Spiral Cup Bundle

From the depth of Tanglewood Way in Wysteria, came the Spiral Cup Bundle packed with a set of great items just to be in fashion with Wysterian themed items just for $39 from Target. And don’t worry, we checked to see there’s no trickery behind it or goblins trying to plot for revenge against you! Time to seek out what this wonderful bundle has from items, shall we?

  • Spiral Cup’s Attire
  • Mystic Grimoire Wand
  • Pegasus Pony Pet
  • Tanglewood Vine Mount
  • Spiral Cup Gauntlet Housing Item
  • 1 Month of Membership or 5000 Crowns

Spiral Cup’s Attire

Just to be in fashion for your adventures in Wysteria (and in order to gain some sort of respect with your friends and allies of course), you need a powerful and charming enough gear set to impress the students of Pigswick Academy and Headmistress Belladonna herself. No Ravenwood attire would do such thing, but this one set has you covered! The gear is available from level 0 all the way up to level 110.

Select a reward that’ll suit your needs for now, or choose to redeem a better reward at later levels to help you later on. Choose wisely!


Mystic Grimoire Wand

This fascinating book is packed with lots of spells and wisdom to master and unlock through your journey whether you are a bookworm, or a fellow wizard that is on a rush through exploring Wysteria! Rumors say that this wand once used to belong to the Loremaster itself… Who knows! But it is indeed quite the wonderful wand to have to show off your Wizard pride to everyone at Pigswick!

Pegasus Pony Pet

Straight from the stables of Wysteria’s Pegasus Place. Cute and fancy, no? Awaiting for you train it well! Take care of it and feed it well and it shall aid you great enough in your toughest battles. Just don’t feed it way too many Flapjack snacks… You don’t want it to end up sleeping in the middle of a battle!


Tanglewood Vine Mount

From the ashes of Lord Bramble’s hideout, appeared this wonderful mount! As scary as it looks, there’s no need to fear it at all. Give it enough water and suffocate it with love and it shall be your faithful companion to ride on through your journey around the Spiral. Be sure to give it a high five whenever you’re bound to reach your destination!

Take a look at the various drops you can obtain from within this dungeon through its different tiers of difficulty. Your wizard will certainly be able to get their hands on snacks, pets, treasure cards, gear and much more!

Spiral Cup Gauntlet

You may have won the Spiral Cup Tournament BUT, are you ready for the most difficult and exciting Spiral Cup challenge yet to date of all Wysteria’s content? Do you have what it takes to save Belladonna Crisp from the hands of the villainous Barbarous Van Der Borst? All of this and more await you in the great housing gauntlet of Spiral Cup Bundle! Check out the drops here.

And just like any bundle, this bundle comes with the choice of 1 month of Wizard101 membership or 5000 Crowns to do with as you please!

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