Beastmoon Forms
Summer 2021 Test Realm

Have you had the chance to check out the Beastmoon Hunt Forms introduced with the Summer 2021 Test Realm? Today, we’ll be talking about the three newest forms to grace the arena! They are the Death Draconian, Ice Fairy and Fire Cyclops. All of these forms will be useable in both the Beastmoon Hunt and Beastmoon Monster Mayhem.

Death Draconian

The first form to grace the arena is Nethellenax, the Death Draconian. Off the bat, I love this name! This name fits the undead dragon, and he does not disappoint in the Necromancy department. He has plenty of battlefield manipulation abilities. He can steal charms and HOTs. One of his more unique abilities is Needful Things. It says that it can give a monster 2 cards. Then two pips for a 100 HOT. I’m not quite sure what this means but I’m excited to test out this ability on the battlefield! Much like many of its deathly brethren, Nethellenax can destroy HOTs and add an additional death DOT.

In comparison with the other Draconians, Nethellenax has the same health as the Life Draconian (450), with the same number of bonus pips as Myth (1). Compared to other members of the Death family, Nethellenax ties with Pig for second-highest health at 450. In terms of damage, the Necromancer Draconian has more DOT options than some of the other forms.

For those who like to be a more aggressive Death and take more damage, this is the form for you. When looking at the other Draconians, it’s hard to say which one is better. It comes down to play style. Want to do direct damage and manipulate pips? Go Myth. Is being the healer more your flavor? Play the Life. If you want to just spam those DOTs, pull out Nethellenax. Of all the new forms, this is definitely the one I am most excited to try.

Ice Fairy

Meet Wintrix Flutterwing, the Ice Fairy. In my opinion, she is one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms. She is a gorgeous blue and appears to be made of ice crystals themselves. When looking at her abilities, she brings a cool new spell to the arena. Placate! This zero pip spell places the pacify effect on her for two rounds. With the newest rework to the Pacify/Taunt mechanism, this is going to be really interesting to see in battles. That means that you can be spared any direct damage. With regards to the rest of the deck, Wintrix is similar to the ice elf. When the ice elf hits, they can clear an enemy blade and gain a pip. With Wintrix, she gains a pip if the enemy has a DOT present. Many of her spell effects also activate in the presence of an ally minion.

When compared to the fairy family, Wintrix is the tank at 400 life. She has 2 extra pip slots like the rest of her family, except for Balance who gets 3. Compared to her icy brethren, Wintrix ties with the ice elf for the lowest health and has 1 less pip slot. She does more damage than most of her crystalline cousins but is still on the squishier side.

Overall, I think the new mechanisms that Wintrix brings are fascinating! It will be interesting to see how Placate plays out in the arena. While she is pretty, if I was going to play an offensive ice character, I’d stick with the elf. If I wanted to play a fairy, I’d stick with Death. If you’re going to play her, make sure that you have a Myth player with you! That way you can milk those secondary effects for all they’re worth.

Fire Cyclops

Last but not least, we have Temperaturus Maximus, the Fire Cyclops. Temperaturus is the opposite of Wintrix. While she can pacify, he taunts with Vicious Insult, which makes him the center of (direct) attention for two rounds. Much like his fiery family, Temperaturus has fizzle spells, and plenty to spare! What makes his fizzles unique is if an enemy has a shield on them, Temperaturus gains a pip. He has other pip adding spells which also clears personal DOTs and substitutes them with a HOT. With regard to his attacks, the majority are DOTs, like the rest of the fire squad. Where he differs is his secondary abilities. If an ally has a minion present, Temperaturus’s attack causes instant damage as well as applying the DOT.

When looking at his stats, Temperaturus has the lowest health of the Cyclops family at 525. Like his brothers, he has 1 extra pip slot. Compared to the other Fire forms, Temperaturus ties with the Colossus for the highest health.  The biggest difference between the burning tanks is the Colossus can shield and has more detonate options. Compared to the Minotaur, Pig, and Elf, he has fewer hits available to him.

Like Wintrix, Temperaturus has some interesting secondary abilities which are contingent on the presence of an ally minion. This means that he is going to tie amazingly with a Myth buddy. This is going to be really useful in PvE but less useful in PvP. If I’m going to play Fire, I’m most likely going to go with the pig or minotaur. If I’m going to play a cyclops, I’m going to probably stick with Death. Still, for a fiery foe, Temperaturus is pretty cool.

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