Lord Nightshade Boss Rematch

Tired of your max level wizards not being able to farm for spellements? Looking for some new challenging end game content? Rematches are here to give you exactly that! All 5 arc one final bosses are back with more power and cheats then ever. In this article we will be covering the Lord Nightshade rematch.

Obtaining A Rematch

Rematches can be found from a new vendor in the Arena, Raquel. She will provide you with rematches from the end of world bosses from the first arc: Lord Nightshade, Krokopatra, Meowiarty, Jade Oni, and Malistaire. These new rematches will also require some crafting. Luckily, the recipes are not too difficult. For Lord Nightshade you will need 50 perfect onyx, 60 red mandrake, and 4 blood moss. Raquel also sells recharges for these gauntlets. Recharges will allow you to fight the boss again without paying the full price for a new gauntlet item. Lord Nightshade’s recharge will cost 50 perfect onyx, 25 red mandrake, 2 blood moss, and a Lord Nightshade rematch trophy. The trophy can be obtained by beating the Lord Nightshade rematch. After beating Lord Nightshade, go back to your house and pick up the trophy where you originally placed the rematch.

Level Bands

There are 3 tiers for each boss, a level 1-50, a level 51-100, and a level 101+ version. To get the level 50 boss you must be level 50 and under. The fight will scale to the owner’s level. For example, if the owner is level 50 and goes in with three level 150 wizards, you will be given the level 50 version of the fight.

The Fight



Rank 20 Boss

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details




Rank 14 Boss

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details





Rank 9 Boss

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details




Unlike when you fought him in Wizard City, Lord Nightshade will have a ton of new cheats to slow you down. His main cheat mechanic centers around an Equalize bubble he casts at the start of the fight.

“Your doom approaches”

At the start of the battle, Lord Nightshade will cast an Equalize bubble that caps all damage at 500.


At the start of turn 3, Lord Nightshade will cast another equalize bubble that caps all damage at 1,000.

“And closer…” 

At the start of turn 5, Lord Nightshade will cast another equalize bubble that caps all damage at 2,000.

“It’s almost here”

At the start of turn 7, Lord Nightshade will cast another equalize bubble that caps all damage at 4,000.

“Your doom is now”

At the start of turn 11, Lord Nightshade will cast a 75% doom and gloom bubble removing the damage cap. This will cause the deer knight at the end of the turn to deal 100,000 damage and end the fight. 

“Tardiness is unacceptable”

If a wizard joins the fight late, Lord Nightshade will cast a Ship of Fools that deals 100,000 base damage. This spell will be capped by the equalize bubble. 

“Kneel! For I am the harbinger of your demise!”

At the end of every turn, Lord Nightshade will cast a moon deer knight that deals 100,000 base damage with no DOT.

“You wish to hasten your doom?”

If the bubble is changed, Lord Nightshade will cast 3 100% indemnity shields. The bubble will not be changed, meaning the fight will end when Nightshade kills your team with his 100,000 damage deer knight at the end of the turn. 


While this fight can seem very difficult, when broken down it can easily be done in 3 turns. Using the spell Nightbringer, you will be able to nullify the bubble cheat and make this fight much more simple. Here is a strategy that I was able to use to beat nightshade in 3 turns. I used this strategy on my storm with 175% damage and 38% pierce.  I was able to do around 45,000 damage in one run even with a -40% weakness so having a little less damage and pierce will work just fine.

Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 (can also use dark pact or any different blades) Hitter
Round 1 Elemental Blade Feint Storm blade Frenzy
Round 2 Sharpened Elemental Blade Potent Feint Sharpened Storm blade Nightbringer 3 pip hit
Round 3 Tc Elemental Blade/other Elemental Blade Tc Feint/other type of Feint Tc Storm blade/other Storm blade 2 pip bubble


Lord Nightshade will drop Rank 1 and 2 Spellements. Lord Nightshade will also drop one of the new Cantrips spells To The Commons. If upgrading is needed in your guild house, Azoth can also be dropped from this rematch. Similar to other housing gauntlet bosses, he will also drop this trophy. However, unlike previous gauntlet bosses, this one can be used to recharge the gauntlet, which means you can craft it for a lower cost.


Overall, these new rematches have been very fun to try out and definitely have provided some challenging content with some sweet spellement rewards!

Enjoying the fight?

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Jacob has been playing Wizard101 ever since he was a kid. Currently, he has 3 max level wizards and 2 max level pirates. He absolutely loves PvE! Making guides for the newest worlds and bosses is one of his favorite things to write about. If you ever see him around the spiral, feel free to say hello!


