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With the spring update of 2015, Wizard101 brought forth a new way to dungeon – the One Shot Dungeon! They are a hybrid between a Hoard Pack, and a Housing Gauntlet. Their price is 500 crowns per use!

  • You buy the gauntlet, and then you and three friends can go through it once.
  • Like a hoard pack, these gauntlets will give you a chance at new unique gear, weapons, pets, and even a mount!
  • You can set the difficulty of these gauntlets, and you can also use dungeon recall with these.
  • These are tiered, so the amounts of HP and ranks will be different for lower levels, as this is for the highest level (which is 80+)
  • You cannot port into these dungeons, even if you do not have a full group.

There are two different one shot dungeons to start out with – Baddle of the Bands and Tanglewood Terror


Tanglewood Terror

In the Wizard101 Tanglewood Terror dungeon Mrs. Dwagger is in a sticky situation! Something has taken over Wysteria, and is turning the vines against everyone! Even worse, they are causing.. MASSIVE PUNS! Can you stop the puns, and save Wysteria?

The Tanglewood Terror gauntlet has different level restrictions for each difficulty tier. These are:

  • Tier 1 – Levels 1-19
  • Tier 2 – Levels 20-39
  • Tier 3 – Levels 40-59
  • Tier 4 – Levels 60-79
  • Tier 5 – Levels 80+

Let’s go through the Tier 5 version of this gauntlet!

First fight

Meanest Flytrap Stats

4 Meanest Flytrap – Myth Rank 12 Mob – 2,060 HP

    • Love to spam Medusa.

Second fight

Dead Beets Stats

4 Dead Beets – Death Rank 12 Mob – 2,200 HP

    • Love to spam weakness, bad juju, and plague.

Third fight

Disparagus stats

4 Dispargaus, Life Rank 12 Mob – 3,420 HP

    • Love to spam gnomes.
    • Health and mana wisps appear after you beat them.

Fourth (and final) Fight

Forest Grump Fight

 Forest Grump – Rank 12 Fire Boss – 4,800 HP. 3 Forest Nymph – Rank 12 Storm Mob – 2,000 HP

This one is a fairly standard fight from our test runs. The Forest Nymphs are fond of using Tempest or Storm Lord (with a cool new animation!) on their first turn, so come into the fight expecting that. Forest Grump himself seems to be a standard boss enemy. We haven’t observed anything cheat-wise!

Unique Drops

Here are some of the drops from the Tanglewood Terror dungeon.

Hat, Robes, and Boots

Cap of the Tanglewood Hero



Tanglewood Terror Coif

Tanglewood Terror Coif hat


Cap of the Plant Punisher

Cap of the Plant Punisher

Thanks to Destiny Stormflower in comments

Tanglewood Terror Robes

Tanglewood Terror Robes


Tanglewood Hero’s Footgear



Terror of Tanglewood Shoes

Terror of Tanglewood Shoes

Thanks to Destiny Stormflower in comments


Tanglewood Terror Spear

Tanglewood Terror Spear wand


Tagnlewood Hero’s Nettle

Tanglewood Hero's Nettle

Thanks to James in comments



Stained Glass Roller

STained Glass Roller

Thanks to Jonathan Lester in comments


Tanglewood Stalker




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