Death AOE Spells

There are many spell types in Wizard101. A common type of spell is an AOE. This refers to spells that target multiple or all the enemies in a fight. These spells hit all enemies instead of one. Below is the complete list of all the Death AOE spells, divided into two categories: Learnable Spells, and Item Cards/Treasure Cards (TC).


While spells can be trainable (or obtainable from quests, craft-able or drop-able), spells in the form of Item Cards come from a piece of gear. Treasure Cards, on the other hand are valuable and stronger version of spells or item cards and they can be used only once. The only exception in this list is the Quismah’s Curse, which allows you to choose from 1 to 4 targets at the same time.

Death Learnable Spells

Ship of Fools

  • Pip Cost: 2 (+1 Death)
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Celestian Spellemental Pack
  • Spell Effect: 300 death drain to all enemies and heal 50% of each attack to self

Deer Knight

  • Pip Cost: 3 (+1 Death)
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Knight’s Lore Pack, Grady (Crafting), Lambent Fire (Spellements)
  • Spell Effect: 300+270 death damage over 3 rounds to all enemies


  • Pip Cost: 7
  • Level: 48
  • Trainer: Dworgyn (Q: Don’t Fear the Reaper)
  • Spell Effect: 590 death drain to all enemies and heal 50% of each attack to self

Avenging Fossil*

  • Pip Cost: 10
  • Level: 88
  • Trainer: Dworgyn (Q: Avenging Assembly)
  • Spell Effect: 710-810 death damage to target and 260 death damage over 3 rounds to all enemies

Call of Khrulhu*

  • Pip Cost: 5 (+1 Shadow)
  • World: Castle Darkmoor
  • Trainer: Spirit of Darkmoor (Q: Walpurgisnacht)
  • Spell Effect: 675 death drain to all enemies and heal 40% of each attack to self

Quismah’s Curse*

  • Pip Cost: 4 (+1 Shadow)
  • Level: 118
  • Trainer: Qismah Shasa (Q: Quismah’s Curse)
  • Spell Effect: 768 death damage divided to one or multiple enemies

Snack Attack*

  • Pip Cost: 5 (+1 Shadow)
  • World: Karamelle
  • Trainer: Maulwurf von Trap (Q: Mole Problems)
  • Spell Effect: Pushes 1 negative charm to target and 530-650 death damage to all enemies

Wobbegong Frenzy

  • Pip Cost: 3 (+1 Ice)
  • World: Wallaru
  • Trainer: Zander (Q: King Shark) or via spellements
  • Spell Effect: 405 death damage to all enemies

* Death School Only – Quest Reward

Death Item & Treasure Card Spells

Deathly Volley



  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Brainy Assistant (Pet), Gloomy Eye (Pet)
  • TC Source: Empyrea Bosses, Winterland Pack
  • Spell Effect: 265-325 death damage to all enemies


  • Pip Cost: 4
  • Level: Any
  • Source: The Great Clock Enemies, Ultra Trumpet Vine
  • Spell Effect: 357 death damage to all enemies and adds 1 life shield to self

Morganthe’s Requiem

Avenging Fossil (4P)

Avenging Fossil (7P)

  • Pip Cost: 7
  • Level: Any
  • Source: Scrappy Gryphon (Pet), Avenging Fossil (Pet) + Hybrids
  • Spell Effect: 570-645 death damage to target and 220 death damage over 3 rounds to all enemies

Death Seraph

  • Pip Cost: 8
  • Level: 76 (Amulet), 78 (Boots), 100 (Robe)
  • Source: Knight’s Torc of Virtue (Amulet), Royal Jouster’s Boots (Boots), Nightfall Torment Guise (Robe)
  • TC Source: Knight’s Lore Pack
  • Spell Effect: 380-480 death damage and adds -65% infection to all enemies

Ominous Scarecrow

  • Pip Cost: 8
  • Level: Any (Pet), 50 (Robe), 90 (Hat)
  • Source: Royal Armor of Retribution (Robe), Prestigious Hat (Hat)
  • Source (525): Scarecrow (Pet) + Hybrids
  • Spell Effect: 550 death drain to all enemies and heal 50% of each attack to self

Bonetree Lord

  • Pip Cost: 8
  • Level: Any (Pet), 70 (Robe)
  • Source: Wildwood Yeti (Pet), Tundra Hunter Tuke (Robe)
  • TC Source: Empyrea Bosses, Ultra King Parsley
  • Spell Effect: 575-655 death damage to all enemies

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  • Did you forget Ship Of Fools? That and could you please make spellwriting Mutations for death & Balance

    • Hey Chris.

      I was the one writing the spellwrighting mutation series and even though they’re missing the Death and Balance articles I decided to stop for two reasons:
      1. All the values and effects were about to become outdated due to KI’s spell audit which is still ongoing.
      2. Spellwrighting isn’t developing. The system has barely taken its baby steps so prospect of an advanced spellwrighting system feels like a very distant dream and thus not a very good subject to elaborate on at this time.

      Once the spell audit is complete I’ll begin entire new series of mutations on par with KI’s revised spell standards. I may or may not propose them as a spellwrighting feature depending on how I feel about the system’s development.

    • Hi, Ship of Fools is listed as the very first spell in the article.

      • I don’t see it

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