Beastmoon Forms
Fall 2021 Update

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Fall 2021 Test Realm? Today, we’ll be talking about the five newest forms to grace the arena! They are the Storm Colossus, Life Elf, Myth Wolf, Ice Minotaur, and Balance Rat. All of these forms will be useable in both the Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem. Shout out to Cam536 who helped me write this article! Go check out his Beastmoon Hunt articles!

Storm Colossus

First up is Thunderwalker, the Storm Colossus. This is a form that Cam and I have been waiting for and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Much like the Fire Cyclops, it has the ability to taunt its opponents, forcing them to target him. Not only is this great for a tank but it ties well with Thunderwalker’s spells. Many of its spells have a secondary condition that increases the damage if its health is lower than 50%. This can make Thunderwalker a dangerous foe as he gets more powerful the more he gets hit.

Another one of his secondary effects is the ability of Thunderwalker to heal himself after causing some damage. While this doesn’t produce a lot of health, it provides Thunderwalker with some sustainability.

One of the downsides (if you want to see it like that) is that Thunderwalker has fewer blade options than the rest of its stormy brethren. The other downside, which may become a problem, is the lack of zero and one pip attacks.

Out of all the Storm forms, it is tied with Storm Wolf for the highest at 525. Along with Fire Colossus, it has the lowest health out of the Colossus family. It has one extra pip slot to allow it to start the battle off with two pips and possibly unleash an attack on the first round.

This is definitely one of the forms we are most excited about. Due to their damage output, Storm forms are some of the most fun to play. He has the tankiness to take on enemies, with a constant threat of increased damage the lower its health is. Thunderwalker takes the health of Storm Wolf and the secondary effects of Storm Krok to make a powerful enemy. We can definitely see this form becoming one of the most played Colossuses.

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 Life Elf

Aren Treebow is the newest member of the elf family and the newest healer to be added to the game. Aren is the first to have the interesting ability to beguile its opponents. This means that the beguiled person is forced to fight as a member of the opposing team for two rounds. It was a matter of time until this CC ability was added as stun, taunt, and pacify are mechanisms in Beastmoon Hunt. Interestingly enough, Aren is the only Life form to lack an afterlife effect.

HP wise, Aren is in the middle. He has more life than its fire and storm brothers but less than his ice brother. In the life family, Aren is tied for the lowest health with life fairy. It can hold two extra pips like its fairy cousin.

Wizard101 set Aren up to be a battle healer. The idea was to make him an attacker with the ability to heal. While Cam and I understand where the intention was heading, it seemed to fall short. While it has more attack options, Life is consistently stuck with low damage. We doubt that we will ever see Aren in action. People are more likely to pick storm or ice.

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Myth Wolf

Next up is Skoll Sunchaser. Out of all of the forms, this is probably the one that Cam and I are the most excited about. Myth consistently is one of the most played schools in Beastmoon for good reasons. Their minions can be useful, their ability to manipulate the battlefield hanging effects makes them invaluable, and they have some heavy-hitting spells.

Skoll joins the myth family as a very interesting hybrid of Ice Wolf and Myth Minotaur. Like its minotaur cousin, Skoll can steal shields for himself. This makes him dangerous against Ice forms. Unique to Skoll is the ability to push negative buffs from himself to others, unlike the other Myth forms that push traps. This will make him extremely useful against Death forms because not only does it push the debuffs back but Skoll’s attacks have boosted damage!

Many of Skoll’s spells have a secondary effect of forming shields, much like the Ice Wolf. The minion appears to be a shield minion like the Myth Minotaur. The other neat feature of the spells is the names. They are very oriented towards the aspects of wolf packs, making them some of the more unique and fun spells’ names in Beastmoon.

Skoll has the second-hight HP in the wolf family after Ice Wolf. For the Myth family, he is by far the tankiest with a whooping 100 extra health compared to Myth Minotaur.  Like the rest of the wolf family, Skoll can hold one extra pip.

Both Cam and I think that Skoll will be seeing a lot of action. As mentioned before, Myth is consistently played the most. That means that Skoll will probably be tied for the most used wolf form next to Storm Wolf.

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Ice Minotaur

Next up is the Ice Minotaur, Gorok Icecleaver. Of the ice family, Gorok is by far the most offensive, with attacks to spare. This is going to make him invaluable against the Storm forms. He does have the fewest number of shielding spells. This was most likely intentional for him to take a hit and back.

He brings a new aura to the battlefield, a spell based on everyone’s favorite Darkmoor Graveyard TC, Conviction. This little brother of Conviction casts an aura on the target, creating a passive stun block for two rounds. We can foresee ice minotaurs using this spell on Storm forms to protect them from the constant barrage of enemy stuns (looking at you Storm Wolf).

Health-wise, Gorok has lower health than Colossus and Wolf but higher than Krok and Elf. Out of the Minotaur family, Gorok is the tankiest. He can hold on to one extra pip like his brothers.

Ice really needed a heavy hitter against Storm forms and Grok is definitely it. His ability to doll out constant damage is going to make him extremely useful on a Storm-controlled battlefield. While I will most likely defer to my favorite Myth Minotaur, both Cam and I are excited to try out this new form.

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Balance Rat

Last but not least is Vernus Sandshifter, the Balance Rat. Out of the newest forms in the test realm, this is probably another one that Cam and I think will see little to no action. While Vernus brings some interesting new mechanics to the field, the number of problems he has outweighs the pros.

The newest spells that Vernus brings are baby versions of the Star auras Adapt and Empower. This allows for the target to gain pips when attacked with spells. These auras could see use targeting Storm forms so that they can build up to powerful AOEs rapidly. Vernus’s Scorpion Venom allows him to stun an opponent if they carry a blade or debuff, which would make it the bane of Storm forms.

For health, it has the lowest hit points (with Balance Fairy) in the Balance family. For Rat, it has the highest health tied with Myth Rat. It can hold up to two extra pips (which he will really need).

While his abilities sound cool, Vernus falls short of being truly effective in battle. First, he lacks any solid damage compared to his rat brothers. That lack of damage alone should push people to Myth or Storm Rat. His abilities like Heist Prep and Lie in Wait, while cool, cost too much to really be effective. Cam and I agree. We don’t think that Vernus will see any action. If Wizard101 wants him to see more action, he is going to need a serious buff.

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