison will interrupt and say “Psycho Deflection!” where he will naturally attack you and deal 1.4k damage on your Wizard
  • Once a Wizard uses a Star School aura, Kenny Roaster will say “The Chickens Come here to Roast!” where he will naturally attack you, deal damage and then destroys the casted school aura and deal damage as well.


  • Buff a hitter with blades as soon as possible to go for an aoe that’ll eliminate all the enemies in a matter of 3 rounds or so.
  • Make sure you have a healer with you, as these enemies hit hard, you’ll need to catch up with heals in return for the damage you’re receiving from them!
  • Avoid completely using any sort of offensive or defensive spells while you’re confused, you don’t want to end up giving the enemies a good heal or damage your teammates. We all learned that the hard way from Medulla and as they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  • Shields will work quite well but it’s best to buff as quick as possible as I mentioned to kill them quickly.
  • Soloing is something I don’t recommend as it can be a bit hard, but if you’re a soloist with more advanced strategy, go for it!

Victory and Rewards

Here’s what I got from the final battle! A fearful yet adorable Rambler’s Runner pet! I have managed to do the dungeon only once, so I couldn’t get a chance to farm it as much, if you manage to get anything aside from the pet, let us know in the comments and we will credit you!

But wait.. you thought that was it? There’s one more reward you can get.. How you ask? Simply, once you finish the final battle, don’t exit the gauntlet. You’ll find at the arrival station a door that says “Pets Only” as seen below:

Once you’re done with the dialogue after the final fight, enable pet mode, then go to the Pets Only door using your pet, it’ll teleport you to a secret room with a daily interactable item that’ll give you a free reward! (Including a chance to get the Armadillo Mount).

If you don’t know how to enable Pet mode to get into the room, simply by pressing the button next to your mana globe as shown above.

Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet’s
Favorite Moments

Train Rooftop Battles and Infinity Train

Something I’ve definitely enjoyed about this gauntlet is the train rooftop fights, that give a similar vibe and experience to those from the infamous anime series, Demon Slayer with its movie, Demon Slayer: Infinity Train. It gave a similar feeling and experience close to it, especially with the rooftop fights. Well done, Kingsisle.

Gandry's Hat

As always with Wizard101, we’ve managed to see Boochbeard and Gandry across many places in the spiral, the same thing has happened with this housing gauntlet where Gandry’s hat made an appearance inside the train itself. That was a nice touch that makes Pirate101 quite recognizable as usual!

El Toro! *Trumpets*

If you’re familiar with Pirate101 and played through Cool Ranch, you’ll see this paper everywhere in Santo Pollo in Cool Ranch. To see this making it’s way to Wizard101 is quite funny, what’s funnier too is the “T” mark on the wall that belongs to El Toro. Seems like Johnny Law and I arrived to the crime scene a bit.. late.

Train Environment

It felt quite realistic as possible. The train itself as a design looked cozy, and even some friends from Marleybone and Cool Ranch made it to the train it seems! Overall, the visual scene for the train interiors was quite fascinating. Something that makes me look forward to see this dungeon making it’s arrival to Pirate101.. I really hope.

Cool Ranch Theme

The gauntlet managed to deliver the theme of Pirate101’s west world, which is Cool Ranch accurately. It felt like home. I can’t say more. It looked pretty good for the eye sight and what’s even better that I can’t stop complimenting is the Train Rooftop fights while the train was moving forward. This type of train rooftop fights would be super tense and great for a board combat style system like Pirate101’s. It’d fit perfectly in style. Which is part of why I loved this dungeon and I hope it makes an appearance on Pirate101 soon too. Such gauntlet would be epic in Pirate101 to see!

Tanjiro from Demon Slayer can relate when it comes to Rooftop fights!

And it seems that the train has arrived to the final station!
Have you tried the Great Sky Train Robbery Gauntlet yet?
What did you like about it so far?
Let us know in the comments below!

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  • whoever made this strat. Its so wrong. please recheck your strat. wasted my time

  • One of my friends at tier 4 got a hatching timer reset elixir from the final boss, you may want to add that as well. Wizard101 central noted that it should be available at the highest tier, but I can’t verify that firsthand. Regardless, it’s definitely worth the mention.

  • “Not enough on your own? Then Fall!” is a latecomer cheat from M. Bison that confuses the person who shows up late for, what looks like, 1 or 2 turns. This is only the case if a full turn passes before the player shows. What we would do, since there were just two of us, is when we would be defeated, we fled, potion’d up, teleported back, and rejoined the fight. Before we teleported back to the start of the dungeon, but then realized that we could mark the location right before the fight. This meant that, originally, a turn would pass before rejoining. After we teleported directly to the fight, it took less than a turn and the cheat didn’t happen. This could probably uses more testing, but as of my current power level, I hate this gauntlet and will not touch it for a while.

  • I think if you put blades on other people, ms. felicity removes them. We all got confused round 1, not just one random wizard. When we didn’t kill all, the snake guy banished the horse lady.

  • Balance blades don’t work if miss Felicity i still alive, me and my balance friend tried and I basically had to solo the fight.

  • I have looked all over the spiral for the The Great Train Robbery Station, can’t find it. Where is it hidden?

    • It is not located anywhere in the Spiral because it is a gauntlet. This is exactly like the Winterbane and Pagoda gauntlets. They can be found in players’ castles only or you buy them yourself. More info about this at the very start of this article.

  • “At the beginning of the first round, N. Bison will say “Bow Before my Pyscho Power!””

    I think you mean Psycho, not Pyscho. To be fair, it is an easy thing to misspell, I just thought you might want to know about that

  • You also can get furniture: Cloth covered country table, red brick fireplace, bottle collection. One of our team mates did get a pair of boots but I don’t know what they were.

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