Beastmoon Hunt Rewards

The Beastmoon Hunt event doesn’t just bring us new PvP fun, but also some nifty unique rewards you will want to get your hands on! Currently, the Wizard101 test realm has unveiled new reagents, spells, and treasure cards exclusive for Beastmoon Hunt use. Additionally, you can obtain unique and permanent beast form upgrades to use in the Hunt! Is that all? The answer is NO! Take a look below as we go through each item related to the Beastmoon Hunt.

One you’ve looked over these items, want to know the best ways to get these Beastmoon Hunt rewards?  Then check out our guide on How to Get Beastmoon Hunt Upgrades & Rewards.


There are diverse Moon Seeds to help you in achieving these above rewards. These seeds can be obtained from the beastmoon arena itself or crafted from the recipes offered by Actaeon in the arena lobby. To purchase these recipes you need to have Lunari – a new currency from the Beastmoon Hunt (not to be confused with Battle Coins that are used only for purchasing cards). The 10 seeds currently available for crafting are:

  • Battlemoon Seed
  • Balance, Fire, Death, Ice, Life, Myth and Storm Moon Seeds
  • Element Moon Seed
  • Spirit Moon Seed

The first time you plant them you will be amazed as they grow exceptionally fast! They can reach adult in just a few seconds and elder in 1 to 8 hours. However, they do require beastmoon planters, which you can get from the Hunt. These Moon Seeds help you obtain the following reagents, among others, that serve a very specific purpose as you will soon see.

Beastmoon Plate Robes

In my opinion, these are the highlight of the rewards. Take a look at all robes you can obtain through crafting that are exclusive to this event alone. Each robe is superior to the previous version, and you will require the previous version of each robe along with other reagents in order to craft the next. Take the balance robes as an example:


Steady BP > Balanced BP> Harmonious BP > Janus’ BP

(Tier 4) -> (Tier 3)> (Tier 2)> (Tier 1)

Tier 4 crafting requirements:

  • 10 Eldritch Thread

Tier 3 crafting requirements:

  • 50 Eldritch Thread
  • 10 Harmonious / Elemental / Spirit Thread – specific to school category
  • Tier 4 robe

Tier 2 crafting requirements:

  • 150 Eldritch Thread
  • 25 Harmonious / Elemental / Spirit Thread
  • 5 school specific  Thread
  • Tier 3 robe

Tier 1 crafting requirements:

  • 450 Eldritch Thread
  • 75 Harmonious / Elemental / Spirit Thread
  • 25 school specific Thread
  • Tier 2 robe


Steady Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Balanced Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Harmonious Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Janus’ Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Morbid Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Deathly Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Ghastly Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Pluto’s Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Simmering Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Fiery Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Scorching Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Vulcan’s Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Brisk Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Icy Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Wintry Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Boreas’ Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Blooming Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Lively Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Vivacious Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Ceres’ Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Infamous Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Mythic Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Fabled Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Morpheus’ Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo


Blustery Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Stormy Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Devastating Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

Jupiter’s Beastmoon Plate

Image from Gyazo

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  • Perhaps there was an update, but there’s clearly a difference with the final tier robes. There are more embellishments and adornments on the final tier robe.

  • It’s said that the Beastmoon seed have no likes or dislikes but I don’t believe that’s right. I planted seeds on all characters. Some school specific, some elemental and on one I purposely planted a regular beastmoon seed with 2 other school specific beastmoon seed because on several other occasion it seemed as though the school specific seed grew to elder faster when there was a regular beastmoon seed planted beside it. I left the game for maybe 2 or 3 hours and checked them again. None of the seed was ready to but the one that I had planted the regular seed with them. Some had not even made it to mature yet and some had. I’m not sure if I’m just imagining this or it’s accurate. Has anyone else noticed this or anything else? I’ve also noticed the seed really like you/your character with it and seem to grow faster? Again, is it my imagination or no? lol

  • This is a pretty great post. I’ve been thinking of starting a blog on this subject myself. Any tips or anything you would recommend that I to avoid?

