Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet

Welcome Wizards, to the mysterious lands of Ferros! Experience the most epic and daring adventure of a lifetime inside the latest housing gauntlet introduced for Wizard101, Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet!

How to get it you ask? Well this year’s Housing gauntlet isn’t in a traditional bundle, surprisingly. There are 2 ways to obtain it. You can buy it for $39 from  (also included are 7500 Crowns) OR you can craft it by buying the recipe from the Castle Block recipe vendor in the Shopping District and then opening the Sinbad Hoard Pack to get the necessary reagents.

Traditionally, the reagents needed to craft the gauntlet are Magical Clay (20x), Marvellous Clay (10x), and Magnificent Clay (5x), all of which can be obtained from the pack. Following the Spring 2023 update, Aqua Fortis (20x), Aqua Regia (10x), and Aqua Vitae (5x) reagents can also be used. These can be transmuted 1-1 from the Clay reagents, and can be used to craft other gauntlets such as the Doomsday Krok gauntlet. This makes your Clay reagents much more useful!

The Sinbad pack has gear, pets, a mount, and wands in addition to the new reagents you will need to craft the gauntlet. You can also obtain the equipment from the pack as a rare drop from enemies in the gauntlet. This article will focus mostly on the Gauntlet itself, so let us press on to this fantastic journey, shall we?

Special thanks to Michael Wildflame for letting us try out his gauntlet!

The Story

Spoilers ahead! If you’d like to read the story and the dialogue in-game instead, kindly keep going and ignore this section.

The gauntlet’s storyline occurs in the mysterious lands of Ferros. You get to meet an ambitious ship captain (That captain definitely isn’t my pirate, I assure you) named Sinbad.  Sinbad and his firstmate, Lemni, ask for your aid. They need your help to defeat an evil magician called Hari Houssen (Also known as The Iron Sultan later as you move on). This evil magician possesses a powerful magical jewel called the “Iommi Stone”. This jewel has exceptional transmutation powers: It can transmute anyone or anything into Metal, Steel or Gold!

However, Hari Houssen is hiding on the isolated Volcanic Isle of Metallos, found in the Violent Sea of the Dead (As shown in the picture above). In order to reach Hari, You’ll journey with captain Sinbad and Lenny to Metallos aboard Sinbad’s ship, The Chimera. Once you reach your destination you’ll find giant beasts, Skeletons Steeletons, and many more foes that try to halt your progress.

The Fights

This gauntlet has various tiers of difficulty, depending on the lowest level wizard. Let’s focus on the Tier 5 version.

  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-25
  • Tier 2 – Levels 26-50
  • Tier 3 – Levels 51-75
  • Tier 4 – Levels 76-100
  • Tier 5 – Levels 101+

This dungeon has 4 storyline fights. Here they are, in order (further details below):

  1. Metaltaurs, a mob fight
  2. Chromeclops, also a mob fight
  3. Steeletons, the third and final mob fight
  4. The Iron Sultan and The Golden Dragon, bosses

There’s also a secret boss, Metalosus, found by going through a fake wall after defeating the Metaltaurs.


Metaltaurs are the first nasty-looking minions you encounter in the gauntlet. They’ll stop at nothing to prevent you from reaching the Iron Sultan. In order to bypass the cursed magical door you’ll have to first defeat them, breaking the curse!

Fight Info:

  • Metaltaurs are Ice school mobs with 3,870 health.
  • These creatures can cast Shadow-Enhanced Spells
  • They have no cheats or interrupting spells.
  • These creatures have base armor piercing.

Like with any basic mob fight, vanquishing these mobs (and the next 2 mob battles) simply requires a couples of blades along with an AOE attack of your choice.


Giant beasts, I know! But don’t be fooled by their height or their hammer. They aren’t as tough as they look. Once you defeat the Metaltaurs, you, Sinbad, and Lemmi proceed on and encounter these metallic monsters.

Fight Info:

  • They have 4,450 Health and are myth school mobs.
  • These creatures can cast Shadow-Enhanced Spells.
  • They have no cheats or interrupting spells.
  • These creatures have base armor piercing.


Rattlebones is back. Wait what? Just kidding. Steeletons are the third and final wave of mobs you’ll have to defeat before fighting The Iron Sultan himself. And I will tell you this, they are death minions but they pack a nasty punch due to their sizeable damage boost. (Note that these mobs, unlike the 2 preceding fights, do not have access to shadow-enhanced spells)

Fight Info:

  • They have 3,825 Health and are death school mobs.
  • No cheats or interrupting spells.
  • These creatures have base armor piercing.

