Myth Wolf – Geir Goldenfang
A Beastform Design Concept

Welcome to a short mini-series where I discuss some Beastform Concepts that I came up with. Please note that these are solely my personal ideas and concepts, and nothing from this article should be taken as a Spoiler of any sort. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the second Beastform I came up with. Please welcome the Myth Wolf!

If you want a bird’s eye view of how I selected this form to design as well as additional information about Beast Form Design, check out the intro article linked here.

Initial Thoughts

Possibly the most important form to get right, the Myth Wolf is the first of its kind, and while it’s important for this form to be powerful because it’s a Myth, it also needs to be tuned down a little bit and have a lot of conditional damage since it has so much health as a tank. There is precedent in the previous forms, most notably Myth Draconian and Myth Pig, to have a DPP of not 75, not 100, but somewhere in between, which is where I have designed these new spells to be. In general, I’m sure we would all agree that Myth does not currently lack in utility, so adding more features for Myth to do is quite risky. That being said, I think one aspect of Myth that has been lost in the past few iterations and that’s leaning into being a counter to Death. Some of the defining characteristics of a Death form are its negative charms and DOT spells, so I wanted to focus on that as much as possible.

The Name

The other Wolf forms have Scandinavian inspired first names with a wolf / school compound word for the surname, and Myth Wolf is no different. Geir is a Scandinavian name meaning “Spear,” which is PERFECT for the Wolf form as he always carries a big spear! The past 3 “wolf words” have been howl, growl, and claw. The next best I found would be fang since that makes me think of wolves and this guy looks like he’s got big fangs! For the Myth inspired word, “golden” has very commonly ben used to describe Myth, and no other Myth forms currently use it! Hence, we have Geir Goldenfang.

The Spells

As I said before, I wanted to add counters to Death, which is why there’s a lot to do with clearing and pushing negative charms in here. Also, there’s a little bit of blading involved. Blading is typically a Life and Storm move, but Myth is known to draw from all school’s spells and identities in its own. I made the choice not to have Geir remove DOTs because that’s pretty unique to Storm, but he is borrowing the “if you have DOT” conditional to do a little extra damage. As you can see, there’s no straight up 1-pip 100 or 2-pip 200 spell, and like the Storm Colossus, that’s mostly because of the tank nature of the form.

Here’s the type of spells that EVERY Myth form currently has, being part of their identity. I will briefly go over each one and why I did or did not include that type of spell into Myth Wolf.

  1. 0-pip Summon a Minion Being the most defining element to a Myth form, this was very important to include of course.
  2. Push Ward All forms push some sort of positive or negative ward, and I kept the pushing aspect, but shifted it to charms since Death puts on negative charms almost as much as they trap.
  3. Clear something for something else – It’s pretty vague, but just the idea of removing wards and charms of all kinds is something Myth is known for, and I think it’s a good thing to keep.

And that’s all! Myth is a very versatile school, and perhaps it can be changed in the future to have more of an identity, but right now, it only has a couple things. However there are some other spells that at least 3/4 Myth forms have, and those are these…

  1. Target Minion – These spells are what encourage player to summon their minions, and I found it very important to keep that in, since Myth doesn’t have a whole lot else.
  2. If Self has Absorb Condition – This is common amongst Myth forms, and I think the main reason for it is to encourage Ice and Myth to work together, but since Myth Wolf is a tank in an of itself, and also to leave room for other mechanics, I had no issue leaving this one out.
  3. Give pips – Pips are almost an identity of all schools, but one of them is most notably Myth! In my first draft of Myth Wolf, he didn’t have these, but I decided to add it in order to have the spells do something when cast and were not completely conditional.
  4. Sacrifice Minion – While I can see this being used in unique ways in the future, I didn’t have room to put one of these in this form. Right now, the only way it’s used is to do a lot of AOE damage, but that didn’t really fit for the Myth Wolf.

