Novus Explorer’s Pack

Welcome to weird and wonderful world of Novus! The Novus Explorer’s Pack for Wizard101 was released in January 2023, just over a month after the world’s release. As we saw with the Karamelle Souvenirs Pack and Heroes of Lemuria Pack, it seems to be the new trend to have a Hoard Pack accompanying each Arc 4 world. This one is full to the brim with Novus-themed items. To test the contents of the Novus Explorer’s Pack, I spent 30,000 Crowns which results in 75 packs. Before I share the results, let’s look at everything this pack has to offer!

Great Inventor’s Gear

The main attraction of the Novus Explorer’s Pack is the Great Inventor’s gear sets. I love the whole ensemble, especially the robes; the design reminds me of the Wizard of Oz crossed with Phileas Fogg and a mad scientist. There is 8 pieces of gear for each school, equalling a massive 56 total gear pieces. Because of the large drop pool, it is extremely difficult to get one specific gear piece, and you may find you get no gear for your school at all. However, if it’s only the aesthetics you are going for, you’re in luck: there is the same design for each school.

At the max level 160, the stats for every gear piece are the exact same as the Eternal gear from Novus. The Eternal gear pieces are exclusively crafted using a piece of Aeon gear of the same type and same school, as well as pixels and polygons. So, now there are essentially two options for obtaining this gear: crafting Eternal, or opening packs for Great Inventor’s. The Eternal and Aeon gear are both great options for level 160, though each piece varies slightly in which stat it favours. Check out the Great Inventor’s gear below, or see our Novus gear guide to compare Aeon and Eternal gear pieces side-by-side to decide which set-up will be best for your wizard.

Great Inventor’s Gear Design

(same design for all schools)

Great Inventor’s Balance Hat

Great Inventor’s Balance Coat

Great Inventor’s Balance Boots

Great Inventor’s Balance Scanner

Great Inventor’s Balance Dirk

Great Inventor’s Balance Ampul

Great Inventor’s Balance Ring

Great Inventor’s Balance Deck

Great Inventor’s Death Hat

Great Inventor’s Death Coat

Great Inventor’s Death Boots

Great Inventor’s Death Scanner

Great Inventor’s Death Dirk

Great Inventor’s Death Ampul

Great Inventor’s Death Ring

Great Inventor’s Death Deck

Great Inventor’s Fire Hat

Great Inventor’s Fire Coat

Great Inventor’s Fire Boots

Great Inventor’s Fire Scanner

Great Inventor’s Fire Dirk

Great Inventor’s Fire Ampul

Great Inventor’s Fire Ring

Great Inventor’s Fire Deck

Great Inventor’s Ice Hat

Great Inventor’s Ice Coat

Great Inventor’s Ice Boots

Great Inventor’s Ice Scanner

Great Inventor’s Ice Dirk

Great Inventor’s Ice Ampul

Great Inventor’s Ice Ring

Great Inventor’s Ice Deck

Great Inventor’s Life Hat

Great Inventor’s Life Coat

Great Inventor’s Life Boots

Great Inventor’s Life Scanner

Great Inventor’s Life Dirk

Great Inventor’s Life Ampul

Great Inventor’s Life Ring

Great Inventor’s Life Deck

Great Inventor’s Myth Hat

Great Inventor’s Myth Coat

Great Inventor’s Myth Boots

Great Inventor’s Myth Scanner

Great Inventor’s Myth Dirk

Great Inventor’s Myth Ampul

Great Inventor’s Myth Ring

Great Inventor’s Myth Deck

Great Inventor’s Storm Hat

Great Inventor’s Storm Coat

Great Inventor’s Storm Boots

Great Inventor’s Storm Scanner

Great Inventor’s Storm Dirk

Great Inventor’s Storm Ampul

Great Inventor’s Storm Ring

Great Inventor’s Storm Deck

Standard Mount

The mount for the Novus Explorer’s pack is truly unique. If you’ve already quested through Novus, you will have encountered the Standard Bear mobs, which are a strange mix of a horrifying bear and a… flagpole? Now we can terrorise the rest of the Spiral with the Standard Mount’s good looks. The mount is not only weird and menacing, but it is also has impossibly long legs that will have you towering over your fellow wizards. The pack can drop Permanent, 7-day, and 1-day versions of the mount, which all offer a +40% speed boost. What are your thoughts on this mount? Is it scary, or strangely likeable?

Falcon Pet

Another mob you may have encountered in Novus are the Falcons (ie moustaches). Honestly, I would expect nothing less from this peculiar pack than a floating moustache pet. The Friendly Falcon will flap its wings (or hairs?) to fly next to you, and occasionally do a gentle backflip. By Novus’ standards, that is completely normal! The pet will offer 1 Lightning Bats card at Baby, and then another copy when it reaches Epic.

Friendly Falcon Talents


  • Storm Scout
  • Attentive
  • Storm-Sniper
  • ???
  • Windstorm
  • Eager
  • Canny
  • ???
  • ???
  • Armor Piercer

Housing Items

As if this pack wasn’t packed full of gear pieces already, there are also plenty of seeds, pet snacks, reagents and treasure cards up for grabs too. I’ve seen Amber drop from the pack, but only rarely. Otherwise, the only other noteworthy drops are the Novus-themed housing items. There are lots of pieces that make sense within Novus, but might look strange to any outsiders, including giant croissants, roses, and pineapples, or kiwi bridges and teapot trees. There are also other, more stylish, pieces such as Catmandu carvings and Vicorgia benches that would fit nicely into any decorated castle. I’m not usually a big castle decorator, but these housing items definitely spark my inspiration. What will you design with these pieces?

Closing Thoughts

Within the 75 packs I opened, I managed to get 50 out of 56 gear pieces, the Perm mount, pet, and quite a few unique housing items. I would definitely not recommend opening packs if you’re looking for just one gear piece, but it might be worthwhile if you want the mount or housing items, or have wizards of multiple schools to cater for. Overall, if you would like a taste of the weird and wonderful of Novus, this pack is full to the brim with items you will love.

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Novus Explorer’s Pack?
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Jennifer SoulStone

A Wizard101 player since 2010, Jennifer is a true completionist at heart. Since returning to the game in 2020, she has completed every quest, and is aiming to earn every badge. If there is something to collect, Jennifer is collecting it - including spells, pets, fish and music scrolls! You will usually find her participating in Beastmoon and Deckathalon, hunting down obscure badges, or helping others through the Team Up kiosk!


  • A friend of mine told me what the remaining talents are on the pet. In order of what you are missing, Storm-Giver, Attentive and Mana Gift if you want to update the pet. I don’t have pictures though so you’ll have to take me at my word if that’s ok.

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