  • I was wondering… I am naturally death school, but I am leveling up with a fire beast form, do I need to get the fire gear? (Simmering Beastmoon Plate) or is it because I am of the death school, should I get death school rewards gear?

  • So tiers are permanent and you have the same form available to you for the next hunt event. What I don’t know is if you level up your form, does the leveling remain or do you have to level it up each time?

    • Leveling remains for the entire week of any particular beastmoon hunt. However the next time the event activates after finishing for the week- everyone’s levels will be reset to 1. Only Tier upgrades last forever!

  • If you have more than one wizard on your account, you can have each do at least one hunt where they will get two planters. Planters can’t be put into the shared bank to transfer, but seeds and seed harvests can. You can hatch more seeds in a day that way. The helper wizards won’t have access to the ‘hasty harvest’ cards that help these mature, but at 10 energy points each per use, these sometimes can’t be used because either you don’t have a card or you don’t have the energy to cast it.

  • what is the purpose of the robes? do they provide extra hp, wisps, or what? or do they just look pretty?

    • They are purely cosmetic!

  • I can only get my level to 3 been doing it for 2 days now never to get what i need to level more. And on the Tier side its impossible have not got any thing to tier at all and i been gardening for 2 days. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Try getting enough reagents to craft the desired school/form seed. I have been trying to get my sprite to lvl 4 so I crafted a death moon seed and when I harvested it, I got an idol for that form! Only been playing for 2 days.

      • What I found most difficult in this is that you have to buy the recipe for the robes as well. Each recipe requires the previous robe to make the new robe. The recipes alone are expensive and only bought with Lunari! I can not stand this part of the whole thing with the crafting. I am on my last robe, and working on the Jupiter one. However, it took over one thousand Lunari to do it. Had I not purchased and finished the Fall scroll of fortune, I would never have made enough to buy the recipe for the last robe. Then trying to save up to level up your bestmoon character level EACH time it comes out is just plum ridiculous. What would be great is that you keep you’re level up one, and then possibly work to level up another. I’m tired of working so hard only to be knocked down again and again.

        • It’s all a way to make money. Using Crowns is spending REAL money. The Scroll of Fortune costs (at MINIMUM) $15 real dollars, that’s if you managed to buy Crowns when there was a good deal and you got them for 1000/$1. I started doing the robes because I had all this thread but when I got the first one and realized it had NO boosts and was just cosmetic, I stopped. Now I just level up two beasts to level 3 or 4 and save my Lunari to Level up tiers. But I refuse to spend MORE money on a game.

    • Hi Mary, to get level 4 you need 2 school specific moonstones. There are currently 2 ways to get this

      1. Garden Elemental/Spiritual Beastmoon Blossoms- these will drop school specific moonstones that you can use to upgrade from level 3 to level 4. I recommend buying the elemental or spiritual seed recipe from Actaeon

      2. To get to Level 5 is a little harder- You need idols which are only dropped by school specific beastmoon seeds. The only way to get these is by purchasing the recipe from Actaeon. Once you have enough idols and lunari you can take your form to level 5. Tiering up similarly uses the idols.

      • Thank you so much i was really stuck and didn’t know what to do. You are awesome for taking the time to tell me to get me going. Thank you again. Mary

  • Is there a big difference between the Tier 1 and Tier 2 robes? They both look quite similar to me.

    • Hi I’d really like to know this too if anyone knows. I don’t want to waste time and reagents crafting the tier 1 robe if its exactly the same as the tier 2

      • Tier 2 has silver designs and Tier 1 is gold. You can really notice this in the shoulders.

  • How do we get more beastmoon planters so we can plant more seeds

    • Hi there, currently you can only acquire 2 beastmoon planters. In the test realm you could obtain more by hitting certain milestones but until we record those milestones in Live we have no way of knowing what they are.

    • To Update this you get a third beastmoon planter after successfully participating in 25 beastmoon hunt matches.

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