Beastmoon Hunt Forms Winter 2020

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Winter 2020 Test Realm? Today, we’ll be talking about the five newest forms to grace the arena! These include the Balance Krokomummy, the Death Rat Thief, the Fire Colossus, the Ice Wolf Warrior, and the Storm Elf. All of these forms will be useable in both the Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.


Balance Krokomummy

Maat Justwarden is all about trading. Whether this means switching your opponent’s shields with your traps, or straight up swapping shields and hitting is up to you. He is fairly tanking, boasting  475 health. Like the other Kroks, he doesn’t have any bonus speed. However, he doesn’t need any extra speed, with the ability to support and dish out some serious damage.

This form will be dangerous to face if any minion users are present in the battle. With the ability to stun or drain your health based off of the presence of minions, myth minions should stay well away from Maat. In addition to this, he has a spell which both applies a trap to all of his opponents and shields his friends. This makes him especially dangerous in conjunction with any aoe bearing Beastforms. If Maat needs to take matters into his own hands, he has a 250 aoe as well. Be careful around this guy!

Death Rat Thief

Shadrach Shademonger is a more combo-based Beastform.  He has the most health out of the Rat Thief Beastforms, with 350 Health. Like his brethren, he has a 10% speed buff to zoom throughout the map, and can hold up to 2 extra pips. The Death Rat has a varied move pool, containing drains, blade-stealers, traps, and debuffs, along with a few heal removers. He can manage his own in a solo against most beastforms, and can be deadly in many situations.

Shadrach’s 5 Pip Spell is terrifying at best. He places an AOE DOT, but if he had any blades, he also adds an AOE 125 Trap. Combined with any fire Form and a detonate, it’s a fairly quick team wipe. He also can keep draining health from his opponents and debuff them to make them useless. He can also wipe healers out by disabling their heals over time, and adding more damage as a secondary effect of his spells. I’ll be playing as this guy pretty often, since he can combat hammers as well, stealing their blades, and tanking their hits.

Fire Colossus

Flamefists is a pretty fired up guy! With 525 Health and a slot for one extra pip, and normal speed, not much separates him from the other Colossus beastforms. His specialty involves setting up with a minion by clearing his opponent’s shields. Once he has a minion, his combo potentials are endless, allowing him to detonate freely and apply accuracy debuffs. Flamefists can also sacrifice these minions to shatter all of his opponents and shield his teammates.

However, he isn’t incompetent without his minions. He can place a DOT on himself in order to apply not only a heal on any target of his choosing, but also apply a universal DOT to his enemies. He also can take a little damage to apply powerful heals. However, Flamefists truly works best when he is with a minion, since otherwise he doesn’t really have much else that is game changing, and is worth locking off a Life Colossus from your team.

Ice Wolf Warrior

Thrym Winterhowl is a tanky wolf, boasting 600 Health, which is once again more than any other Wolf Warrior Form. He can store one extra pip, and moves at a normal speed. Like the other 2020 Winter Beastforms, he has some spells that rely on minions. However, as his title of Ward n’ Block suggests, he specializes in shielding his team.

Thrym’s deck carries a few different spells, some of which not only shield, but remove a debuff as well. He can also gain pips by removing debuffs or using a specific spell on his opponents while he has a shield. He can also remove his opponent’s blades and replace them with traps. In addition to this, he can shield his entire team and cleanse their wards. Thrym’s  damaging spells can also be dangerous though, dealing more damage in the presence of a minion, or stunning in the presence of a damage over time. Overall, he’s a threatening support, and I’d consider using him over a Storm Wolf Warrior.

Storm Elf

Alagorn Lightningdart is a scary scary Form. Like the Fire Elf, he has 325 Health, can hold 2 Bonus pips, and moves 20% faster than normal. With the ability to stop DOTs, this hammer happens to have a shield as well. He also capitalizes on his opponent’s DOTs, gaining bonus traps from them. In addition to this, he can apply blades to his entire team.

Alagorn’s Deck is built to deal massive damage, stun, remove debuffs, remove DOTs, add blades, and gain pips. However, he is frail, and even with his two pip stuns, he is susceptible to heavy damage. If he is against any form that relies on DOTs, he will win, but in other situations, he will end up struggling. Overall, I would definitely use him, but he, like all of the other Winter 2020 Beastmoon Hunt Forms, is very situational.



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