Mistakes in Wizard101 &
How to Avoid Them

In Wizard101, wizards have the benefit of being able to make multiple choices about which path they want to follow. While most paths all have the same end result, there are some steps that every wizard should take in order to have an easier time with their journey to finish the storyline or to become amazing at PvP. There are also some Wizard101 mistakes that are easily avoidable, and that’s really what this article will help you with.

Training A Secondary School

This is easily one of the most common mistakes in the game. When your wizard levels up, or completes certain quests, you gain a training point. One mistake that I was definitely guilty of investing all of my training points into was Death. It may have been a good maneuver up until getting feint, but I trained Doom and Gloom, and Wraith.

Doom and Gloom and Wraith aren’t exactly handy for a level 50 storm. Therefore, I would suggest avoiding investing all of your points into one single secondary school. Diversify and get the strengths of all of the schools!

How to use your training points?
Check out this article!

How many training points you’ll need?
Check out our calculator!

Not Crafting or managing Reagents

Crafted Gear is some of the best gear in Wizard101. The quests are sometimes difficult, but are definitely worth it. For a guide to these quests, check this out!

Some reagents may be tricky to find, but you can buy them in the bazaar or garden them! Never ever sell reagents, no matter how desperately you need the gold. They may be useful later on! Always pick up any and every reagent or chest you see in the game.

Not checking the Wizard City Bazaar

The Bazaar will give you the best deal for any gear, treasure cards, furniture, snacks, and reagents that isn’t marked as “No Auction”. Not selling here is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Quick selling from your backpack may be convenient, but you’ll be losing yourself a lot of gold. Additionally, you can buy some amazing gear here from levels 1-60 and some good decks until level 110.

Training a Pet

Pets can completely revolutionize your game experience. Some pets are able to provide you with massive stat buffs, granted they have the necessary talents – mine gives 22% damage and 40+ critical rating.

Pets can also provide a wide variety of useful item cards, such as blades, that are valuable in combat due to blade stacking. Thanks to hatchmaking, you have access to good pets to hatch with at any time. Hatchmaking can be accessed from the little kiosk in the Pet Pavilion, but as you may know it does cost plenty of gold.

To level up pets so they can provide you with even more talents you will need snacks. These can even be farmed from battles or you can obtain them from gardening. You don’t necessarily need crowns to get into a good pet. For those who aren’t as familiar with pets, check this out!

Not Gardening

Gardening can basically help you get anything you want in the game. This includes mega snacks, rare treasure cards, furniture, jewels, and a few other things. We definitely recommend getting the Red Barn Farm from the Crown Shop that is available for gold. This will make all of your plants grow faster!

Study what each of your plants likes and dislikes in order to speed up the growth of your plants. Common items include Garden Gnomes, furniture items dropped from the very same plants, and Pixies that are either summoned automatically on plants or by casting a gardening spell.

Not doing a little Fishing

Fishing is definitely not a mandatory activity in Wizard101 and perhaps its not for everyone but there are plenty of benefits for participating in it. For instance, fishing lets you:

  • obtain some mounts through crafting or even getting mounts from fishing up chests;
  • craft some mega snacks;
  • fish for some very cool and unique wands;
  • and get buckets of gold by selling fish!

Additionally, at higher levels you will require fishing to complete specific crafting quests as some reagents are only available through fishing. It can also be a relaxing activity to spend time on.

Being scared to use Treasure Cards (TC)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go berserk on the Lifebane TC. What I am saying is, stack up on TC enchants, blades, and hits. These will come in handy for you later down the line.

Not Utilizing Discarding & Keeping a small deck

As far as Wizard101 mistakes go, this one can be a bit controversial. Do you really need 4 copies of StormBlade in your hand? By discarding, you can find other useful cards faster and thus having a healthier selection of spells in your hand. At the end of the day, it depends on your playing style preferences, but having less cards is more likely to speed up your combat.

Not Upgrading gear every few Levels

Gear stats can make or break a wizard. Even a 2% increase in accuracy can make a huge difference, especially at lower levels. Trust me, anyone that has quested between levels 1 and 60 knows what I am talking about.

If you are choosing to use Bazaar gear and not farming major dungeons, you should be checking every 3-5 levels and updating them then. There are other alternatives at some levels that you can keep an eye out for.

Farming, or NOT Farming Bosses for better gear

Some dungeons and their bosses offer gear that can be pivotal for the game such as Waterworks or Darkmoor. Other dungeons are, for lack of a better word, useless. Atlantea is ten levels higher than Waterworks, and its gear is worse than both Waterworks’ and Avalon’s Crafted Gear.

Understand which dungeons you should spend time farming, and which bosses you should do for the completion experience. I would recommend farming Waterworks, Darkmoor, and the Catacombs (WCU). If you are looking at farming more of the major dungeons keep in mind the below instances:

Hopefully, this helps you eliminate some mistakes you make in gameplay! Did we miss anything any common Wizard101 mistakes?
Let us know in the comments!

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Dakota TitanHeart

Dakota's been playing Wizard101 for well over ten years now. He's seen a lot of change in the game, and loves to check everything out on his trusty Storm and Death. When an update comes out, expect to see him running around to create strategies and discover secrets. While he's more of a PvE player, Dakota isn't new to PvP, formerly a tournament PvPer. Nowadays, he spends his days playing Beastmoon and working on his fire wizard.


  • “Therefore, I would suggest avoiding investing all of your points into one single secondary school. Diversify and get the strengths of all of the schools!”

    Sorry, but this is a terrible recommendation!
    I have ran across so many players who made the mistake of training in too many classes. You can have a bunch of tiny (low pip) spells starting out, but you are not going to get a card deck with any significant space until level 20-30+

    You will struggle horribly if you train in too many school spells. I recommend picking just one other class and sticking with it, and get the mastery amulet of that secondary school so it will be the same number of pips to cast as your primary school.

    To get the most mileage out of your cards, if you choose a secondary school that is the same group (Elemental: Fire, Ice, Storm) or (Spirit: Death, Myth, Life) as your primary school, you can train triple blades and traps from the Balance Tree Niles in Krokotopia.

    You can purchase Treasure Cards (TC) from the third school in your group (Elemental or Spirit) to take advantage of the remaining school blades and traps, and you don’t need to use your training points for this.

    You will appreciate having the extra training points to train in other schools later (Sun, Star, Moon if you are inclined- although I don’t recommend Moon, and much later Shadow magic) when you are a higher level.

    • I respectfully disagree.

      At first it is ok to train one single secondary school as at lower levels you are spammed with white pips and you don’t get that many training points. However, as soon as you reach lvl 30…ish it is best to diversify and get each school’s strength like Death’s Feint, Ice’s Tower Shield, etc

      Additionally, mastery amulets are not a realistic option. First of all, the amulets are not easy to get especially at lower lvls. Also, gear is typically tailored to increase the wizard’s main school stats (damage, accuracy, etc). Thus, you won’t match your primary school’s damage output.

  • How active is the game right now? I used to play back in 2012.

    • I’d say its becoming more active with time. It did slow down before, but it still has a solid player base.

  • I casted Lifebane and 4 Elucidated spells few days ago. I have kept those spells for years. Then I discovered there is something called Gamma Trading Post yesterday.

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