Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet

It’s time for the Sluagh slugfest! Travel into the highlands and defeat the Banrigh Slaugh. Be careful though, she may have some cheats to stop you in your tracks. Travel into the Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet today and pick up some sweet new gear. 

Obtaining the Gauntlet

There are 2 ways to obtain this new gauntlet.

  • You can buy the gauntlet along with 7,500 crowns for $39 on the Wizard101 website 
  • Crafting; the recipe shown below (and recipes for the other gauntlets) can be bought from Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District. The reagents can be obtained from the new Unforgiven Dead Pack

You can also use a gauntlet from a friend who has bought/crafted one.


Doom has come to Ettinburg. The queen of the unforgiven dead has escaped her prison and claimed her throne on castle Bryndiwyyterwaggon. This can only mean one thing. It’s time for the Sluagh Slugfest! During this time, the greatest warriors will race through the highlands to beat the Banrich Slaugh herself. However, you are not alone in this race. The creatures listed below are also trying to slay the slaugh as well.


This gauntlet currently has three tiers of difficulty: levels 1-50, levels 51-100, and levels 100+. Within the new gauntlet there are 6 total fights. These include 4 minion fights, 1 boss fight, and a very unique secret boss. Let’s explore the level 100+ tier…

Loch Key Knight

  • 1 Myth Minion – 4,320 HP
  • 2 Ice Minions – 5,340 HP

Highlands Moolitia

  • 1 Fire Minion – 4,270 HP
  • 2 Balance Minions – 4,590 HP


  • 4 Storm Kelpies – 3,840 HP

Woad Warrior

  • 4 Life Woad Warriors – 4,860 HP


Boss Fight-Story

Once you have gotten past all the other competitors you will be greated by the Banrich Slaugh, queen of castle Bryndiwyyterwaggon. If her terrible screech doesn’t break you her cheats sure might! If you manage to defeat the Banrich Slaugh you will be rewarded with the Stone throne of Scones. After this the Sluagh Slugfest will come to an end. Don’t worry though, the Banrich Slaugh will return to the castle in another 100 years if you are still up for the challenge!

  • Banrigh Sluagh – Rank 20 Death Boss, 13,200 HP
  • Unforgiven Dead – Rank 19 Elite, 5,280 HP (Balance, Shadow, or Star)

Notable Spells

While I did not note too much out of the ordinary for the Banrich Slaugh, she sure loves her shadow spells! The Banrich Slaugh will often cast a winged sorrow or the new Lemuria shadow spell Grim Reaper, both of which will put up a weakness to slow you down. 

List of cheats:

“Late to doomsday! You’re still doomed!” – If a wizard joins the battle late, the Banrigh Slaugh will place a +100% damage trap on all wizards.

“That zombie just slipped the wizard a card!” – At the start of turn 1, the Shadow school minion will give each wizard a Donate Shadow that costs 0 pips. 

“The dead are arming the wizard! What a twist!” – At the start of turn 2 the Balance school minion will place a +30% trap on his entire team.

“The Banrigh Slaugh brings the curse of blight!” – At the end of turn 2, the Banrigh Slaugh will place an infection on each wizard.

“All blades are made to rot!” – At the start of turn 3 the Banrigh Slaugh will remove all blades and place weaknesses on any wizards with blades.

“The dead escape their bonds and bless the living.” – At the start of turn 3 each wizard will be given a +20% damage aura.

“Ah that’s gotta hurt am I right?” – At the start of turn 4 the Banrigh Slaugh will cast Supernova on all wizards.

Fastest Strategy

Most of these cheats are actually pretty helpful. Assuming you have a full team, hitting on turn 2 is the ideal strategy to avoid the blade removal cheat. If you end up going past turn 2, traps will be more useful then blades for the fight. Below is the fastest strategy. 

  Turn 1 Turn 2
Support 1 Feint Blade
Support 2 Potent Feint Sharpen Blade
Support 3 TC Feint / Item Card Feint Different Blade
Hitter Frenzy 7 Pip AOE

Secret Boss

After beating the dungeon travel down the path to the right of the castle and you will be met by groundskeeper Willie! He is a Rank 20 Myth Boss with 12,425 HP. This is a very unique fight and may seem complicated at first. Let’s start by breaking down the cheats.

Notable Spells

Some notable spells you will want to look out for are Medusa and Basilisk. These 2 spells can slow you down immensely.


Groundskeeper Willie is immune to all damage. 

“Ach! I cannae be beaten only banished.” – Willie will give each Wizard a banish spell. The spell is a myth spell and costs 7 pips and 2 shadow pips. The spell also has 5% accuracy. 

“Hide behind your shields then.” – Willie will give each wizard an accuracy blade.

“Oh wizard need a heal? Maybe a blanket too?” – When a wizard casts a heal, Willie will give the healed wizard a 3 pip donate shadow. Pet heals will not trigger this cheat.

“Time for a controlled mana burn!” – Every 3 turns, Willie will cast a mana burn that will remove pips and one shadow pip from each wizard.

“Ach get them bitey!” – If you try to hit or juju Willie, he will cast Orthrus.

“Think ye can banish me? Try!” – Nothing special here he is just taunting you. 


Fastest strategy

To beat Willie you must cast the banish spell on him. With the strategy below, Willie can be quickly killed on the third turn. Waiting any longer will slow you down, as the mana burn cheat will remove some of your pips. For this strategy, a Myth wizard is needed as the “hitter”.

  Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3
Support 1 Sprite on self Donate Shadow on Myth Precision on Myth
Support 2 Sprite on self Donate Shadow on Myth TC Precision on Myth
Support 3 Pass / Shield / Myth Dispel Pass / Shield / Myth Dispel Shield (for accuracy blade)
Myth Wizard Flawless / 20% Infallible TC Pass Banish Groundskeeper Willie


The drops for this gauntlet are very generous. Even the minions have some goodies to spare. Spell-defying/proof jewels drop pretty consistently. In 30 runs, I was able to get 4 spell-proof jewels. The Loch Key Knights also drop this extremely rare and very nice looking wand. 

The Banrigh Slaugh drops all the new gear from the Unforgiven Dead pack. I did 30 runs of this gauntlet for testing and the drop rate seemed to be about a 1 in 4 chance for gear. 

Groundskeeper Willie also has some good loot. He drops the new mounts from the pack. The mount does seem pretty rare, but with the quick strategy above, farming for it should be a breeze!


Overall, this gauntlet was very enjoyable. It also provided a good challenge at first. It took me and a friend over an hour to figure out how to banish Willie at first. If you have a friend with the gauntlet or are willing to purchase it yourself, I would highly recommend checking it out. 

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