Beastmoon Forms Fall 2023 Update

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Fall 2023 Update? Today, we’ll be talking about the five newest forms introduced to the event! They are the Fire Fairy, Myth Krokomummy, Life Rat, Death Colossus, and Balance Elf. All of these forms will be usable in both the Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

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Fire Fairy

Fae Victus is the latest Fire form, especially aggressive compared to most of the other Fairy forms. It takes aspects from the other small Fire forms; Fire Elf and Fire Rat, and utilizes them to explosive effect. The Fire Fairy is notably both the first fairy and the first fire form to have a 2-pip 250 hit, which circumvents the issue that both Fire Elf and Fire Rat have where they are too reliant on damage over time effects and have less a immediate impact on the first turn of a fight.

Like Fire Elf, Fire Fairy has a 3-pip 450 DOT, which can be used on the first turn given that it can hold 2 bonus pips. If you are sure that you will survive past the first round you also have the option of a 4-pip 300 DOT AOE. Although without Fire Rat’s ability to unconditionally pacify itself. The versatility of having immediate damage and high value damage overtimes can’t be understated.

Fire Fairy also counters Myth very effectively with many of its conditional effects countering minions or traps. Though myth forms aren’t super dominant, Fire Fairy can reliably keep forms like Myth Colossus or the newly introduced Myth Krokomummy in check.

One might question the place of a Fire form given the current popularity of Storm forms. While it is something to consider, Fire Fairy is not as susceptible to counters since it doesn’t need to rely solely on DOTs, and the damage boost is negligible on a form which is likely to die in a couple of hits anyways. With access to a 0-pip shield clear that can also detonate a DOT, coupled with the fact that DOTs are much more effective when affected by the damage boost, Fire Fairy can also answer the Ice forms that fare well against Storm.

Fae Victus will likely see play just by the fact that it is the only Fairy form currently that has a 2-pip 250 hit, along with other potent offensive options. Though Fire Fairy lacks the detonate or (unconditional) pacify utility, having damage options available on the first turn that use your pips effectively is much more important. Look out for the Fire Fairy if you’re a Myth or Ice form!

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 Myth Krokomummy

The Myth Krokomummy, Kroksus Battlemaster, is an interesting fellow. Similar to Myth Draconian, the Myth Krokomummy has below average damage per pip for a medium Myth form. We’ll have to see if this damage reduction is worth it.

The main culprit for Myth Krokomummy’s damage penalty is its minion. What does the minion do? It casts a 50 healing afterlife on its summoner. That’s right, a Myth form with the same kind of healing afterlife that makes Life Draconian so iconic. It is important to note that since it only casts the afterlife on the summoner, if the Myth Krokomummy is defeated on the round after it summons its minion, the minion could bring the Krok back to life that same turn and stay in the fight.

Myth Krokomummy also brings enchants into Beastmoon. If your minion is already on the field, casting the summon again will put 2 +50 enchants into your deck (it cannot target allies). Due to a bug with enchants on damage conditionals, it will only add +25 damage to Appropriate Force, which is Myth Krokomummy’s preferred hit due to the condition being easily met. This also applies to the AOE Bug Bomb, since it has the same conditional effect.

Kroksus also has a powerful 2-pip 200 trap which can place a negative afterlife if the target is taunted. Along with that, Myth Krokomummy’s 1-pip hit brings some much needed taunt counters into the mix. Furthering Myth’s identity as a trapper and tank counter. Though a heavy reliance on its minion may make Myth Krokomummy susceptible to minion counters, especially if they can also counter the traps that the Myth Krok utilizes.

Ultimately, Myth Krokomummy may be an interesting pick for a midrange form, but only time will tell if the utility offered by the minion spell will be worth the loss in damage. It might be a tough sell compared to Myth Colossus, which has the same trap value and a very powerful minion. Perhaps Kroksus Battlemaster may just be muscled out by the more damaging Kroks, like Storm or Death Krok.

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Life Rat Thief

Next up is Robin Hoodwinker, the Life Rat Thief. The other small Life forms are not very popular, and often considered weak, but Life Rat might be able to stand out amongst the other Life forms with its versatility and efficiency.