With those in mind, here are the new mechanics that I added that didn’t exist previously… (I will go over them in depth below)

  1. Push negative charm
  2. Blading minion
  3. Clear negative charm for positive charm
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Brute Minion

We all know that every Myth form needs a minion, and in the past we’ve had minions that trap, minions that give absorbs, minions that cast negative charms, and minions that give pips. By process of elimination, blades is actually the last thing that a minion hasn’t done yet! Now, the difference between this minion and all the others is that if it blades itself, that would be potentially useless right? However, this won’t be the case. This minion will have 100 health, and every turn cast either a 0-pip 25 blade on a random teammate, or do a 0-pip 25 dmg attack on a random enemy. We know that the devs can do this since the Myth Rat has a minion that chooses between 2 0-pip spells. Once it gets to 4-pips, it will cast an AOE blade on the team for 50 each. Obviously a minion that can hit is super powerful even if it’s not that much, but with hitting, he can also ruin strategies and players will most likely target the minion more often. This minion accomplishes exactly what minions should… It’s a small buff to the team that doesn’t change much, but can be dangerous to the enemies if it’s not dealt with soon. I chose the name “Brute minion” since that’s how trolls have commonly been referred to in game, and the troll minion has not yet been used in Beastmoon, and they wouldn’t need to do any art work to make him!

About Face

You may see this spell and immediately think of Myth Draconian, and you wouldn’t be wrong to do so. Giving pips is a big thing that Myth Draco does, and while Myth Wolf does draw some inspiration from him and all Myth forms, there is a very big difference. When it clears the negative charm, which is different than a ward, rather than just giving yourself a pip, it will switch it around and give you a blade, making enemies careful about putting negative charms on anyone on your team.

Restrain Return

As other Myth forms push traps back to you, this one will do the same with negative charms. Unfortunately, this won’t work with accuracy debufs since those are used before the cast, but if you have multiple on you, or it’s a weakness-like spell, you can put that burden on the opponent then hit them for 75, which is the value of the new nerfed Draconian. It seems pushing something over is worth about 25 damage, and I agree with that assessment, so this makes sense at 1-pip with 75 damage. Again, the negative charm is a staple of the Death school, and it’s important for Myth to properly counter them. This mechanic was introduced in Karamelle with Snack Attack, and they’ve added Karamelle mechanics to Beastmoon before, so I know they’d be able to do this.

Rat Scratch

Like the Storm Wolf’s 4-pip AOE, this is a spell that doesn’t remove a DOT from you, but it makes your spells do more damage. This is perfect for the Myth Wolf, because to take this giant tank down, you’ll need to do a lot of damage, and the spells that do the most damage per pip are the DOT spells, but with this mechanic, the enemies may have to resort to taking you down another way. For the damage, I put the initial hit at 75, which is lower than the DPP should be, but with the conditional at double the damage, it more for justifies the damage. We can look to spells like Myth Draconian’s “Butcher Bat” to see what kind of damage to do.

Goon Wallop

Nearly identical to the previous spell, this Goon packs quite the Wallop 😉 It follows the exact spell damage pattern as Butcher Bat, but with a different animation. It was important for Myth Wolf to not have a straight up 2-pip 200 damage spell, but with this, it will make enemies even more scared to hit with DOT spells. The Cat Thug has been used in Beastmoon before as a Balance spell, but I don’t think that’s a big problem since other spells have gone between schools before as long as they have lightly different colors, and I know they have different skins for this model.


Spells that target the minion require the minion to be alive and in place, which is why they typically can cast spells that Myth forms don’t usually cast at the same pip value as other forms use their own spells. For example, Myth Minotaur has a 3-pip spell that targets the minion for a 200 AOE absorb, which is typically something only ice forms can do. Likewise, this spell will target the minion for a 125 trap AOE for 3-pips, which is just about right for death DPP values. As reference, there’s a 125 AOE trap that also steals a blade for 4 pips. It’s safe to assume that stealing a charm is worth at least one pip. Also, there’s a 3-pip 200 trap AOE on the Death Rat, so I don’t think 125 would be a big problem. Also, there are other Myth forms that cast traps, so this isn’t too out of character either, but no other Myth forms have a spell like this. This spell’s name is my first example of something that KI likes to do, and that’s use big vocab words. I don’t know if this is to teach people more words or if it’s to show off, but I figured I’d copy them and add some big words into my spell names! Ambuscade means to attack without warning, which is a synonym for ambush, which is another name of a trap AOE spell in Beastmoon.

