Death Krokomummy – Berenike Darkshroud
A Beastform Design Concept

Welcome to a short mini-series where I discuss some Beastform Concepts that I came up with. Please note that these are solely my personal ideas and concepts, and nothing from this article should be taken as a Spoiler of any sort. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the second Beastform I came up with. Please welcome the Death Krokomummy!

If you want a bird’s eye view of how I selected this form to design as well as additional information about Beast Form Design, check out the intro article linked here.

Initial Thoughts

Death wizards in the main game of Wizard101 have a ton of really cool utility spells that haven’t yet come to Beastmoon, and while the Death forms aren’t necessarily underpowered or underused specifically in the current state of the game, they’re also not nearly considered the most powerful. Thus, I think they could draw a lot from other aspects of the game. Also, Death is supposed to counter Life forms, and there are a few things they could do to do a better job at with that. Life really doesn’t need to be countered right now, but I’m going to make this form assuming that Life has already been fixed, since making everything unbalanced would just cause more work later when you have to re-balance everything. I jam packed this form with tons of new ideas and powerful spells, and I could totally see some of these spells moving to other future Death forms, and I didn’t even add all the ideas possible. Nevertheless, I think she’d be a super welcome addition to all players, and I personally would Tier 5 this form as soon as I could and play it all the time.

The Name

Out of all the 10 Beast Forms types, only 1 is female, the Fairy, and in my opinion, only 2 forms, Elf and Cyclops, are pretty clearly male. Otherwise, they’re pretty open to interpretation, which is perhaps by design, but I see that a vast majority of those forms have male names, and I thought the Krok was a good opportunity to switch it up since it looks like it could believably be a she! So for her name, I chose Berenike, which is a name of Egyptian origin meaning “she who brings victory” which of course would be an amazing asset to any team. The previous Krok forms have first names of Egyptian origins. For the last name, the Krokomummies tend to have names all over the place, but they did typically include crocodile words with school words. Looking at school words that other Deaths have used, Death, Doom, Ghost, and Shade, I found that “Dark” has yet to be used, and I thought it sounded nice with “Shroud,” which isn’t a croc word exactly, but it refers to the wraps that the mummy has on, and I think it fits well. Thus, I present miss Berenike Darkshroud!

The Spells

Most of my initial spell thoughts are in the “Initial Thoughts” section, but it’s also important to mention that I made this form with 100 DPP, which is consistent with medium Death forms all over the place, and since there’s already 2 medium Death forms in the Draco and Pig. I made sure to make this form unique and bring some fun spells that players would love to try. Also, amongst the 10 spells’ art / animation, 5 of them are new to Beastmoon!

Here’s the list of current utilities and mechanics that are currently on ALL 5 Death forms and why I did or didn’t include them…

  1. Steal / Clear HOT – This is one of the main tools that a Death has, and since it is supposed to counter Life, I’d say it’s important for all the future Death forms to address this, which I made sure to include
  2. Negative Heal Charm / Ward – Another tactic Death has to counter Life and healing, the very name of “Death” sounds like it should negate life and living, which makes this perfect. I also made sure to include one of these.
  3. Traps – Out of all the hanging effects, traps most belong to Death, and it just made sense to add it to Death Krok. It fits perfectly.
  4. DOT – While doing damage over time is firstly a Fire thing, all Death forms also have it, and Death Krok is no different. However, with Death having DOTs, Life shouldn’t be able to counter it, but that’s another story.
  5. Clear / Steal Positive Charms – Now with Life being the second form that casts blades, it makes sense as to why Death must counter that. I however didn’t have a ton of room to add this in the way that it has been before, but I do have it to an extent.
  6. Drain – A mechanic exclusive to Death, this one is possibly the most important to add. I added a fun twist to this one that makes it different than all the others, but yes, it has a drain.
  7. Negative Charms – Wow the 7th spell type that’s on all Death! Death really has the most identity out of all the schools. Anywho, these charms are another important feature that Death almost exclusively casts. I included this on my form as well.

Continuing, here’s what mechanics that 4/5 have…

  1. If you have charm condition – This one confuses me a bit, since there’s no reason Death should be working with Life, but I suppose this means they want it to work with Storm? Which is supposed to work with Life… so I’m not sure exactly why this is here. If it’s random, that’s quite a coincidence, but I don’t see any reason it NEEDS to be there, especially since there’s already a form that doesn’t have it. I did not include it on the Krok.

That’s all! Most mechanics are used in all the forms, so there’s not many others left for uniqueness of forms! However, there’s some new mechanics I was able to add… I’ll explain them further later…

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Clear Afterlife
  3. Clear Heal Charm
  4. Feint
  5. AOE Drain
  6. Protected Negative Charms
Note: Curious about making your own Wizard101 Spells? Check out our spellmaker!



