Beastmoon Forms Spring 2021 Test Realm

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Spring 2021 Test Realm! Today, we’ll be talking about the two newest forms to grace the arena! They are the Myth Ninja Pig and Life Minotaur. All of these forms will be useable in both the Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

Myth Ninja Pig

  The first Form to join us is the Myth Ninja Pig: Infamous Inoshishi. With a solid 475 HP stat, this piggy has the highest life in the Ninja Pig Family. It is tied for Myth Draconian for the highest life in the Myth Beastmoon Hunt Forms. Much like its pig brethren, it has a 10% speed boost. It is able to hold up to one additional pip.

Inoshishi has a particular proclivity for manipulating hanging effects. It is able to get rid of debuffs in return for doing more damage to an opponent. Much like Myth Rat and Myth Draconian, it is able to push traps away from itself and to its opponents. Like its Myth Minotaur cousin, it can steal a ward and then whack its enemy. It also has some of the most sustainable damage output of all the Myth Monsters. Its deck is mainly made of one pip and two pip hits. Tie this with the Myth Draconian and you will have a steady stream of strong hits slamming your opponents.

The most unique part of this Form is the minion.  While all Myth Forms have minions, Inoshishi’s is unique. From what I can tell, it has the ability to trap opponents! While most of the time players don’t blink twice at a minion, this will force the team to focus on taking the minion out before anyone else. This buys players those extra pips to take down enemies. The thing I love about this form, compared to Death and Fire, is that it does not need to rely on DOTs. It can simply hit again and again while also taking a few hits. This is definitely a Beastmoon Form I’m going to unlock as quickly as possible and level up.

Beastform Deck

Life Minotaur

The final addition to the Beastmoon Hunt is Tauryn Grazaur, the Life Minotaur (don’t you just love how it rhymes?) Tauryn is the newest healer to be added to Beastmoon Hunt. Out of all the Minotaurs, this one has the most health, 450 HP. Like its brethren, it can hold up to one extra pip. Much like the Life Colossus, Tauryn was built to be a tank and healer. It has more healing options than Life Colossus, does more damage than Life Draconian, and has more life than Life Fairy. An interesting note is that many of Tauryn’s heals have additional benefits in the presence of blades. This makes him the perfect pair to Storm Wolf or Storm Krok.

If you want to be a hitter and a healer, this minotaur is perfect for you. You’re able to keep your team alive while also dealing some solid life damage. During the spirit Beastmoon Hunt, if you’re going to pick a Life Form, I’d definitely pick this. While this is the perfect Life monster, the greatest downfall it has is the other Minotaur forms available. Both the Myth and Fire Forms deal more damage. When push comes to shove, I am more likely to pick the Myth Form over Life any day.


Beastform Deck


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