The Iron Sultan and The Golden Dragon

sinbad iron sultan final boss

This is the final battle in the gauntlet. First, Hari Houssen uses the Iommi stone to transform himself from a Polar Bear to the menacing Iron Sultan. This won’t be an easy fight, so be prepared for it and make sure to bring your best spells! Be careful of his Iron Fists. One wrong move and you’ll be demolished…

Fight Info:

  • The Iron Sultan is a storm enemy with 11,100 health, the Gold Dragon is a sun enemy with 4,700 health, and Steeleton is a death mob with 3,825 health.
  • Both the Iron Sultan and the Golden Dragon can cast Shadow Spells.
  • 1 Steeleton minion spawns if you’re soloing the gauntlet. A second minion spawns if there are multiple wizards in the instance.
  • All enemies have base armor piercing.


  • At the beginning of the very first round, the Iron Sultan will say “Clever, But that is why I have a Golden Dragon!” The Gold Dragon will then cast a Shadow Spell that intercepts 75% of the damage dealt to his allies (similar to the Dark Sentinel in the Omen Stribog fight). This effect lasts until the Dragon’s defeat.
  • If a wizard joins late, he will say “You are late!” and cast a shadow variant of Iron Sultan on the late wizard.
  • Upon casting a feint (and only a feint), He will say I am Metal!and cast Cleanse Ward twice on himself. This makes Indemnity ineffective.
  • He will say This one goes up to eleven! at the end of every fourth round, cheat-casting a Darkwind.
  • Immediately after casting Darkwind, he will say,Heavy Fists of Lead, Fill my victims full of dread!He then casts Iron Sultan on the lowest health wizard on your team. This attack can do well over 3000 damage, so be prepared.


  • Since the Dragon intercepts the vast majority of damage dealt to the Sultan and the Steeleton(s), it’s difficult to kill all 4 enemies in 1 blow. So, it’s probably best to first use a smaller AOE attack (with no more than couple of blades) as quickly as possible to eliminate the Dragon and do a few points of damage to the other enemies.
  • After eliminating the dragon, quickly blade up and use non-feint traps to set up a fatal attack on the Sultan and his Steelton(s).
  • Make sure you have a healer on hand if the fight doesn’t end before round 4, as the cheat-cast Iron Sultan will be devastating to your lower health wizards. Fleeing and porting back isn’t an alternative, as the returning wizard will immediately be greeted with another cheat-cast Iron Sultan.

It is said that The Iron Sultan boss rarely drops the items you can get from the Sinbad Hoard Pack!

At the end of the battle, The Iron Sultan turns into an interactable housing item statue that you can place in your house and get daily loot from! You also earn the badge Champion of Metallos upon claiming the statue and closing the gauntlet.

sinbad iron sultan defeat



sinbad Iron sultan dungeon secret boss

Metalosus is a secret boss inside the Sinbad Gauntlet. Sometimes he spawns, and sometimes only a Leadite (a Steeleton-esque death mob) spawns. There is no confirmation yet as to whether or not this random spawning is intended or just a bug. Once you defeat the Metaltaurs, keep walking until you find 2 pathways. Instead of taking the left pathway and continuing to fight the Chromeclops, take a right and walk through the wall.

Fight Info:

  • Metalosus is a balance school boss with 13,260 health and no minions.
  • This boss has base armor piercing.
  • Although he is a secret boss, he doesn’t cheat.

Rumors has it that he occasionally drops unique items… I wonder what they could be? 😉

Overall Opinion

  • Definitely a nice gauntlet! The story takes place in an unknown world and the plot is very fun to play through.
  • The loot is a bit underwhelming since the gear, pets, wands, and mount drop so rarely.
  • The cheats are okay for The Iron Sultan fight. It is tad a bit disappointing, however, to see a secret boss introduced with no cheats or access to shadow spells.
  • The concept is pretty original. Being able to purchase the gauntlet directly (as with old gauntlets) or craft it is a welcome addition. The recipe only requires that you be an initiate crafter, so it’s open to wizards of all levels! 

Have you tried Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet yet? Did you buy the gauntlet or would you prefer crafting it? Have you found any other cheats or discoveries we’ve yet to find? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Wizards101 has been on my account for about 15 years—yep, not sick of it yet. But, I did take a hiatus for a while before coming back to am entirely new experience—Shadow Spells that require 2 pips? Whoa!

