Malistaire Boss Rematch

Tired of your max level wizards not being able to farm for spellements? Looking for some challenging end game content? Boss rematches are here to give you just that! All 5 arc one final bosses are back with more power and cheats than before. You may have thought you beat him in Darkmoor, but Malistaire has returned for one final fight.

Getting A Rematch

Rematches can be found from a new vendor in the arena, Raquel. She will provide you with rematches for the end of world bosses in the first arc: Lord nightshade, Krokopatra, Meowiarty, Jade Oni, and Malistaire. These rematches will require some crafting. To craft the Malistaire rematch you will need 50 perfect onyx, 35 lava lily, and 6 fire blossoms. Raquel also sells recharges for these gauntlets. Recharges allow you to fight the boss again without paying the full price for the gauntlet. Malistaire’s recharge costs 50 perfect onyx, 15 lava lily, 2 fire blossoms, and a Malistaire rematch trophy. The trophy can be obtained by beating the Malistaire rematch. After beating the fight, the trophy will appear where you placed the rematch in your house.

Level Bands

There are 3 tiers for each boss, a level 1-50, a level 51-100, and a level 101+ version. To get the level 50 boss you must be level 50 and under. The fight will scale to the owner’s level. For example, if the owner is level 50 and goes in with three level 150 wizards, you will be given the level 50 version of the fight.

The Fight

Below is the max level version of the fight. The level 50 and level 100 versions of the fight play out the same, just with weaker stats and spells.

Malistaire (TIER 3)


Rank 20 Boss

Classification: Wizard












Hover or Tap stats for more details



Sylvia Drake (TIER 3)


Rank 19 Elite

Classification: Undead












Hover or Tap stats for more details




As you may have guessed, Malistaire will have some cheats to slow you down. His main cheat will be a -100% virulent plague which he will cast at the start of every round as long as Sylvia is alive.

“Late? Have a taste of the Dragon Titan’s power!” If a wizard joins the fight late, Malistaire will cast Fire Dragon

Nothing can stop us!” If Sylvia is alive, Malistaire will cast a -100% virulent plague at the start of each turn

“Can you fathom the pain of our parting?” After Sylvia is defeated, Malistaire will deal 25% of his HP to himself and cast an AOE mana burn that also removes shadow pips.

“My love… I can’t hold on… any longer” After about 1-4 rounds Sylvia will cast a dark pact that deals 100% of her health and gives Malistaire a 100% blade.

“Death cannot part us for long!” Malistaire will resummon Sylvia and stun all wizards

“Charms? I’ll take those” If a wizard casts a blade, Malistaire will cast Jinn’s Larceny which will remove the blade and cast a blade on Malistaire instead

“I cannot bear to see my love in pain” If a wizard casts a damage over time, Sylvia will cast mass triage

“No! Hasn’t he suffered enough?” If Malistaire is hit, Sylvia will cast sacrifice on Malistaire healing him for around 2,000 health.

At any time in the fight the team that is going first may switch. This cheat has no dialogue


At first this fight can seem very overwhelming. However this fight can be done in 2-4 turns depending on RNG. The basic strategy is to trap stack Malistaire with feints and other traps until Sylvia uses her cheat to defeat herself. After that you can easily one shot Malistaire with a single target hit. Here is the strategy in 3 rounds. The fight may take longer or shorter based on when Sylvia uses her cheat. I was able to do this on a storm with 174% damage and 45% pierce and did around 30k damage.

Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Hitter
Round 1 Cleanse charm hitter Feint Any traps to boost hitter Potent school trap
Round 2 Cleanse charm hitter Potent feint Any traps to boost hitter Frenzy
Round 3 Cleanse charm hitter or trap if Sylvia is defeated Tc feint Any traps to boost hitter Single target hit Malistaire if Sylvia is defeated


One of the main rewards from doing rematches is Azoth. Azoth can help you unlock your guild house, get a raid key, and craft many useful items. Rematches are also one of the main ways for max levels to obtain spellements. Malistaire will drop spellements for all of the rank 6 spells. Malistaire can also drop the Cantrips spell To the Basilica. Similar to other housing gauntlets, Malistaire will drop a trophy. However, unlike previous gauntlets this trophy can be used to craft the duel again at a lower price. You will NOT earn any loot from fighting a boss lower than your appropriate level.


Overall, these rematches have been super fun to try out. They have provided a nice challenge with some sweet spellement rewards to upgrade your favorite spells.

Enjoying the new rematch fights? Let us know in the comments below!


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Jacob has been playing Wizard101 ever since he was a kid. Currently, he has 3 max level wizards and 2 max level pirates. He absolutely loves PvE! Making guides for the newest worlds and bosses is one of his favorite things to write about. If you ever see him around the spiral, feel free to say hello!


  • This guide is outdated. Please update it at the earliest 🙂
    The fight is treated as a Challenge mode fight and you get scaled down to lvl 50.So spells such as Feints, enchants and astral spells are banned. The cheats are the same but the strategy wouldnt work

    • is the blade cheat active? or is that not part of the updated fight?

  • “If Sylvia is alive, Malistaire will cast a -100% *virgulent* plague at the start of each turn”

    I think you are looking for the word “virulent”.

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