Summer 2023 Spell Changes in Wizard101

The Summer 2023 update for Wizard101 is here and brings with it more spell changes! This time, spell changes were made across 3 patches: before (31st May), during (10th July) and after (3rd August) the Summer Test Realm. The changes are mostly focused on changing which spells are permitted in Advanced Combat, or changing whether rhoshambo spells ignore protections. Each one of these changes is listed below. In addition, level restrictions were also added to many spells during the Summer Test Realm, which have been summarized in these tables.

Let the Devs know on Twitter, Discord or Bug Reports about what you agree with or not. Just be nice about it. For reference, you can check out previous stages of the Wizard101 spell audit from Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. As well as spell changes, this update introduced 7 new Dyvim-themed lore spells too!


Balance School Spell Changes

Jinn’s Fortune

Oni’s Shadow

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Death School Spell Changes

Bad Juju



Jinn’s Larceny

Oni’s Morbidity


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Fire School Spell Changes



Jinn’s Reversal


Oni’s Forge

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Life School Spell Changes

Burrowing Bane


Goat Monk

Hungry Caterpillar

Jinn’s Affliction


Oni’s Naturalism






Wings of Fate

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Myth School Spell Changes



Dimension Shift


Jinn’s Defense

Oni’s Projection


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Storm School Spell Changes

Catch of the Day

Energy Transfer


Hammer of Thor

Jinn’s Restoration

Oni’s Attrition

Queen Calypso

Reap the Whirlwind


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Level Gated Spells

The Summer 2023 update added level restrictions to many spells, which are only relevant when using the new level scaling feature in Advanced Combat. Every currently (August 2023) level gated spell is shown in the tables below.

Some spells are only level-gated when upgraded using spellements. All shadow-enhanced spells have PvE and Advanced Combat (level-gated) versions. The level 130 Karamelle spells are only level gated when upgraded to Path B: at Tier 2 the level restriction is 135, and at Tier 3 it is 140. The level 140 Lemuria spells work the same way, but both Tiers are level gated to 140.


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Jennifer SoulStone

A Wizard101 player since 2010, Jennifer is a true completionist at heart. Since returning to the game in 2020, she has completed every quest, and is aiming to earn every badge. If there is something to collect, Jennifer is collecting it - including spells, pets, fish and music scrolls! You will usually find her participating in Beastmoon and Deckathalon, hunting down obscure badges, or helping others through the Team Up kiosk!


  • I always wondered why they were allowed to bypass protection. Literally the sole purpose of protection is to make it so it cannot be removed in 1 try. Why have spells be made so they have protection if their sole mechanic and reason for existing can be bypassed.

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