    At any rate, I pride myself on crafting. Back in the day, I fought until I was able to craft the Deer Knight spell. That was tough! Now, I’ve decided to take on crafting a gauntlet for each of my properties: Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet, Sinbad & Iron Sultan Gauntlet, and Night Mire Gauntlet. One at each of my homes. 🙂

    The problem that I have is in not having an understanding of obtaining 3 different Peats, Clays, and Moss for each of the gauntlets. Where can I locate these? Anyone know?

  • Hey there! I love this web page you guys do an amazing job. One suggestion I would love along with all your other lists that name out the special types of gear certain bosses drop. Id love to know what types of UNIQUE furniture and mounts bosses drop. I know wiki has huge lists that are hard to follow. You guys are more crisp. Like you could list the archery housing item or the roc mount etc. for this the sinbad dungeon. But there are a dozen other gauntlets one shots and permanent. And i always wonder if they are even worth it or what unique items they have to offer. Thanks

  • I truly hate this gauntlet, they nerfed the drop rates. It drops such a small amount of loot each time, even none sometimes. This dungeon is truly really bad. I am barely sure it actually drops the wands from it. The drops make the entire dungeon just terrible as a whole. You have little not chance of actually getting any loot that isn’t a prism tc.

  • Can it drop the lvl100 wands or only 120+ wands

    • Level 100 for sure. Probably 120 too.

      • Okay thank you I appreciate it. Havent had luck in packs for the lvl 100 wands for pvp so i might as well try to farm it then if it drops the lvl 100 wands. haha now time to ask around to see if anyone has it to get some runs in thanks

      • Also would it be tier 4 or tier 5 . Since it says tier 5 is 101 – 130 and tier 4 is 80 – 100 ?

        • I got a level 100 wand while farming the max tier.

  • I don’t think it transforms into a house collectible. I think that the sultan actually turns himself into the collectible since he runs out of energy (you only get him once though)

  • so what you are saying its a one shot dungeon and not a gauntlet? gauntlets are repeatable, one shots are one shot and done.

  • Anyone know the glitch where the Iron Sulton does not spawn and you only face the dragon and skeletons over and over?

  • Chromeclops have cheats if you don’t kill them fast. When their health was pretty low and I was just saving pips for another attack, randomly all 3 suddenly cheat-casted a special cyclops-themed attack each. This was random, they didn’t say anything, they just suddenly started doing it.

  • Ridiculous, your choices are: buy the gauntlet bundle for $39.00, or craft the gauntlet buy collecting 300 level 2 clay from the Sinbad Hoard Packs (399 crowns each). Then use 280 level 2 clay to craft 35 level 5 clay. Then use 25 level 5 clay to craft 5 level 10 clay. That gives you the 20 level 2 clay, 10 level 5 clay, and 5 level 10 clay you need in order to craft the gauntlet. Assuming you get at least one clay per hoard pack that comes out to 300 packs x 399 crowns = 119,700 crowns (or $160.00 when not on sale). Hmm, $39.00 vs $160.00, no wonder Kings Isle wanted to make this item craftable, it comes with a huge profit.

    • you can farm for the mats in the seasonal events

  • Is this gauntlet one-time use from the bundle, since it transforms to a usable house item that you can get free daily stuff from? I’m a returning player with Pagoda and Winterbane (very old, I know) and trying to see what other gauntlets I can collect and try out, but I really only want permanent gauntlets like those, not the one-use kinds.

    • This gauntlet is permanent and can be played again and again.

      • then why do they say after you cleared it, it becomes (transforms) into a house collectable. this indicates that once you clear the gauntlet it no longer can be ran.

        • They mean the Sultan statue becomes collectable and you can gain items from it.

  • There were a lot of nice drops the first 2 days. I was able to get several level 130 crown gear soloing on my death wiz. * no hooks alas

    It seems that the drops have been nerfed yet again after an initial flourish. I have gotten nothing but housing items since that time

  • Why are you disappointed about no cheats? I hate cheating bosses, they are so annoying. I thought they were fun when they first introduced cheating Malistaire with 100k health then the bosses in Celestia, but now, the cheating bosses are just annoying.

    • I can’t speak for any other members of the team, but personally I enjoy having more difficult PvE content, especially when that content is optional, like this gauntlet is. Furthermore, this is a secret boss and he’s a ~13k health enemy with no minions. That seems way too easy in my opinion.

  • The Metalossus has a chance to drop the roc mount perm, but it’s very low

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