Krokomummy Beastform Spells

The Beastmoon Hunt has returned with a plethora of new features and updates. While most are focused on the new forms and arena, the old spells were also given a makeover. As such, in order to reorganize the guides and update them, I am rewriting the spell guides for each form. Rather than being organized by school, they will instead be organized by form. This guide features the Krokomummy Beastform and its spells.

Hover over a spell to find out what each spell does. For mobile users, tap on each spell to get more info.

Shalku Frostbite

Health: 500 | Type: Tank / Damage | Bonus Pips: 2 | Speed: Normal

Spells List


Sutekh Thunderscales

Health: 425 | Type: Damage / Empower | Bonus Pip: 1 | Speed: Normal

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Nekroksis Hekai

Health: 450 | Type: Damage / Enfeeble | Bonus Pip: 1 | Speed: Normal

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Maat Justwarden

Health: 475 | Type: Damage / Tank | Bonus Pip: 1 | Speed: Normal

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Other Beastform spells


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