Life Colossus and Life Fairy Beastform Overview

Wizard101’s Spring Test Realm is here and with it comes 2 new Beastmoon forms. This post will give you a quick rundown on these forms, their capabilities, and possible roles they will play.

Life Colossus 

The Life Colossus combines the healing capabilities of the life school with the tanking capabilities of the Colossus form. It has the ability to intercept damage similar to shadow sentinel. Furthermore, it can remove DoTs and heal itself and allies.Unlike the draconian, which mostly focuses on single target healing, this form focuses on AoE heals.

One of its more notable abilities is that it has spells that gain additional effects when targeting minions. This is the first time a form has a direct counter to minions and fits well with Life’s advantage over Myth. Like the Ice Colossus, the Life Colossus does not have the ability to receive combat pips and travels at a normal speed. However, it is well compensated with a solid 550 health.

Life Fairy 

The Life Fairy has a hodgepodge of abilities from various school archetypes- coming together on the typically speedy fairy form. This beastform has a +20% movement speed and can collect up to 2 extra combat pips. To balance this, it has a relatively low 350 health. It has a variety of abilities including healing, blading, shield removal, heal over time manipulation and more. So far, it’s one of the most diverse skill sets added to Life school beastforms, so it will be interesting to see how this form plays in the hunt.

Along with these 2 forms come two new Beastmoon Hunt arenas for players to master. The beginners guide will be updated with these arenas once released.

What do you think of the Life Colossus and Life Fairy Beastforms? Let us know in the comments below!


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