All About the Beastmoon Hats

In addition to the amazing Beastmoon Robes, we now have the ability to craft Beastmoon themed hats. While the recipes are similar to those of the robes, they also require a few other reagents. These reagents are found in chests, from beastmoon plants and the Monster Mayhem event!

Beastmoon Hats

Take a look at all of the hats that you can obtain through crafting. Notably, the look of them is exclusive to this event. Each hat is superior to the previous version, and you will require the previous version of each hat along with other reagents in order to craft the next. Take the balance hats as an example:


Steady BC > Balanced BC –> Harmonious BC > Janus’ BC

(Tier 4) -> (Tier 3)> (Tier 2)> (Tier 1)

The Tier 4 crafting requirements:

  • 3 Beastmoon Needles
  • 10 Eldritch Thread

Tier 3 crafting requirements:

  • 50 Eldritch Thread
  • 10 Balance/ Elemental / Spirit Thread – specific to school category
  • 6 Beastmoon Needles
  • The Tier 4 Hat

The Tier 2 crafting requirements:

  • 125 Eldritch Thread
  • 5 Harmonious / Elemental / Spirit Thread
  • 20 school specific  Thread
  • 3 Beastmoon Needles
  • Tier 3 Hat

Tier 1 crafting requirements:

  • 250 Eldritch Thread
  • 15 Harmonious / Elemental / Spirit Thread
  • 40 school specific Thread
  • 12 Beastmoon Needles
  • Tier 2 Hat


Steady Beastmoon Cap

Balanced Beastmoon Cap

Harmonious Beastmoon Cap

Janus’ Beastmoon Cap


Morbid Beastmoon Cap

Deathly Beastmoon Cap

Ghastly Beastmoon Cap

Pluto’s Beastmoon Cap


Simmering Beastmoon Cap

Fiery Beastmoon Cap

Scorching Beastmoon Cap

Vulcan’s Beastmoon Cap


Brisk Beastmoon Cap

Icy Beastmoon Cap

Wintry Beastmoon Cap

Boreas’ Beastmoon Cap


Blooming Beastmoon Cap

Lively Beastmoon Cap

Vivacious Beastmoon Cap

Ceres’ Beastmoon Cap


Infamous Beastmoon Cap

Mythic Beastmoon Cap

Fabled Beastmoon Cap

Morpheus’ Beastmoon Cap


Blustery Beastmoon Cap

Stormy Beastmoon Cap

Devastating Beastmoon Cap

Jupiter’s Beastmoon Cap

Will you be donning any of the Beastmoon Hats?
Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Will you make a post on the beast moon boots? Personally, I find the beast moon hat hideous, and won’t be crafting it. However, I will definitely craft the boots, which match nicely with my beast moon robe.

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