  • So, what’s my plan for beating the fight in only a single turn? Well, it’s theoretically doable, but I can’t test it because I don’t have the resources on hand. However, here’s what I came up with. Everyone but the attacker will need access to pets with specific willcasts. The 2 people in the middle will need willcast shatter. Also for fun, I’m assuming we use a fire wizard. Remember, by using a willcast, you effectively get 2 spells in the same turn, and willcasts come before your wizard’s spell from what I hear.
    Here’s the strategy:
    P1: Willcast wildfyre (this may be possible with the regular version too, but we really do need the ability to use multiple spells here). This activates the shields. Afterwards, use any feint. My math will assume that this player uses a potent feint
    P2: Willcast shatter, different kind of feint.
    P3: Willcast shatter, another different type of feint.
    P4: Willcast hex (30%), Dragoon amulet Fire Dragon.
    This set up will assume a fire with 150% damage and 40% pierce with a formula of (680*2.5*1.35*1.8*1.8*1.75*1.3)*0.8, which will make the fire dragon do about 13500 (remember the goal is to deal at least 13200 damage). Again, fires at max level will have more than this, usually at least 180% damage.

    Just for fun (and to show that it will work regardless of school), I’ll do the same for ice. My ice wizard has 190% damage with 40% pierce. I’ll also allow the use of Deathly Depths, but at the lowest damage tier (495 base damage)
    P1: Willcast balefrost, Potent feint
    P2: Willcast shatter, Potent feint
    P3: Willcast shatter, item card feint
    P4: Deathly Depths.
    795 is from an epic Deathly Depths
    2.9 is my 190% damage
    1.8 has been explained previously
    Same for 1.75
    1.35 is from WC balefrost.
    0.8 references the remaining resist he has after my pierce. This attack deals about 14000 damage. I’m cutting it considerably close, yes, but it still does work, even for the lowest damage school. I’m also not allowing shadow hits because the goal is for the fight to still be consistently doable, and there’s no way to be guaranteed a shadow pip at the start. I’m using a quint damage pet, but if you were to switch a +4 damage talent with armor breaker (for those curious), you’d only gain 400 damage. With it being barely possible, if your damage was less than that (like less than 175%), I’d also recommend giving the ice a pet with willcast hex and damage.

    Additionally, I just realized that for my 2 round strategy, there is a possibility that he could use a weakness. I have calculated though that if your storm has at least 190% damage (which a lot will have), you’ll be able to kill even through his strongest weakness that he can use, the -40 from Virulent Plague. Although wraith and vampire have weaknesses that take away 60% or more, those can’t be activated on the first turn. Wraith requires Nightshade to already have a blade for the effect, and vampire requires us to already have a debuff. Regardless, I think I can safely assume that the 2 round strategy is accessible to nearly everyone without any special pet set ups (aside from preferably some damage on the hitter).

    • You won’t be able to use any of these Willcasts on the first turn. If you were to try to 1-turn this, you would only be limited to Willcasts of spells that cost 0 pips, like Hex and Curse. I think if a turn-1 kill is possible it would have to be more in this direction:

      Person 1: 35% Item Card Global
      Person 2: Hydra (via Deckathalon deck), WC Hex
      Person 3: Potent Feint, WC Curse
      Person 4: Epic Tree of Strife

      Doing the math for this, presuming a Storm with 220% damage, you barely make it. (1145 * 3.2 * 1.35 * 1.3 * 1.8 * 1.2 = 13,889). I imagine as we get better damage more schools can accomplish this.

      • You actually can’t? That’s genuinely good to know. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve never been able to get a willcast on any of my pets, so I never was able to test that.

  • Building on the idea from anony mous, I wanted to see if it could be done in 2 turns for speedrunning. Because I don’t have anyone online at the time for testing, this is only theoretical, but the math still supports it. I actually also came up with a theoretical strategy to even beat the fight in a single turn, but the set up will be very difficult.