Sacrifice is a neat spell used in the main game, and it gives Death the option to take a little bit of your own health and give it to a teammate! I think a possible reason that they didn’t do this before is because the only school of forms that can heal right now is the Life forms, and Death is made to counter it. If Death had it, then the only counter would be itself. I don’t see this as a huge problem since it doesn’t heal much and the other team could very well have Death forms. There’s cases all over the place with types of spells that can’t be countered, schools that should counter others, schools that shouldn’t counter others but do, etc. This little spell will certainly not break the game, and it’s well within Death’s identity to do this. I also think that more than just Life should be linked to healing as you saw in the Storm Colossus design. Life should be the best healer, which is why this is essentially a net 50 heal for 0-pips, which is a bit less than Life would be. If used on yourself, it would only heal 50 health, which isn’t a big deal. Plus, if your opponent traps you on the same turn before you’re up, you could very well kill yourself to use this, so there’s a risk to it. It’d be fun to experiment with!

Foul Bruiser

This next one is a pretty standard spell you’d see on a Death form. This specific combination of mechanics has not been seen yet, but there’s not much else to say about it. There’s other 75 over 3 turns 0-pip spells out there with conditions, and with a 50 trap conditional on the removal of a HOT is pretty balanced, and it could come in handy.

Crimson Soul

Doing 100 damage with 1 pip isn’t super out of the ordinary, but it’s a super helpful spell to have, so that alone is good, but I also added a new mechanic on this that clears an enemy’s afterlife. Now I’m not sure if it’s best to clear the afterlife before or after the damage, I would assume it would be before, but it depends on how powerful the mechanic ends up being. This would pretty much only be used against Life, but Afterlife is currently the only hanging effect that cannot be countered. Perhaps that’s how they like it, but I don’t see why they’d want to make it immune to opponent spells. Other forms than Life have Afterlife spells, but mostly it’s just Life, and this could be a really neat spell to deal with potentially tricky ones. Keeping the Clear Afterlife part after the hit could also be a neat way to balance it, meaning if this spell kills them, the afterlife will still trigger.


This is another big vocab word for the name of this spell, which KI loves to do, but it means “reduction,” which fits with a weakness type spell. Doing -100 for 1-pip follows the formulas and patterns, and I added something that is a very situational condition, the removal of specifically a healing charm. I think removing any charm would be a bit much, and it’s still a great spell if the condition is never met, it just swaps heal charms for negative ones. Plus! If the Storm Colossus does end up using heal charms, this would be a good counter for that. Negative heal charms have a small use, but hopefully in the future that use will grow, and for forms this doesn’t affect, they usually won’t mind if they have one on! Unless you start to use spells that get buffed based on if the enemy has a negative charm, and we’ll get to that later 😉

Captain Bones

This spell has an animation that I’m super surprised isn’t already in Beastmoon, but here we are! That’s right! Death Krok gets a 1-pip 100 AND a 2-pip 200! This gives her such versatility among the current forms. The utility on it is also pretty standard. The negative charm is only for heals, which means we can make it 75 rather than 50 or so. Again, hopefully heal charms like this will affect more players in the future, but if not, at least if clears a HOT and does amazing damage.


Another spell that draws inspiration from the main game, Gambit is like the super popular, “Feint” spell. It puts a powerful trap on the opponent while putting a less powerful one on yourself. Now with Beastmoon, I can see that the developers may be weary to put this in since there’s a bunch of forms that can clear traps. Personally, I don’t think this is a huge deal since that requires a bunch of coordination on your side, which is what we should be encouraging. Also, it’s important to note that there will always be an opponent that has a turn before your next teammate gets to use a move, so it can always be used by the opponent if they predict it. If it really does become a problem, this could easily be fixed by [protecting] the (self) trap. As for the number, the comparison I would make is the Death Cyclops’ “Betrayal” that is a +200 trap for 3-pips that also clears a charm for -75. Honestly, I think simply having a 2-pip 200 trap wouldn’t be unbalanced, so having this with a 100 trap on yourself is more than balanced. I can see this even going to 1-pip in the future if that seems fit. For those of you that don’t know, the word “Gambit” means “a risky move” essentially, which fits perfectly with what this spell does!

Dusk Elemental

This spell is a pretty standard spell we would see on a Death form. The trap if they have a trap is new, but it’s not that out there, and other forms in game have the concept where you duplicate a hanging effect if they already have one of that type on. I just brought that to traps! For the damage, this was a bit controversial. We currently don’t have any 3-pip DOT spells from death, but the closest ideas we have are these… For forms with the same DPP, there’s 2 forms that have a 500 over 5 turns spell for 4-pips and a bunch that have a 2-pip 200 over 4 turns spell. Since the 2-pip version does 50 dmg per tic and the 4-pip version does 100 dmg per tic, I found it appropriate for this one to do 75 dmg per tic, and I went with 375 instead of 300 since the Death Fairy has a 2-pip 300 dmg version of this, and while she does have slightly higher DPP than this Krok, it should still do a tiny bit more, which is how I settled at 375 over 5 turns.