Broom Frog

This spell has no effects, but does do a lot of damage. Looking at this number, it may look odd to you, and that’s because no other spell in all of Beastmoon does 275 damage! You’d expect it to do 300 since there’s no condition, and that’s what the formulas would suggest, but as I mentioned before, as a Tank form, it’s very important that this form be balanced and not be quite at 100 DPP. The designers of Beastmoon do have formulas and consistent ways to determine damage, but they also sometimes adjust things slightly to account for unique situations. Having a tank Myth form is one of those situations, and I think players will be happy with the amount of damage this does.

Strengthening Swine

This secondary 3-pip damage spell has a lower DPP value of 75 since it has the very easily meetable condition of having a minion up. Many Myth forms have given absorbs in the past, so that’s not a big deal in and of itself, but with the powerful damage, this could be an amazing spell to use to both deal significant damage to the opponent and keep yourself alive a bit longer. The animation, Ninja Pigs, has not been used in Beastmoon before. Some may speculate that the devs are hesitant to add spells that look like the forms that exist, but we know that’s not the case since they already have spells that are like that like the Ice Wolf’s Minotaur spell.


Much like About Face, this spell is an AOE version that gives a slightly better blade. This spell was added to give him more of a support role and multiple ways to clear negative charms, which I wanted to be an emphasis of this form. When giving a form an identity, they usually need 3 or more instances of something unless it’s a very powerful and unique spell.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the damage AOE spell. This is a much better version of Myth Pig’s 2-pip spell that clears a negative charm to do more damage. This is yet another instance of this form countering negative charms, and the damage is actually on par with a 100 DPP form, which I found okay since you had to get to 5 pips to use it. If it meets the condition, this spell is supremely powerful and should scare death forms everywhere. The Humongofrog animation has not been used yet in Beastmoon.

Myth Wolf Tiers

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5

Myth forms always get their minions and AOEs first tier, so I wanted to make sure we had those, and since the push negative charm spell really is a staple of the Myth Wolf, I had to make sure that was included. Also, the Rat Scratch is on here with 3 copies to provide a general damage output. Without pips however, this form really won’t do a lot of damage. When you do get to 3 though, you have the highest damage hit on here, Broom Frog. It’ll be a struggle to gain pips, but you will still be a decent support / damage form.

At tier 2, you fill the void that’s much needed in tier 1, which is pip gain! Although this pip gain spell, About Face, is very important to the form in order to be able to do damage, all it means is you will be able to use MORE 3-pip damage spells than before in a single combat. Players will definitely want at least tier 2 on this form. I may even consider leveling it up till 2 until I get the gold idol.

At 3, you get the second 3-pip spell, Ambuscade. This will greatly improve your value as a teammate paired with another form who wants to use an AOE or just do more damage in general.

A huge step up from previous tiers, you unlock Goon Wallop! Having a 2-pip hit will greatly improve your damage capabilities and forms will almost definitely stop using DOT spells on you.

Finally, you round off your spellbook with the last 3-pip spell, Strengthening Swine. This one is mighty powerful with its absorb after hitting. In most situations, you’ll probably use this over Broom Frog!


Myth Wolf is a solid form with a ton of health. I’m hoping players would be excited to play the Myth Wolf, but not fear it to the extent that it will always be seen on every team. If the Storm Wolf stays as it is, I don’t see Myth Wolf being played that much, but if it does end up getting nerfed, you may end up seeing many more Myth Wolf players if the real version is anything like this!

Beastform Concept Series

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