Beastmoon Forms
Spring 2024 Update

Have you taken a peek at the Beastmoon forms released in the Spring 2024 update? Today we will look at the two latest forms; Storm Cyclops and Ice Ninja Pig. Both of these forms will be available in Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

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Storm Cyclops

Here we have Maximus Voltus, the Storm Cyclops. He has some interesting stuff going on, with a focus on debuffs similar to Storm Pig.

Storm Cyclops features a new way to debuff enemies, with the introduction of a negative damage aura. He also has a regular -50 weakness and some new conditionals involving auras that increase his damage output.

Having conditionals that take advantage of an enemy’s aura is a little weird considering defense auras from Ice forms. Storm Cyclops can either ignore some of these auras with the damage increase from the 2-pip hit, or override the aura entirely with a weakness aura.

The AoE utility spells on Storm Cyclops are surprisingly efficient, with access to both a 3-pip 150 blade, or a 3-pip 125 weakness aura. These are some of the most powerful AoE blades and weaknesses currently, especially since they can be used on the second turn.

Unfortunately for Voltus, he doesn’t have a 2-pip 200 blade like the other large Storm forms. Storm Cyclops also doesn’t have any stuns, similar to the last few Storm forms. He does have a 1-pip 100 blade, though.

Ultimately, Maximus Voltus has some unique ways of keeping their team alive, and has access to some solid self-synergy. While not as likely to be super impactful in Hunt or as desirable in Mayhem, Storm Cyclops is no slouch. He’s definitely worth checking out and looks fun to play with!

Spells List

Ice Pig

Introducing the Ice Ninja Pig, Yuki Senshi. Yuki is the first Ice form to have an unconditional weakness, and utilizes auras and weaknesses instead of regular absorbs to survive.

Ice Pig has two 0-pip defensive options, an aura and a weakness. The aura is a 75 defense and stun immunity aura, which might be better value than the aura from Ice Cyclops. Ice Pig’s aura conditionals are meant to function as a counter to Storm Cyclops’ negative auras, but they could just as well serve as a synergy for your own auras or auras from your allies.

Yuki also has an AoE version of the aura, which not even Ice Cyclops can do unconditionally. Although the aura only lasts for 2 turns, a 200 damage absorb aura still makes your team virtually untouchable for the duration.

One thing that Ice Pig has over Storm Cyclops is that it has 2 turns to capitalize on its aura conditionals, instead of the 1 turn that Storm Cyclops can take advantage of its aura conditionals. Storm Cyclops only has 1 turn to perform an aura combo due to how the turn order works, whereas an aura that Ice Pig casts on itself lasts a full 2 turns.

Another form of self-synergy that Ice Pig has access to is very reminiscent of Storm Pig. One of the 2-pip 150 hits can apply a -75 weakness if the target has a negative charm already, which Ice Pig can set up with the 0-pip -50 weakness.

After the test realm update on 3/25/2024, Ice Pig’s 0-pip shield was changed to an aura. This change single-handedly gives Yuki a unique identity as an Ice form that plays very well with auras (unlike Ice Minotaur). Not only are the auras themselves quite potent, but Ice Pig can get a lot out of its conditionals involving auras. Ice Pig mirrors Storm Cyclops as a form that can combo with 0-pip auras and weaknesses, as well as having access to conditional weaknesses. Be sure to keep an eye out for this Ninja Pig!

Spells List

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