Beastmoon Forms
Summer 2022 Update

Have you taken a peak at the newest Beastmoon forms released in the Summer 2022 update? Today we will look at the newest forms to waltz into the arena. The Myth Fairy, Storm Pig, and Life Cyclops. Both of these forms will be available in Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

Myth Fairy

First up is Lyra Idylwing, the Myth Fairy. At 325 health, Lyra is on the lower health end of her fairy family. Like the rest of her sisters, except for the Balance Fairy, she can hold up to 2 pips. Like the others, she has a speed buff of 20%. Compared to the rest of her Myth brethren, Lyra is on the lowest end of health, tied with the Myth Rat.

Like all good Myth forms, the Myth Fairy can summon a minion. What’s unique about this minion is that it is a Fire Minion, a departure from the usual Myth Minion summon. What’s even more unique about the spell is that if a minion is already present, casting the spell again upgrades the minion.

Like other Myth forms, Lyra has spells that can target her minion. One spell does AOE damage when the caster is killed. This creates some level of protection on the caster as enemies now have to waste spells to defeat the minion first. A second spell targetting a minion creates an AOE trap on the enemies.

As always, there are zero pip spells that manipulate hanging effects, such as pushing negative charms or detonating DOTs. Another interesting spell is one that has increased damage against taunted opponents. This makes it an effective spell against the Fire Cyclops. Two of the spells add traps if the opponent has DOTs.

Wizard101 continues to add interesting mechanics for Beastmoon forms. The variety of spells that work with DOTs makes it synergistic with Fire Forms. The presence of an AOE that triggers when the caster ensures that the enemy must defeat the minion first. With all of her fun new spells, Lyra is definitely a form I am looking forward to trying out.

Spells List


Storm Pig

Next up is the “boss” Hogg Wilde. At 425 health, it is tied for the lowest Pig health with the Fire Pig. Hogg can hold up to 1 pip with a movement speed of 10% like the rest of the Pig family. For the rest of its stormy family, the Storm Pig has some of the lowest health, just above the Storm Elf.

Hogg has a fun variety of different spells. One of his zero pips spells adds a weakness to the target enemy. Another zero pip spell blades the caster if the enemy has a weakness. This works well with Death Forms who have a variety of weaknesses. Like the rest of the Storm Forms, Hogg has a blade that removes DOTs.

One of the unique mechanics with Hogg Wilde is its ability to stun opponents with a HOT. In addition to the stun, it also removes HOTs. This very quickly makes it the enemy of healers. There is a single target variation and an AOE variation. Two spells also add a weakness if an enemy has one already on them. Finally, there is a three-pip variation of the spell “Beary Suprise”. This form both damages the target enemy and heals the caster.

For the most part, Hogg Wilde has relatively straightforward mechanics with a fun twist. Its ability to add weaknesses to enemies if one is already present makes it the ally of any Death Form. It is also the enemy of Life Forms due to its new stun and removes DOT spells.

Spells List


Life Cyclops

Last but not least, we have Opthalamos Vitor, the Life Cyclops. At 575 health it is tied for the highest Cyclops life with Balance Cyclops and tied with the Life Colossus for highest Life Form health. It has a slot for one pip and normal speed.

Probably the most unique spell in Opthalamos’s arsenal is its spell “Arboreal Assault”. This zero pip spell either damages the target or expels the target if the target is a minion. This makes it an extremely useful spell against minions summoned by Myth Forms. The low damage of this spell and zero pips make it a worthwhile spell to cast on enemy minions.

Much like all other Life Forms, the Life Cyclops has healing spells. Something unique about his spells however is that if the target was defeated, they gain one or two pips. A unique healing spell that Opthalamos can cast targets an enemy. When that enemy dies, Opthalamos’s allies are healed. This four-pip spell will be extremely worthwhile in Beastmoon Hunt, especially at higher levels. Another strange but interesting ability is that Opthalamos can take a DOT from all of his allies and then push them towards the target enemy. This is a Life version of the Myth spell, “Shift”.

Interestingly enough, the Life Cyclops is more offensive-focused than it is healing-focused. Much of its damage is increased if the enemy team has a minion present. Life already does bonus damage against Myth Forms/Mobs so the additional damage if a minion is present makes Opthalamos a danger to all Myth Forms/Minions.

While it says Tank/Healer on his profile, Opthalamos Vitor is more of an offensive built form. Many people turn towards the Fire or Death Cyclops. Even so, I think that if I see a team full of Myth Forms, I am going to be more inclined to pick the Life Cyclops.

Spells List

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  • I realize this was posted in 2022 but it is woefully incomplete and might have been just a incomplete back in 2022. Can you update this to be current as of 2023?

  • Hey there it feels that stand fast spell is OP, is it broken currently cos it was cast on a team player after he was defeated and whole other team was healed for 150. Would love more information if available

    • Hi, this is how all the afterlife spells work right now. They can be cast on any target, including ones that have already been defeated.

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