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Azteca main quest line guides



Mirage main quest line guides




Wintertusk main quest line guides

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While misthead has written all kinds of guides, the most popular by far are her "main quest line" guides. She does have all kinds of articles under her belt, from a grandmaster Myth PvP guide to research about which wand stitches are the most popular.


  • darkmoor seems to be impossible solo, any ideas?

    • While Darkmoor is possible to solo, I would extremely not recommend it. It is designed to be one of the game’s major dungeons that requires a team to complete.

      Try using team up or switching to a busier realm to find some people.

  • What is the pre-requisite for Catacomb entrance?

    • Basically you need to complete Empyrea Part 1 and finish Bartelby’s solo dungeon that will give you the Scion spell. Once you turn in the quest “Make Like A Tree And Go” you can speak to Renee for access.

  • crab alley and aquila

  • Crab Alley is listed as a Main Quest, despite it technically being optional, as it is listed with a star, similar to how other Main Quests are in the Quest Notebook.

    Could you guys do a Quest Tree on that at some point? It’d be really helpful. Thanks!

  • Where is crab alley?

    • Crab Alley would be categorized with Wizard City, however that is not really a main quest line area. Thus, it wasn’t included.

      • you included grizzlehiem and wintertusk, which are also side worlds. so why not crab alley and aquila?

  • I am in love with this site!! Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

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