Hoard of the Hydra Pack

Released in June 2012, the Hoard of the Hydra Pack has lots to provide! Some of the most adorably lazy pets, first ever three-person mount, and lots of gear including a promising energy set. The gear differs every ten levels and goes all the way up to lvl 100.

Beast Pets

Don’t be too surprised if these pets stop to take a nap in the middle of a battle, it is just their nature! The Beast pets are a very common choice among players due to their school blade item cards. The pet talents and statistics, sadly aren’t that impressive on a first generation version of these pets. However, with a little hatching you could end up with the perfect beast pet.

Desert Beast

Item Card: BalanceBlade

Shadow Beast

Item Card: DeathBlade

Blaze Beast

Item Card: FireBlade

Snow Beast

Item Card: IceBlade

Forest Beast

Item Card: LifeBlade

Strange Beast

Item Card: MythBlade

Spark Beast

Item Card: StormBlade

Mythic Beast

Item Card: BladeStorm

Hydra Mount

The first ever three-person mount to make it to the game! Clearly based after the Rank 6 Balance Hydra spell, you will find the mount to be just as fierce! Additionally, the mount provides a regular +40% speed boost.



Perhaps not the most ideal gear for questing or PvP, but it does have its uses. The Pixie set offers a great amount of energy, while the Faerie Court set can be a good option for outgoing healing.

Pixie’s Mask of Encanta

Pixie’s Armor of Encanta

Pixie’s Enchanted Boots

Mask of the Faerie Court

Faerie Court Steel Leaf

Faerie Court Boots

World’s Fool Mask

World’s Fool Armor

World’s Fool Boots



Introducing the Lute weapons. Perhaps an ideal option for defensive healing as they all offer a decent amount of critical block and incoming / outgoing healing. Not to mention they have a pretty unique look for your wizards!

Levee Breaking Lute

Mandolin of Evermore

Misty Mountain Mandolin


Other noteworthy drops

A couple of terribly useful plants drop quite commonly from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack, the Couch Potatoes and the Pink Dandelion! Couch Potatoes for the mega pet snacks and Pink Dandelion for crafting Seed Vaults.

Couch Potatoes

Pink Dandelion

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