The one spell that stands out immediately in the Life Rat’s deck is Secret Remedy, which looks very similar to a certain afterlife used by the Life Draconian. The key difference is that this afterlife is an AOE heal, and the heal itself is not as potent. Being an AOE heal changes the use cases for this spell drastically.

Traditionally, you would want to put an afterlife on your highest threat teammate, or whoever is in most danger of being defeated. But with Life Rat, you may want to use the afterlife on the person you think will survive the longest, so that when the afterlife triggers, it will revive your entire team. Though there are definitely situations where you want to keep high priority targets alive, so using Secret Remedy on them is not out of the question.

Having access to two low cost heals mean that as soon as Life Rat is revived from the afterlife, it can start healing. If the Life Rat can reliably survive until the next turn, it has the ability to pacify itself and become an even bigger nuisance since constant heals on allies will make it untargetable until the pacify runs out.

Perhaps the safest and simplest option for Life Rat in a fast-paced fight is to play aggressively with 2-pip 200 hits. Life Rat is notably the first life form to have that kind of damage at 2 pips.

It will be interesting to see what Robin Hoodwinker is capable of. Does Life Rat have the versatility and power to become a popular life form? Or is a small life form just too frail to be a real threat?

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Death Colossus

The latest Death form, Death Colossus, is aptly named Gravestone because any Storm form that challenges him is going to end up in the dirt against his numerous blade counters. Death Colossus features a total of 4 blade counters, more than any current Ice form!

Most of the conditional effects on Gravestone’s spells increase their value. His damage spells often deal more damage if the condition is met, making the payoffs for meeting these conditions very reliable. He also has three low-pip drains.

One of Death Colossus’ best blade counters is a 1-pip 50 drain that steals a blade before the drain. Stealing a blade before draining means that the stolen blade will have its value effectively doubled. If you’ve taken damage, this is probably the strongest blade counters Death Colossus has to offer.

The most interesting and notable spell in Gravestone’s deck is a 1-pip friendly afterlife that drains the enemy team for 50. A large Death form having access to a revival afterlife is very spooky. Fortunately for any foes of Gravestone, he can only pull this trick off once per battle due to only having one copy of Undying in his deck and no copies available to buy as battlecards. Having only 1 copy of this spell means you might not draw it before the fight ends.

Death Colossus is a welcome addition to most teams, especially against opposing Storm forms. Although Death Colossus lacks self-synergy or an effective method of taking control of a long fight. Players may prefer Storm or Myth Colossus, but Death Colossus theoretically counters Storm Colossus. He’s definitely worth a try, especially for the unique afterlife spell.

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Balance Elf

The last form is the Balance Elf, Titanio Sandslinger. He utilizes DOTs and weaknesses simultaneously and has spells that synergize with both. Balance Elf also has 125 damage per pip, including a 2-pip 250 hit.

Balance Elf also features some pip control spells that are new to Beastmoon. In main game, balance is known for Mana Burn. While not quite having Mana Burn, Balance Elf has a version of Steal Pip. Titanio can also remove pips from enemies while doing damage. Balance Elf can potentially prevent an opponent from gaining pips by spamming Terrible Tiger and Pip Pluck.

At level 5, Balance Elf gets a 3-pip DOT that deals 500 damage over 5 rounds. While not as good as what Fire Fairy and Elf have, Balance Elf can also extend any DOT. Balance Elf also has a +125 damage aura that gives the target two pips. This aura is actually pretty strong spell, and a solid turn 1 cast on an ally. The aura can lead into a buffed AOE from a teammate if they use their pips wisely.

Balance Elf is overall a strong form. Although it competes directly with Storm Elf, who has a better 4-pip AOE and secondary 2-pip hit. Balance Elf’s pip removal utility may be more valuable than Storm Elf’s stuns under certain circumstances. However, Balance Elf’s other single target spells are generally preferable to Storm Elf’s other single target spells. Among the other Elf forms, Balance Elf is at the top. Titanio Sandslinger is definitely worth checking out, and don’t mistake him for Fire Elf!

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