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One Shot Dungeons are a hybrid between a Hoard Pack, and a Housing Gauntlet. Their price is 500 crowns per use!

  • You buy the gauntlet, and then you and three friends can go through it once.
  • Like a hoard pack, these gauntlets will give you a chance at new unique gear, weapons, pets, and even a mount!
  • You can set the difficulty of these gauntlets, and you can also use dungeon recall with these.
  • These are tiered, so the amounts of HP and ranks will be different for lower levels, as this is for the highest level (which is 80+)
  • You cannot port into these dungeons, even if you do not have a full group.

There are two different one shot dungeons to start out with – Baddle of the Bands and Tanglewood Terror.

Baddle of the Bands

baddle of the bands sigilsKing Thermidor’s back! However, he seems to be in a pickle. His reign is being challenged by a challenger, Cyn De Lobster! Cyn De is his former bandmate, and she wants her throne! Can you help Thermidor keep his kingship?

Baddle of the Bands is a four battle romp through a Dragonspyre-inspired instance, and as expected the puns are well and alive throughout.

(Side note: Turn your music on, trust me. It’s worth it.)

The Baddle of the Bands gauntlet has different level restrictions for each difficulty tier. These are:

  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-19
  • Tier 2 – Levels 20-39
  • Tier 3 – Levels 40-59
  • Tier 4 – Levels 60-79
  • Tier 5 – Levels 80+

Let’s go through the Tier 5 version of this gauntlet!

First floor

Motley Crew Stats

4 Death Mobs – Motley Crew (Rank 11) – 1,900 HP

Second floor

Dee Snidee Stats

Dee Snide – Fire Boss (Rank 12) – 3,840 HP

Twisted Kin Stats

3 Myth Mobs – Twisted Kin (Rank 12) – 1,960 HP

Third floor

cyn de lobster statsCyn De Lobster, Storm Boss (Rank 12) – 3,880 HP.

goonie stats

3 Goonies mobs – Life (Rank 12) – 2,180 HP

Fourth floor

Just Health Wisps in here

Fifth (and final) Floor

Patt Minotaur Stats

Patt Minotaur – Rank 12 Balance Boss – 5,800 HP. Night Shadow Ice Mob – 2,880 HP. Night Shadow Fire Mob – 2,320 HP

  • Patt Minotaur can use shadow magic at the highest level.

After completing this dungeon, one more badge will be added to your collection 😀

Rock Hero badge

Unique Drops

Hat, Robes, and Boots

Rockstar High Hat


Rocker’s Top Hat



Headbanger’s Getup

Headbangers's Getup robe

Headbanger’s Spiked Boots

Headbanger's Spiked Boots

Thanks to Seth Vint in the comments

Rockstar Kicks

Rockstar Kicks boots

Thanks to Ryan in the comments

Rocker’s Stompers

Rocker's Stompers

Rockstar Thump Kit

Rockstar Thump Kit wand

Thanks to nova in the comments

Rockin’ Roller

Rockin' Roller pet

Thanks to Mark Darkcaller in the comments

White-Striped Ziger

White-Striped Ziger mount1


White-Striped Ziger mount

Thanks to Wolf Darkthorn on Facebook


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