    The formula I came up with was as follows:
    This set up assumes a storm attacker with 140% damage and 20% armor piercing. In practice, many storms attempting this will have higher damage and piercing stats, I’m intentionally showing lower damage and piercing to show that it’s doable even without the best available gear.
    This is a boss with 13200 health and 60% resistance to all schools. Both damage and pierce are very important here for this strategy, and quite a lot of farmed storm gear does have pierce anyway. I’ll break down the math.
    990 is the base damage of Storm Lord when enchanted with epic. 2.4 is a multiplier of the damage, 140%.
    1.4 is the 40% outgoing damage from frenzy.
    1.75 is a 75% version of feint. This can be obtained from item cards like mass feint, but to keep this strategy accessible to those not looking to use crowns, I’ll also mention F2P options. Specifically amulets like Amulet of Agony and Jewel of the Feint, both are readily available from the Bazaar.
    There are 2 1.8s which represent 2 80% feints. Specifically potent feint and item card potent feint. Someone probably will have it be trained. You’ll likely need someone with Dragoon Boots for the item card potent feint. There are amulets that do give potent feint (specifically the Kalamar amulets which are also available in the Bazaar), but we are going to need an amulet space for usage of shatter. However, if you do have a method of using shatter without the item card, like treasure cards or if you have a myth with access to the spell, then you can use those instead. There are also pets like the forge goblin that also give a shatter card, just depends on what is available.
    The 1.25 comes from the usage of Darkwind. Not only does it slightly buff storm attacks, but it also removes the damage cap. Nightshade does not replace changed globals.
    The 0.6 is for Nightshade’s remaining resistance with the 20% armor pierce, it effectively simulates his remaining 40% resistance.
    With this set up, you would deal 14145 damage. I’m also banning criticals since those are far too inconsistent, and I want my strategy to be primarily consistent as well as easily accessible as I can make it. Again, storms will have more damage and pierce than what I’m depicting, but this is only an example for discussion.
    P1: Item card feint
    P2: Potent Feint
    P3: Item card potent feint
    P4: Frenzy
    P1: Darkwind
    P2: Shatter
    P3: Shatter
    P4: Storm Lord.

    We have to do 2 shatters, 1 to remove the protection from the shields as they are protected with Aegis and the 2nd to properly remove them. He deliberately uses -100% shields to make it so killing him isn’t possible before he finishes off the player with a moon deer knight that does 100000 damage. This is the shortest the fight can be with easily accessible items that are either crafted (in the case of Dragoon gear) or can be bought with gold without any need of real money (IE Crowns).

  • Great guide! I am going to attempt this with a team of 3 in four rounds. Five feints, and a myth hammer. I don’t think I could do it in 3 rounds, especially with all the potential debuffs. This would also be possibly one less round if someone had enough Nighbringer Spellements to reduce pip-cost to 3 from 4. I cannot imagine farming for that many Nightbringer spellements however…

  • Hi! Just so you know, the Jade Oni and Malistaire pictures are not a clickable link in this article. I realize that at the time this article was created, the strategy guides for those bosses weren’t a thing yet. However, now that they do exist, I was wondering if you could please make it so people could click those links and be taken to the page for the respective boss. Thanks for your time :-).

  • I thought of an idea for a strategy. I’m not sure how this could be implemented in practice, but I noticed that Nightshade uses 3 aegis tower shields at 100%. Could you have the first person use a global, but have players 2 and 3 use shatter and have the 4th person hit? The first shatter would remove the protection, and the second would wipe out the shields entirely. This would make the strategy more accessible for those who don’t have Nightbringer for whatever reason. That reminds me by the way, there is no such spell as “Nightbreaker”, you likely got confused with “Daybreaker”, which is an actual spell and probably what you were thinking of.

    Additionally, this would also allow wizards with slightly lower damage to use epic on their spell for 300 extra base damage. Shatter is available as both a treasure card and a trained spell, and even some pets have it. If you never farmed for Dragoon gear, this would be much more viable (since the main source of nightbringer spellements is from King Detritus). Shatter is also accessible to everyone as either a spell, item or treasure card. Myth can train it at level 35 after doing a fair bit of Grizzleheim. The treasure cards aren’t extremely common as they cannot be bought from an infinite seller (although it can be crafted if you do the deckathalon and somehow have a bunch of runes), although a fair number of enemies drop them, so you’ll likely have quite a few. As for item cards, this is also viable through several amulets. Specifically, the Torc of Hidden Wisdom can be bought from the Bazaar which come with a shatter. Same for the Amulet of Unweaving, which is also available through the Bazaar. While doing this would take up turns for the 2 support wizards so they wouldn’t be able to feint then, I’d actually recommend moving the feints to an earlier turn and ditch some of the blades. Since feints give more damage than blades (70 over 35), this would make it even more accessible for those who don’t have particularly high damage, especially if a storm attacker is not available. As long as you can communicate the strategy, I see no reason why this wouldn’t work, unless a cheat was programmed to counter this plan.