Song of Kabooboo

Now this one requires quite the explanation. First of all, the name of the card, some of you may know already, comes from the retired content creator, Zenmaster Blue, who always called this spell Kabooboo or “Kaboo” for short, and while it’s unlikely they’d put something like this in game, I thought it was a fun nod and more of a fan naming. Now so far out of the 5 forms, we have drains for 2, 3, and 4 for forms with 50 DPP for drains, which is the large and medium forms. I could have made a 1-pip drain for 50 or a 0-pip drain for 25, but I really didn’t think anyone would be interested in that, and I decided to go with trying out an AOE drain, which no form currently has. For the damage, I knew it had to be 75 for 3-pips since AOEs are always 1/2 of the normal DPP, meaning the AOE DPP for a drain on the Krok would be 25 per pip. Anything lower than 2-pips I thought would be silly, and although I could see a 100 AOE for 4-pips happening, I went with the 3-pip version so that players could use it earlier. Now, with this, it’s clear to see that paired with blades and / or traps, it would do a ton of damage with almost a guaranteed full heal back to yourself depending on how much you’ve done. Obviously with no buffs, this wouldn’t do that much, but even with them, I don’t think it’s a huge deal. It really doesn’t do that much damage to the opponents. The only tough parts about this are the fact that it goes through absorbs and the heal back. For the absorbs thing, I don’t think that’s a bit deal since there’s other AOEs , like from the Myth Minotaur, that already counter AOE absorbs. That is just something to consider when facing a Death Krok… you’ll have to use negative charms to debuf her or take her out quick to avoid this. The heal back could be an issue, but I don’t think it really will be. If it does end up being a problem, you could move this spell to a lower HP form like the future Death Elf whenever that will be. That way, there’s a lower limit to the amount you can heal back up.


I can see them changing the name of this one since it’s quite harsh, but it’s accurate! They end to use diseases and words like those for negative charms like this, and since it’s protected, I found Cancer to be pretty fitting. Looking at Balance forms that have the protected feature and comparing it with other Death forms’ AOE charms like this, I settled at -125 for 4-pips. I figured having one that’s a bit more difficult to remove is something that would be pretty neat for a Death to have! It shouldn’t be often, and I probably wouldn’t put it on another form any time soon, but having this one makes sense and will be immensely helpful.

Decapitated Rider

This spell is a very powerful AOE, that is on par with DPP that just does a little extra for players that have negative charms. This would be an amazing move in combination to other negative charms like Cancer and Diminution. It will be rare for anyone to be able to save up for 6 pips, but if anyone playing the Death Krok does, they will be able to do a massive amount of damage to the enemy team. Not many forms can do 300 AOE, no matter the pip cost.

Death Krokomummy Tiers

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5

Every one of the 10 spells are amazing, so even a Tier 1 version of Death Krok will be amazing! To start off, she’s got Atonement, Foul Bruiser, Crimson Soul, Diminution, Captain Bones, and Song of Kabooboo! Nothing with high pips yet, Berenike comes out strong having the 1-pip 100 and 2-pip 200 spells right off the bat! She will be able to do her two main parts, de-buffing and hitting hard. Plus! That super powerful drain and sacrifice are also available! She’s got plenty of tools and hard hits to be a valuable member of any team. I did decide to not allow Battle Cards of the drain just yet.

If that wasn’t enough for ya, at Tier 2 you can even better at slowing down your opponents by using Cancer! This balances out the forms’ spells a bit to not have so many hits at once, and gives you something to do if you have high pips.

Continuing on, you get the last 2-pip spell, Gambit! This one will greatly improve your value as a support player if you want to be one, or even just use it to buff your own hits later, just be careful you don’t kill yourself in the process. I also added Call of Kabooboo into the Battle Cards at this point.

With all that, we’re STILL not done. Next, you get the Dusk Elemental do deal the largest amount of damage, but over time. This one will be a solid step, but the real prize is coming up next.

As you probably would have expected, the massive 300 damage AOE is not available until Tier 5. While in balance with DPP, doing this much to the whole team is nothing to put lightly, this will greatly improve your value as a player in the Spiral Battle Ring in both events. Just make sure you pair up with a pip giver or keep using those 0-pip spells while you wait!


Overall, if she was implemented, Berenike Darkshroud would easily be one of the best forms in the game ever. With her diversity in utility and damage output capability, players would be begging to play this form! Now, in Beastmoon in general it’s not good to have forms that each team NEEDS to have in order to win, because variety is key and not everyone has access to all the forms. I think Death Krok walks the line of a solid form that you’ll see a lot of, but it won’t be required. If it does end up being too much, there’s a few spells in here that could be replaced with another future Death form.

Beastform Concept Series

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