    Additionally, any reasonably high level team will be able to pull this off. If they don’t have one already, the people using shatter could get a wand and deck that give pips right from the Bazaar. As far as I’m aware, after level 120, most decks (if not all) have a starting pip, and all high level wands start the player with a power pip as well, so any character will always have enough pips for a shatter, as long as they don’t use spells that cost more than 1 pip.

    Here’s the 3 turn strategy that I personally see could potentially be viable.

    R1: Feint (70), TC feint (70), Potent Feint (80), any 0 pip self buff like a blade or spear (a spear is preferable if the attacker doesn’t have much pierce, remember that spears were buffed to +20).
    R2: Elemental/Spirit (E/S for short) Blade, Sharpened E/S, another feint (like an item card or mass feint) if available (otherwise, a treasure card spear for the attacker could also be useful), Frenzy.
    R3: Any global (preferably one that boosts the damage of the attacker), shatter, shatter, 8 or 9 pip attack, depending on the school.

    Adjustments can be made to this, of course. If you have extra types of feints that stack, like from an item card, those can be used instead of a blade to increase the damage output further. The person in the first spot could run an amulet that has feint like Jewel of the Feint instead of the E/S blade. If the first and last players are fire wizards, the first could use a potent backdraft on turn 2 for a +115% (assuming 3 power pips and 1 pip) trap and would still be able to use a global like wildfire, assuming 100% (or at least very high) power pip chance on R3. If someone has access to an item card potent feint (like on Dragoon boots), that could also be used on a feint that stacks with the regular potent feint as well. There are enough types of feints that you could probably avoid blades altogether. I also suggested spears to help counter Nightshade’s resist as he has 60% universal. A spell card and an item card of it are both +20, so +40 pierce from that alone would lower his resist to a mere 20, which is much more manageable, and you’ll likely have pierce from your gear to reduce it further, if not negate the remainder of the resist (if you farmed for +6 pierce jewels, you’ll likely be able to do so). Of course, with a large number of feints, you probably could overpower him even without the pierce.

    I also mention 8 or 9 pip attacks as some schools don’t have a good 9 pip attack for this purpose. While some schools have very good 9 pip attacks for this, like ice having Woolly Mammoth, life having Gnomes and death having Dr. Von’s monster, some schools don’t. For example, fire’s 9 pip spell is rain of fire. If you aren’t able to kill Nightshade in 1 hit, he will kill the entire team once it’s his turn. Instead, you could opt for Efreet or King Artorious (KA for short) as a strong single enemy attack. Additionally, if your hitter does not have 100% power pip chance, a failed pip would allow them to simply elect to use a lower pip spell, like ice could fall back to KA (as Snow Angel wouldn’t work for this purpose). For reasons like this, I recommend ice brings Woolly Mammoth and/or KA, fire brings Efreet or KA, storm brings KA, myth brings KA, death brings Dr. Von’s Monster and/or KA, life brings Gnomes and/or KA, and balance brings Judgement. Although the shadow enhanced spells can do more, due to the fact that Nightshade has shadow rating, you aren’t guaranteed to get a shadow pip when you need it, which could potentially mess up the strategy. You can adjust the spells as needed. If your ice has 100% power pip chance, they can stay with just Woolly Mammoth. Although lots of people will have 100% power pip chance, I’m trying to make it so this can be done without having the best items, including options where someone doesn’t have nightbringer, although I am assuming that there still are essentials like having feint trained on someone.

    Really though, this is just theoretical. I’m not entirely how sure this would work in practice, but I feel it’s worth a try.

  • Can Nightshade and Jade oni be extracted from the rematch gauntlets?

    • Not at the moment, no.

  • “At the start of turn 11, Lord Nightshade will cast *aa* 75% doom”

    I think you accidentally typed in 2 a’s. Just wanted to point that out.

    “I used this strategy on my storm with 175% damage and 38% *peirce*.”

    I believe that this is intended to say “pierce”.

    “go back to your house and pick up the *trophey* where you originally placed the rematch.”

    I believe you meant to say “trophy”.

    “Just like gauntlets, the fight will scale to your Wizards’ level.”

    According to Wizard101 Central, this is not true. They say that it scales to the level of the owner (see attached link), meaning that a level 150 and 3 level 1s will still get the highest difficulty provided that the level 150 is the owner.

    • Fixed, thanks!

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